SiteGround Coupon (2023) has been a longtime partner with SiteGround. Over the years we’ve developed a great relationship with SiteGround, and have been able to negotiate a SiteGround Coupon Code for a huge 70% DISCOUNT on a year term of SiteGround hosting

The discount breaks down to StartUp plan at 67% off, GrowBig plan at 70% off, GoGeek plan at 66% off.

SiteGround Coupon

To redeem up to 70% off the introductory pricing plans from SiteGround, click the button below to use your SiteGround coupon code today! Exclusive offers apply to Web Hosting Professor readers.

How to Use Your SiteGround Coupon

Save up to a whopping 70% on SiteGround hosting!

Ready to signup for SiteGround hosting? The good news is the discount already applied, and no SiteGround coupon is needed. You simply need to signup for a 1-year term (or longer), activating this deal through the link below.

Plus you’ll receive some awesome add-ons, such as Free Drag & Drop Website Builder, Free CMS install, Free email accounts, Free CDN, Free auto daily backups, Free shopping cart install, Free SSL Certificates, Free SSH and SFTP Access, and much more!

Special pricing for our visitors. No promo code needed.

SiteGround Discount Signup Steps

After selecting the “Activate Deal” button above, you’ll need to complete 3 simple steps to capture your discount term and enjoy the savings of up to 70% off your SiteGround hosting. There is no specific SiteGround coupon to apply, simply proceed with these steps to receive your discounted first term.

1. Choose your Hosting Plan

SiteGround offers three plans, StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. As is made obvious by the name, the StartUp plan is recommended for startup websites and those wishing to launch their first website. 

The GrowBig plan is ideal for websites expecting more traffic, or those that are already somewhat established. The GoGeek plan is more robust, with hardware provisioning supporting up to around 100,000 monthly visits, and a plethora of advanced features and add-ons. 

If you’re not sure which plan to select, we recommend beginning with the StartUp plan as you can easily upgrade later if need be. Select [GET PLAN] to select your hosting plan and proceed to the discounted checkout with the SiteGround coupon rate applied.

2. Choose a Domain

If you already have a domain registered, then select “I already have a Domain” and enter it in the box. If you don’t already have a domain, enter your domain name into the box, select your domain extention from the dropdown (.com, .net, .org, etc), and select [PROCEED]. 

Note that domain registration is an additional $15.95/year in addition to your hosting package. $15.95 per year is a very reasonable rate, and it isn’t really worth shopping around to save a dollar or two at a domain registrar if you’re going to host with SiteGround anyway.

3. Review and Complete

On this step you’ll enter your standard account and billing information. At the Purchase Information step, you’ll be able to review your hosting plan, your data center location, and the billing period. 

By selecting the icon beside the Plan or Data Center, you’ll be able to change your selection if you so desire. The available data centers are as follows: Chicago (USA), Amsterdam (NL), Singapore (SG), London (UK), Iowa (USA), Oregon (USA). 

It is best practice to select a data center location that is closest to your main website demographic. This will optimize load speeds for those users, as there is less network latency as the data doesn’t have to travel as far from the data center to the end user. Finally, select [PAY NOW] and you’re on your hosting server will be made available instantly!

SiteGround Coupon

To redeem up to 70% off the introductory pricing plans from SiteGround, click the button below to use your SiteGround coupon code today! Exclusive offers apply to Web Hosting Professor readers.

SiteGround Coupons and What Other Sites Don’t Tell You About Them

From its humble beginnings in 2004 as a company founded by a group of university students, SiteGround has grown to become a top-rated web hosting company, servicing over 1,900,000 domains worldwide and providing everything from shared hosting to cloud hosting to dedicated servers.

Considering how attractive the services provided by SiteGround are, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people are looking for SiteGround coupons, wanting to shave off just a few extra dollars from SiteGround’s already competitively priced web hosting plans.

In this article, you will learn the truth about SiteGround coupons that so many other sites don’t want to tell you, and we also explain everything you need to know before you become a SiteGround customer.

Here’s the Truth About SiteGround Coupon Codes

There are countless sites dedicated to SiteGround coupons, but they all have one dirty little secret: SiteGround doesn’t offer ANY coupon or promo codes. Sounds hard to believe? Then read what SiteGround has to say about it in their own Knowledge Base.

In other words, you don’t need a special coupon or promo code to chop off a chunk of your web hosting plan if you’re a new customer. All you have to do is take advantage of a site-wide promotion, which you can do simply by selecting a web hosting plan and completing your purchase.

Currently we do not offer custom coupon or promo codes as our order process does not allow for such,” states the web hosting company on its website. “We do however always run a site-wide promotion with various discount deals which you are free to advertise.

Just keep in mind that the discount price applies to your first payment term only. After that, you will be automatically charged the regular price, which is displayed right below the discount price on SiteGround’s web hosting landing page.

Should I Go With SiteGround Anyway?

Here in 2023, there are many fantastic web hosting companies to choose from, so why go with SiteGround when compelling alternatives are easy to find and offer attractive coupon and promo codes? Because SiteGround is a genuinely fantastic web hosting company that cares about its customers and is known for adopting the best technologies and in-house built solutions. In fact, they’re one of our most recommended web hosts!

The company has more than 400 employees and data centers in 4 countries: the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, and Singapore. Every single day, SiteGround’s customer support staff process at least 1,500 customer support tickets, answer 1,000 phone calls, and reply to 3,000 chat requests.

Because SiteGround employs only people who are actually passionate about the web hosting industry, customer support tickets are typically closed within 10 minutes, instead of dragging on for days, bouncing from one customer support person to the next.

The technical expertise of SiteGround employees gives the company the ability to develop smart in-house solutions and adopt innovative technology much quicker than its competition. For example, SiteGround was among the first web hosting companies to use Linux containers, a modern virtualization method for running multiple isolated Linux systems using a single Linux kernel, and introduce a custom Let’s Encrypt SSL integration for improved security.

Recently, SiteGround released a proprietary AI software that now helps it prevent around 5 million brute-force attacks on a daily basis. In addition to its software defenses, the company has a team of dedicated security experts, who actively write security patches and protect SiteGround customers from the latest and most dangerous cyber attacks. Physical security is provided by biometrics, video surveillance, human guards, and other security measures.

All SiteGround data centers are connected to multiple major carriers for the highest possible availability and speed, and costly outages are prevented by multiple power feeds, independent power generators, and uninterruptible power supplies.

SiteGround stores files and databases on fast SSDs, which provide a massive performance boost compared to traditional hard drives. Thanks to SiteGround’s partnership with Cloudflare, a provider of content delivery network services, customers from around the world can expect only the fastest page load times and unmatched uptimes.

Even though the era of HTTP/2 is just beginning to appear on the horizon, SiteGround already supports the newest network protocol, which goes to show how committed the web hosting company is to supporting the latest and best web technology.

Types of SiteGround Hosting

Shared Hosting


For customers who want to get their websites up and running for the smallest amount of money possible, SiteGround offers three attractive shared hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

The StartUp plan is suitable for customers who want to host just one website, and it comes with 10 GB of storage space, 24/7 support, unmetered traffic, free SSL and HTTPS, unlimited MySQL, free daily backups, free email accounts, and 30-day money-back guarantee for $3.95 a month.

A tier above it is the GrowBig plan, which costs $5.95 a month and bumps up the storage space to 20 GB and adds several premium features, including priority technical support, SuperCacher for great speed, free backup restores, and free site transfer.

Finally, there’s the GoGeek plan, which costs $11.95 a month, comes with 30 GB of storage space, and includes free backups on demand, one-click Git repo creation, WordPress and Joomla staging, PCI-compliant servers, and more.

Cloud Hosting

Companies of all sizes are moving to the cloud at an unprecedented rate to reap its numerous benefits, which include always-on availability, flexible costs, improved mobility, improved collaboration, flexible capacity, cost savings, greater tool selection, better security, and increase speed to market, just to name a few.

SiteGround offers a fast, scalable, and fully managed cloud hosting platform with 24/7 customer support, and prices starting at just $80 a month for 2 CPU cores, 4 GB of memory, 40 GB of SSD storage space, and 5 TB of bandwidth.

Adding more resources to a server is a matter of a simple click with SiteGround’s cloud hosting platform, and it’s also possible to set them to auto-scale upon traffic spikes without rebooting. Because SiteGround takes care of day-to-day infrastructure and server management, it allows its customers to focus on their business.

SiteGround Coupon

To redeem up to 70% off the introductory pricing plans from SiteGround, click the button below to use your SiteGround coupon code today! Exclusive offers apply to Web Hosting Professor readers.

Dedicated Servers

Shared web hosting may be fine for individual users and small businesses, but it doesn’t meet the requirements of large enterprises. With SiteGround, you can pay for a high-class dedicated machine that’s reserved just for you and managed by the SiteGround team.

An entry-level SiteGround dedicated server located in the United States costs $269 a month, which is a highly competitive price for a machine with a 3.2 GHz CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads, 16 GB of memory, and 480 GB of SSD storage space. Dedicated servers in Asia-Pacific are slightly more expensive due to the high demand for them, but even they are priced fairly and deliver an excellent value for money.

WordPress Hosting

Only three web hosting companies in the world can say that they are listed as recommended hosting providers by the official hosting page, and SiteGround is among them.

SiteGround makes managing WordPress sites incredibly easy with its automated WordPress installation, free SiteGround Migrator plugin, automated security updates, powerful caching, front-end and image optimizations, PHP version control, and more.

All WordPress hosting plans include free Let’s Encrypt Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates, daily backups, unlimited email service, staging tool, free CDN, and a plethora of other bells and whistles that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Best of all, SiteGround’s WordPress hosting plans are just as affordable as its shared hosting plans. Even the cheapest plan, which costs just $3.95 a month, includes free SSL and HTTPS, Cloudflare CDN, daily backups, unmetered traffic, 24/7 support, and WordPress auto-updates.

SiteGround Coupon

To redeem up to 70% off the introductory pricing plans from SiteGround, click the button below to use your SiteGround coupon code today! Exclusive offers apply to Web Hosting Professor readers.

SiteGround FAQs: Read This Before Signing Up

In this section, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions people have about hosting with SiteGround.

Does SiteGround Have a Coupon or Discount Code?

No, as mentioned above, SiteGround offers no coupons or discount codes. However, if you sign up with an annual plan, you can receive up to 70% off on your first year.

Does SiteGround Offer Any Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, SiteGround offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all new customers. Regardless of your reason, you can just cancel your account within the first 30 days, and you will get all your money back—no questions asked.

What Payment Options Are Available?

SiteGround accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Keep in mind that not all types of credit card payments are accepted in all regions.

What Billing Options Can I Choose From?

You can purchase shared hosting plans for 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months. Cloud and dedicated server hosting plans are available with monthly billing, but it’s always more cost-effective to spend more money upfront.

Does SiteGround Offer Reseller Hosting?

Yes, it does! Reseller hosting is often used by web designers and developers who maintain their customers’ websites on a long-term basis. SiteGround’s reseller hosting plans are very affordable, and volume discounts are available for customers who purchase in bulk.

Will I Get a Free Domain Name?

Unlike many other web hosting companies, SiteGround doesn’t try to lure in new customers be offering a free domain name with its hosting plans. Of course, you can easily register a new domain while activating a new hosting account with SiteGround or transfer a domain name you already own to the company’s nameservers.

Do I Get an Uptime Guarantee?

Of course! SiteGround is a highly reputable web hosting provider that employs pro-active server monitoring for 99.99 percent uptime. Independent uptime tests confirm that the web hosting company really lives up to its promise of minimal downtime, and we’re not surprised.

SiteGround Hosting Conclusion

In this article, we’ve revealed that there are actually no SiteGround coupons anywhere on the internet—at least not on any legitimate sites. SiteGround simply offers an attractive discount to all new customers, but this discount applies to the first payment term only (typically one year). That said, there are more than enough reasons for SiteGround customers to stay with this popular web hosting provider even at full price. If you’d like to take advantage of the SiteGround discounts offered to new customers, click here to get started.

Alternative Hosting Coupons

Looking for alternative hosting deals besides a SiteGround coupon code? Checkout our Bluehost coupon and our HostGator coupon pages for exclusive discounts from 



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