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For the past 15+ years, we’ve got our hands dirty in the web hosting market. We believe it’s important to provide our readers with real-life reviews, covering the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let me be honest with you here, we are unbiased and we’re not afraid to shout about it.

We’ve signed up for each hosting service listed on our website and created a fresh WordPress site for each one of them. We continually monitor uptime, load time, and performance, then check each of their features and pricing

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EWWW IO Review and Interview

EWWW IO is a company that provides an invaluable image compression solution for website owners. EWWW IO will speed up your website, helping you to

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Copyleaks Review and Interview

Copyleaks is a fully cloud-enabled, AI-powered enterprise-level plagiarism detection platform. Copyleaks utilises cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) technology boosted by machine learning algorithms to go

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Afterlogic.Works Review and Interview

Afterlogic.Works is a comprehensive, full-stack web development agency. Working with a wide variety of technologies such as Node.js, PHP, React, Vue.js, Flutter and Electron, Afterlogic.Works

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Nektony Review and Interview

Nektony specialise in Mac applications. It has a range of essential tools and apps for making life easier and more efficient for Mac users. The

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Userlike Review and Interview

Userlike is a feature-packed live chat software that helps companies turn website visitors into long-term customers. Users can enjoy features such as detailed chat analytics,

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Liquid Web Review

To maintain an online presence, businesses must secure a robust web hosting service with a trustworthy reputation. Liquid Web is one of the big players in

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