Wix Promo Code (2023)

Looking for a Wix promo code? If you’re ready to upgrade to the premium version of Wix.com and are looking for a Wix coupon code to apply to your order, then check out the 20% discounts given below.

Wix Coupon

Save up to 20% on Wix pricing plans by using our exclusive Wix promo code. If you're ready to start saving with Wix's website builder, don't hesitate to redeem your coupon today!

Get started with a Wix promo code and save money today!

With a recently published marketing budget of $100 million bucks, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Wix. With Super Bowl commercials and big-name actors promoting the platform — such as Jason Statham and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) — over 110,000,000 users have signed up for the Wix website builder platform, with thousands more jumping on board each day. Wix is taking the website builder world by storm!

Wix is the ultimate free website builder, enabling millions of users worldwide to create beautiful, customized websites with the ease of drag-and-drop functionality. Wix operates on two models, the first is a free website builder powered by the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence software, and the second, a premium model offering total customization capabilities with powerful Wix Editor. Users also have the option of Wix Code, allowing website owners to get under the hood and fine-tune specific code on their website, if they so wish.

Wix Free vs Premium Plans

Wix Free gives you hundreds of pre-built design templates, unlimited pages, and hosting – FREE! The main drawbacks here are that you don’t have a custom domain, and there are Wix branded ads on your website. However, this is a great place to get started, test-drive the Wix website builder, and see if the platform is right for you.

Wix Premium offers features such as unlimited bandwidth, more storage, your own custom domain, video hosting, and of course, the Wix ads are removed for a more professional and polished look. Premium website plans begin at $11/month for the personal plan, with the better deal of the Unlimited package at $14/month. (See more on Wix pricing below.)

If you’d like to accept online payments through your web store, then you’ll want to check out the Wix Business plans, which start at $20/month and go up from there.

All Wix Premium Plans include free hosting, a custom domain, more storage, Google Analytics, premium Wix support, and some cool features like a custom favicon.

Wix Pricing

Wix premium plans are broken up into two categories, Premium Website and Premium Business & eCommerce. As you can see from the comparison below, the feature list keeps increasing as the plan’s pricing increases. From custom domains to video hosting, powerful apps and online payment processing — there is something for everyone between the six Wix pricing options.

If you’re ready to upgrade from free to a paid Wix plan, you can always select what you need right now, then upgrade to a higher tier pricing plan down the road as your website grows. Wix makes their pricing plans very straight forward, and easy to adjust as your needs change.

Wix pricing ranges from $11/month for personal use to $35/month for Business VIP which includes the full suite of features.

Wix Coupon Code

Some of you have not yet signed up for Wix, but are wanting to see if there is a coupon available. If that’s you, this is a smart move. It is great to be informed of pricing before you commit to a website builder platform. I would strongly suggest you sign up for the platform (it’s free, after all!), to make sure it meets your needs. If you have not yet signed up for Wix, please follow the instructions below.

However, if you already have a Wix.com account and are simply interested in how you can apply a Wix promo code before you upgrade, then skip ahead to Step 5.

  1. First, you’ll want to signup for a free Wix account, if you haven’t already.
  2. Next, you’ll want to configure your website, following the setup questionnaire.
  3. From there you can either select to let the Wix ADI pick the best website template for you or you can jump right into the Wix Editor and select a template.
  4. If you select the Wix ADI, you’ll answer a few more questions regarding the type of website you wish to create.
  5. From there you’ll pick your favorite design from the various layouts given.
  6. Just like that you’re ready to edit your website, adding custom graphics, changing text, and more!
  7. When you’re ready to upgrade to a premium plan, simply select “Upgrade” from the top menu, and follow the steps below for your Wix promo code.

With this Wix coupon code, you’ll receive the following discounts depending on the length of subscription period, and specific package you choose:

Premium Website Plan Savings

Business Premium Plan Savings

Bonus: 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

As a bonus, there is a 14-day money back guarantee on all Premium Plans (both Website & Business) from Wix.com. Signup for a plan and don’t like the platform, or don’t feel the added premium features are for you? Then simply cancel your subscription within 14-days and you’ll get a full refund from Wix.

Wix Coupon

Save up to 20% on Wix pricing plans by using our exclusive discount at Wix.com. If you're ready to start saving with Wix's website builder, don't hesitate to redeem your coupon today!

Who Should Use Wix

If you are just getting into website development, then Wix is the perfect place to start. Their gorgeous pre-built website templates are extremely easy to customize, offering drag-and-drop simplicity resulting in an elegant and professional website. Wix websites are especially great for artists, freelancers, and photographers, and have been highly ranked as one of the best website hosting for photographers

If you’re looking to launch an online store or eCommerce website, and have minimal website development experience, or don’t quite have the budget to hire a designer or firm just yet, then Wix is also one of the top recommendations. However, if you’re a website veteran or coding wizard, don’t be concerned. With features like Wix Code, you can get under the hood of your website and tweak it to perfection – everything from custom code to dynamic content and more.

If you’re looking for simple, elegant design in far less time than it would take to launch on a traditional hosting platform, then Wix is the way to go.

Setting Up Your Wix Website

The Wix setup couldn’t be simpler. Simply follow the prompts, such as “What kind of website do you want to create?”, selecting from the pre-filled answers: Business, Online Store, Photography, Music, Designer, Restaurants & Food, Accommodation, Events, Blog, Beauty & Wellness, Portfolio & CV, Other. Then, depending on the category you selected, you’ll be presented with a portfolio of beautiful templates to choose from. Select a template and they’ll offer several variants to further customize your look. Select the one that appeals most, and you’re on your way to creating a beautiful website in no time!

The Wix Editor houses over 500 pre-built website templates. If you’re worried about your website template looking like someone else’s, don’t fret! The intuitive drag-and-drop Wix Editor allows you to re-arrange and customize each of the 500 templates, literally creating hundreds of thousands of layout possibilities. Each component is optimized for both desktop and mobile, so there is no need to worry about screwing up a template with your customizations.

About Wix

Wix.com was founded in 2006 by a team of Israeli developers and is headquartered in Tel Aviv. In 2007 they opened the platform to users in beta mode, leveraging Adobe Flash to create their first web-based website builder software. 

In 2010 Wix had over 3,500,000 users on the platform and in 2011 that total rapidly increased to a 8,500,000 user-base. In 2012 Wix migrated their online website builder platform from Adobe Flash to HTML5, a move which helped rocket their user base to over 34,000,000 users in 2013. On November 5, 2013, Wix went public on the NASDAQ, raising $127,000,000 through their IPO. 

Over the years Wix has acquired several notable companies, including Appixia, OpenRest, Moment.me, Flok, and most notably, the massive online artist community, DeviantArt. Wix has also launched other services, including Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, Wix Hotel, Wix Restaurants, Wix Video, Wix Music, and Wix ShoutOut.

This Wix Promo Code is verified weekly.

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