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SquareSpace SEO Review (2022)

Whether you’ve signed up to SquareSpace or are considering using SquareSpace’s website builder, you should carefully consider whether SquareSpace’s SEO is any good.

As a big fan of website builders, I’ve taken it upon myself to thoroughly test SquareSpace’s SEO tools to see if it’s SEO friendly or not.

I’ll be taking you through SquareSpace’s pros and cons, SEO highlights and problems, and a few tips to help your website rank better with SquareSpace.

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Does SquareSpace Have A Good Reputation?

Overall, SquareSpace’s reputation as a website builder is pretty good. Many users report that their websites rank well with SquareSpace. Similarly, some people don’t like it and don’t believe their website’s are SEO friendly. That’s why I’m here to help!

Unlike Wix and Weebly, SquareSpace doesn’t offer a free plan. All of their user base are paying customers, so you’d expect their SEO tools to be somewhat decent.

Does SquareSpace Have Any SEO Success Stories?

One of SquareSpace’s biggest success stories is a website you may be familiar with – Updater. Updater helps people move house effectively by organizing their move into bite-sized tasks.

They offer free moving cheklists as well as the Moving App. The Moving App allows you to:

  • Reserver a mover
  • Rent a truck
  • Request moving estimates
  • Hire moving contractors
  • Ship you car
  • Get rid of your rubbish
  • Set up utilities services
  • Choose packing materials
  • Recommend home improvement and cleaning services
  • Forward mail
The list goes on, but it really is a handy app. More than that, Updater shows you just how successful a SquareSpace website can be in terms of SEO. Let’s look into that a bit more.
I’ve put Updater’s website address into ahrefs to assess the organic traffic they get. As you can see, Updater ranks highly in Google for a number of high-volume keywords, as well as nabbing the number 1 position in many cases.

Updater built their website with SquareSpace. From the results above, we can see that they are ranking well in the US for SEO. Ranking well for keywords isn’t the hardest thing to do in the world, but it’s impressive what they’ve achieved.

What’s more impressive is that Updater have several featured snippets within Google’s search engine. They also rank for “People also ask” which draws users in by answering questions quickly through Google, offering a click-through to their website if you want to learn more.

For the keyword “first apartment checklist” in Google, we can see Updater features here:

This is a real achievement and shows just how well Updater are doing in terms of their SEO, all thanks to SquareSpace’s website builder platform.

SquareSpace SEO Features

Page Title is available on all pages of your SquareSpace website. Customizing your page title helps you rank better for SEO and shows search engines the correct headings of your pages.

A meta description is a short piece of text that’s displayed under your webpage’s title in search engine results. SquareSpace allows users to customize this per page.

A URL should be short and concise. Search engines pay attention to your URLs and should describe the page they refer to. SquareSpace’s SEO tools for customized URLs are available on all pages.

Headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.) are good for SEO and help structure your website better. SquareSpace headings are available from H1 to H3 (there are 6 headings available in HTML).

When you search for an image in Google, you can click on the image result which will take you to the website where that image has been uploaded from. This is a helpful way to customize images so that their descriptions make sense. SquareSpace provides methods to add alt tags but it is somewhat complicated.

An SSL is essential if you want search engines to rank your website well and verify that it’s secure. If you don’t have an SSL installed, Google will pick up on this. SquareSpace includes a free SSL with all plans.

You can tell search engines which web pages to index (show on search results) and which ones to exclude. SquareSpace makes this available for all pages.

A sitemap is essentially a table of contents that will tell search engines what your website is about and what’s contained within it. SquareSpace automatically generates sitemaps.

All of SquareSpace’s templates are mobile responsive and will work well on any device.

These are HTML tags that tells search engines if two web pages on your website contain similar content, pointing to the one that’s most relevant. This is usually used by developers, however, SquareSpace only allows you to do this manually rather than automatically.

Both of these tools are available through SquareSpace and will enable you to analyze your website rankings and provide any SEO issues that arise with your website.

Disadvantages Of SquareSpace SEO

Although SquareSpace’s SEO is generally in good shape, there are issues that can arise. Below I’ve outlined the common problems with SquareSpace SEO, before showing you how to deal with them:

  • SquareSpace isn’t as intuitive as other website builders like Wix, and this shows in some of their SEO tools. If you want to add alt tags to your images for example, this is done in different ways depending on how your images are dealt with on your website (e.g. through cover images, product images, gallery, etc.)
  • There aren’t many styling options in SquareSpace’s text editor. It’s important to be aware of this and not to default to using heading tags to make font sizes bigger as this will effect your SEO if it’s not intentional.
  • SquareSpace’s website templates are all mobile responsive which is great. However, website builders like Wix allow you to customize your mobile site design separately whereas SquareSpace doesn’t. This can cause issues and in-turn could lead to your website falling down the rankings if something doesn’t quite work on mobile.
  • When you create a SquareSpace website, a subdomain is automatically created for you like mywebsite.squarespace.com and there’s no way to redirect this to your main domain.

Tips To Improve SquareSpace SEO

If you plan to use SquareSpace, it’s worth taking on board the following tips and tricks for SquareSpace SEO to make the most out of it.

  1. SEO Tags: You can manually add SEO tags like canonical tags by using the code block. This adds further SEO options by using HTML.
  2. Structure Headers: Ensure you structure your pages correctly to boost your SEO. E.g. use H1 and H2 tags in the right places, avoid having multiple H1 tags on the same page, etc.
  3. Google Search Console: Remember to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console so they can see all the URLs to crawl your site properly.
  4. SSL: Make sure you never disable your SSL certificate. SquareSpace enable it by default and it’s free, so make use of it.
  5. Compress Images: If you upload images to your website, make sure to compress them to keep their quality but reduce their quantity (size).

Common SEO Mistakes

If you’re not finding SquareSpace’s SEO very good, you may be doing something wrong on your website. Although SquareSpace’s SEO isn’t as comprehensive as some other tools, they are mostly pretty decent. Here are a few common SEO mistakes we see on a daily basis:

  • Content: Poor content is one of the biggest reasons why website’s don’t rank well for SEO. Your content should be reliable, unique, and relevant. Don’t write content for the sake of it as Google will know it’s not valuable.
  • Images with Text: If you use images to display text, how will Google know what you’re trying to say? They can’t read images, so this is a pointless task and won’t help boost your SEO.
  • Keywords: If you don’t know what your keywords are that you want to rank for, how will your website rank well? Your content should be optimized around your keywords so that when someone performs a search, the relevant content appears for them.

Conclusion: Is SquareSpace SEO Any Good?

SquareSpace’s SEO is just as good as competitors like Weebly and Wix, if not even better. Most of the basic SEO options and tools are available, with a few frustrating elements along the way.

Here are the pros and cons to help you decice:


  • Offers lots of SEO options that most sites will need
  • Automates some SEO processes
  • SSL included for free
  • Mobile-friendly and optimized templates
  • Great support articles and knowledgebase
  • Successful SquareSpace websites
  • Not all SEO options are intuitive
  • SquareSpace websites could do with speeding up a little
  • Advanced features available on WordPress aren’t available
If you’re comparing SquareSpace to the likes of WordPress, you’re going to find a lot of downfalls. SquareSpace is designed to be simple and easy, an approach that everyone can enjoy regardless of their skill level. WordPress on the other hand is far more advanced, so you won’t be able to customize all of your SEO in comparison to a CMS like them.



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