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Wix Bookings (2023): Our Full Review And Guide

If you plan to use Wix’s website builder to allow your visitors and customers to book appointments online, you’re in luck! Our Wix Bookings review will cover everything you need to know.

Wix’s App Market has something called Wix Bookings. Wix Bookings is incredibly useful for businesses like yoga classes, photography sessions, cooking classees, music lessons, etc. 

It’s a great way for small businesses to manage bookings online without having to use an external or third party app. Whilst other website builders and website solutions do offer similar functionality, this saves you having to move away from Wix. Let’s continue with this in-depth Wix Bookings review to find out more!

Note: You can only use Wix Bookings if you are signed up for one of Wix’s paid plans. Wix Bookings is a feature of Wix only, so you couldn’t opt-in to use their bookings tool if you’re using another website solution.

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Wix Bookings - How Does It Work?

Wix Bookings is incredibly easy to use and install. Simply visit the Wix App Market and select Wix Bookings to install it on one of your web pages. 

From here, you can add classes, events, or any kind of booking forms that your website requires. You can even sync it with Google calendar so you can keep track of all your bookings and appointments.

wix bookings

Your website can accept payments and appointments through Wix. If you want your clients to leave a deposit for one of their bookings then Wix Bookings easily integrates with Wix Payments.

If you want to offer free classes, you can do this too. The possibilities are pretty endless; cash in person, paid memberships, plans, and lots more.

One of the best things about Wix Bookings is that your customers can book sessions without being redirected to another website or service. For example, many websites use Eventbrite which is a great system, but it’s frustrating when you get whisked off to another provider to complete the process.

You can manage your appointments and bookings via your Wix account or through the Wix app. The app is available for iOS and Android and again is pretty simple to navigate.

Wix Bookings Cost

Wix Bookings is free to use on all of Wix’s paid plans, and even on their free plan if you like. As you may expect, some advanced features aren’t available on Wix’s website plans.

If you want to allow your users to book appointments online, set up group sessions, or send reminders, you’ll need to sign up for one of Wix’s paid plans.

The Wix Bookings premium plan is $17 per month and includes:

  • Accept online payments
  • Accept online bookings
  • Sell membership and packages
  • Send SMS and email reminders
If you choose the Wix Business Premium plans, you’ll get Wix Bookings included for FREE. Here are the prices including Wix Bookings on the premium plans.


Business VIP

Business Unlimited

Business Basic

















Who Can Use It?

Wix Bookings is an ideal solution for the following:

  • Integrating a booking system with a Wix website
  • Syncing with Google calendar
  • Processing payments online or offline
  • Selling memberships online
  • Enable staff accounts
  • Individual and group sessions
However, Wix Bookings won’t always be suitable for everyone. It doesn’t include the following:
  • Multilingual bookings
  • Multiple calendars
  • Calendars aside from Google



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