WPEngine Coupon Code and Hosting Overview 2020

When it comes to managed WordPress hosting, it doesn’t get much better than WPEngine. From its lightning-fast servers to automatic security updates to around-the-clock customer support, WPEngine doesn’t leave much to be desired, and this article is here to explain how you can use a WPEngine coupon code to get the best managed WordPress hosting service for as little money as possible.

Get 3 Months Free on Annual Plans with Our WPEngine Coupon

WPEngine is known for its flexible pricing, which allows everyone from solo entrepreneurs working on a slim budget to larger enterprises to take full advantage of its premium WordPress hosting solutions, which power over 500,000 digital experiences created by nearly 100,000 customers in 140 countries.

WPEngine plans start at just $35 a month, and all customers can get 2 months for free with annual prepay. If you choose the Scale plan, you can save $580 each year with annual prepay, which is certainly not an insignificant amount of money.

But there’s more! By combining annual prepay with our WPEngine coupon code—wpe3free—you can essentially secure 3 months free on 12 months of hosting because the coupon code automatically slashes 10 percent off your first payment.

Our WPEngine Coupon Code: wpe3free

To apply it, simply enter it at the end of your checkout and instantly see the price decrease by 10 percent. Who said that first-class managed WordPress hosting couldn’t be affordable? Certainly not those who have used our WPEngine coupon code to get 3 months free on annual plans.

WPEngine Hosting Overview

WPEngine is not the only provider of managed WordPress hosting, so why should you choose it and not something else? Well, there are many reasons. In the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management, global research and advisory firm Gartner recognized WPEngine for giving companies of all sizes the agility, performance, intelligence, and integrations they need to drive their business forward faster.

Whereas many other providers of managed WordPress hosting see managed WordPress hosting as just one of many solutions in their product portfolios, WPEngine has been built from the ground up with WordPress in mind. Considering that 30 percent of all websites on the internet are built with WordPress, it’s easy to see why WPEngine thought that it would be a smart move to bet everything on this versatile content management system and create an entire ecosystem of WordPress-centric solutions whose purpose is to help WPEngine customers build and deploy a range of online experiences faster.


If you already have a WordPress site, WPEngine can help you move it to its servers with just a couple of clicks thanks to its automatic migration plugin. Once your site is migrated, WPEngine’s dedicated technical and account management team will do everything to ensure a smooth start and continued success.

If you don’t have a WordPress site and would like to create one, you can take advantage of 36 easy-to-use StudioPress WordPress themes powered by Genesis Framework, which are provided to WPEngine customers for free even though they normally cost around $2,000. All StudioPress WordPress themes are responsive, SEO-friendly, and highly secure.

To help with ongoing site development, WPEngine features one-click staging functionality, which completely eliminates the stress that’s commonly associated with large WordPress updates. All WPEngine sites come with three development environments—dev, stage, and prod—so developers can instantly establish an efficient workflow and accomplish more in less time.

All popular development tools are fully supported, and WPEngine implements a plethora of useful features to help developers innovate and get their websites to market faster, including automatic WordPress updates, automated backups, activity logging, free CDN and SSL certificates, user permission management, and more.


WPEngine is optimized to deliver WordPress at the enterprise scale, and it has servers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region, and, of course, the United States. Thanks to its partnership with Amazon, WPEngine is able to meet the needs of customers of all sizes and deal with seasonal spikes in traffic. The partnership with Amazon also allows for complete data redundancy and uptime protection, which is not something all providers of managed WordPress hosting services are able to guarantee.

A proprietary caching solution called EverCache helps reduce the strain on WPEngine’s infrastructure, and a r global content delivery network provides uniform performance across all regions. It would never be possible for WPEngine to manage traffic spikes from 10,000 to 100 million users if it wasn’t for the fact that it enables PHP 7 and HTTP/2 by default.

The end result of all the performance optimization WPEngine does behind the scenes is the fact that customers experience an average of 27 percent faster load times when they switch to WPEngine and are able to serve 3x more requests per second. What’s more, they also don’t have to worry about security threats because WPEngine uses a proprietary system to dynamically detect and block malicious behavior.

To further optimize WordPress sites for performance, WPEngine customers can gain content and author performance insights with an interactive visual dashboard that integrates Google Analytics right within the WordPress admin page. The same dashboard also shows the performance impact of new plugins and features, making it possible to see at a glance which components have the biggest negative performance impact.


WordPress makes it very easy for anyone to set up a professional website in no time and grow it from just a few visitors a day to thousands. However, it’s impossible to run a successful website without eventually encountering at least some roadblocks.

With WPEngine, you can take advantage of around-the-clock customer support and the expertise of real WordPress professionals with many years of experience. In fact, WPEngine’s customer support team even includes 14 subject-matter experts and core WordPress contributors. After all, who else should be able to answer WordPress-related questions than the people responsible for it?

WPEngine’s customer support team does such a great job that it has won the Stevie Award three times and earned a world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82, which is a metric that’s used to gauge the customer satisfaction with a company’s product or service and customer loyalty to a brand.

WPEngine Hosting Plans

WPEngine has 3 hosting plans, and you can use our WPEngine coupon code—wpe3free—with all of them to get up to 3 months free on annual plans.

Startup Plan

Starting at just $35 a month, the Startup plan is perfect for small websites and blogs with a limited budget but big aspirations. It includes 25,000 visits a month, 10 GB of local storage, 50 GB of monthly bandwidth, and 1 website.

All WPEngine customers that choose the Startup plan can look forward to the following free features: Genesis Framework, over 35 StudioPress themes, 24/7 chat support, three development environments, transferable sites, PHP 7.2, LargeFS, Global CDN, page performance optimization, and automated SSL certificates.

With annual prepay, it’s possible to save $70 on the Startup plan, and all new customers can try it risk-free for 60 days. Don’t forget to also use our WPEngine coupon code—wpe3free—to save extra 10 percent and essentially pay for only 9 months.

Growth Plan

Ideal for growing businesses, the Growth plan starts at $115 a month and includes 100,000 visits, 20 GB of local storage, 200 GB of monthly bandwidth, and 5 websites. Those who go with the Growth plan get to enjoy all features included in the Startup plan plus 24/7 phone support and imported SSL certificates.

Since a month of the Growth plan costs $115, those who pay for an entire year of service upfront can save $230 plus extra 10 percent if they also use our WPEngine coupon code: wpe3free. As with the Startup plan, all new customers get 60 days for evaluation, which should be more than enough to experience why so many WordPress users swear by WPEngine and its bullet-proof infrastructure.

Scale Plan

Some sites grow faster than others, and those who would like to scale at the rate of Facebook or Instagram should go with the Scale plan, which starts at $290 a month and includes 400,000 monthly visits, 30 GB of local storage, 400 GB of monthly bandwidth, and 15 websites.

The Scale plan is essentially the Growth plan on steroids, which is why it comes with the same perks, and why you can pay 10 percent less with our WPEngine coupon code: wpe3free. With annual prepay, you can additionally save $580 by getting 2 months for free.

Custom Plan

In addition to the 3 standard hosting plans, WPEngine also offers custom hosting plans, which are meant for large businesses and mission-critical sites. WPEngine’s custom hosting plans deliver high performance and include managed onboarding as well as extra-fast customer support.

They also come with several extra features, including WordPress multisite support, GeoTarget, content performance optimization, launch readiness assessment, SSH gateway, and more. WPEngine coupon codes don’t apply with custom hosting plans since businesses with millions of monthly visitors are typically willing to pay the full price to get the service they need to stay ahead of their competition.

WPEngine Coupon Code FAQ

This section answers some of the most common questions people ask about WPEngine coupon codes.

How Can I Get 10 Percent Off My First Payment?

To get 10 percent off your first payment, all you have to do is use the WPEngine coupon code wpe3free at the end of the checkout process. We recommend you copy and paste the coupon code instead of typing it in manually to avoid spelling errors.

How Long Do WPEngine Coupon Codes Work?

Only WPEngine knows when a WPEngine coupon code is set to expire, so you better hurry up if you want to save 10 percent off your first payment and potentially get 3 months for free with annual prepay. You should also keep in mind that WPEngine is already a tremendously popular provider of managed WordPress hosting services, so there’s absolutely no guarantee that it will keep offering coupon codes even in the future.

Does WPEngine Offer Any Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, WPEngine offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to all new customers, which goes to show how confident it is in the quality of its services. Most other providers of managed WordPress hosting services offer only 30 days, and some offer even less. 60 days is more than enough to experience everything WPEngine has to offer and decide if it’s worth your money. If you decide that it isn’t, you can simply ask for a refund—no questions asked.

What Payment Options Are Available?

WPEngine accepts all common credit and debit cards, but it doesn’t offer any alternative payment methods, such as PayPal or Bitcoin.

Why Doesn’t WPEngine Simply Lower Its Prices?

Considering that everyone can use our WPEngine coupon code—wpe3free—to save 10 percent, you might be wondering why doesn’t WPEngine simply lower its prices by this amount. The answer is simple: WPEngine doesn’t expect all new customers to use a WPEngine coupon code. Despite how readily available they are, not everyone knows about WPEngine coupon codes. Only those who do their research and stumble upon a website such as this one are rewarded with a generous discount.


Over the years, WPEngine has established itself as the best managed WordPress hosting provider, offering lightning-fast servers, automatic security updates, around-the-clock customer support, and much more. Over 90,000 customers in 140 countries trust WPEngine with their digital experiences, and joining them has never been easier or less expensive. With our WPEngine coupon code—wpe3free—you can instantly save 10 percent on your first order, which is especially great considering that all customers get 2 months for free with annual prepay.

Are There Any Good WPEngine Alternatives?

If you’re not quite convinced that WPEngine is the right managed WordPress host for you, then check out this article on WPEngine Alternatives. Here we break down the top 10 alternatives to WP Engine, ranked in order of platform features, compared to their price, determining the best value for your money. WPEngine is a great managed WordPress hosting provider, but even with this WPEngine coupon code their price is still on the high side. If you’re looking for a more affordable host, you’ll find them in this list.