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Afterlogic.Works Review and Interview (2022)

Afterlogic.Works is a comprehensive, full-stack web development agency. Working with a wide variety of technologies such as Node.js, PHP, React, Vue.js, Flutter and Electron, Afterlogic.Works are experts at providing cost-effective, customised web solutions for small businesses and large. Afterlogic.Works also helps digital agencies and other web development companies with their projects when they are short on their dev resources.

I caught up with Alex Orlov, the company’s CTO, to discover more about Afterlogic.Works and what they have to offer.

Where It All Began

Alex has a long and impressive history in the industry. Since the year 2000, Afterlogic.Works has gradually expanded into the successful business it is today. Alex went into detail about Afterlogic.Works’s growth over the years:

“Back in 2000, we realized that there was a huge gap between developer’s salaries here in Russia and in the US. We started looking for clients in the US and doing custom programming for them. At first, I did programming work myself, then we hired our first employees, gradually expanding our business. On this way, we found a strategic partner in New York for which we developed a number of projects in the web and desktop programming field.

At some point we found that an email component written for one of these projects could have its own marketing value. This is how our MailBee family of email components for ActiveX and .NET platforms was born (along with a sister company Afterlogic which develops, markets and sells these products). Later, we expanded our product line with webmail, groupware and file cloud software, and mail server bundles”.

Dedication To Customer Relationships

Afterlogic.Works strives to deliver the best possible customer experience. The team’s expertise and dedication to building strong customer relationships has resulted in an excellent 4.9/5 rating on Clutch. Afterlogic has worked with the likes of York University, LiveOffice, NJCU and Delaware Technical Community College.

Impressed by the glowing customer reviews and AfterLogic.Works‘s portfolio, I asked Alex if he could tell me more about the company’s approach to customer care:

“Support services have always been one of our top priorities. Actually it often was (and still is) the main reason for our customers to select us among competition. It’s mainly about the amount of dedication and effort which we put into our relationships. We’re a service company to the same extent as we’re a product company. So every time a potential customer reaches us, we treat such a case as a project rather than simply an opportunity to sell a license. A project with which we strive to succeed. Sometimes this even results in long-term cooperation which exceeds the boundaries of the original product it started from, and we become a natural extension of the dev team of the customer”.

Furthermore, Alex considers both Afterlogic.Works‘s customer support and its competitive costs to be two of the company’s greatest strengths. He explained:

“Our support service is one of our greatest strengths, from assisting clients with their questions regarding usage of our products to full-fledged customization, integration and deployment works. And, considering that our R&D is located in Eastern Europe, we can offer these services at highly-competitive prices”.

Working With Twitter

Amongst Afterlogic’s many clients is Twitter. When I asked Alex what he most proud of about his company, he told me a little bit about this great achievement:

“Each time a major, well-known company or organization buys a license of our products, I feel like I reached for the stars. I remember that for quite a while, I hadn’t got my Twitter account. But on the day when Twitter itself bought a license, I set up my account and tweeted that Twitter is now among our clients :)”.

Solutions From Afterlogic

Being seasoned full-stack developers, Afterlogic and Afterlogic.Works have a number of specialisations including:

With so much to offer, I asked Alex what solutions were most popular amongst Afterlogic customers. Here’s what he told me:

“I’d say it’s our webmail and file cloud products, such as WebMail Pro PHP, Aurora Corporate, and Aurora Files. They also have open-source editions which became quite popular world-wide”.

Afterlogic's Upcoming Plans

Lastly, I asked Alex if he was able to share any plans with me about what we can expect from Afterlogic in the future. He told me about the company’s ambitious plans for further expansion:

“Among major directions of future expansion I’d say end-to-end encrypted file storages, collaboration platforms and unified communications for hosting providers, enterprise and education sectors.

Currently, we’re actively looking for hosting providers willing to increase their revenues by offering their clients an affordable corporate email and groupware solution. Are you one of them? Let’s get in touch!”

Thanks so much to Alex for taking the time to answer my interview questions. Learning about Afterlogic has been a great experience. I’ve been impressed with both its range of solutions as well as the company’s level of customer care and support. Alex’s plans for collaborating with reputable hosting companies sounds like an excellent move forward. Good luck with all future endeavours! 



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