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Yes, you’re most likely here for a Shopify discount code. But before we jump in I want to emphasize how awesome Shopify is

They are the premier ecommerce platform with the best integrations in the business to marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. 

Shopify’s mission is to make commerce better for everyone, and they certainly know what it takes to make the online experience as seamless as possible for both the store owner and the customer.

Shopify Coupon

Save up to 10% off the standard Shopify pricing with our exclusive Shopify coupon. You don't need an offer or discount code, simply follow the link to redeem your Shopify coupon today!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Shopify:

  1. One of the largest and most trusted ecommerce platforms on the web.
  2. Free 14-day trial with no credit card required.
  3. No coding or design skills required.
  4. Built-in payment processing system.
  5. Over 1-million active users on the platform.
  6. Over $82-billion dollars sold on the Shopify platform to date.
  7. Custom domain name for proper branding.
  8. Built-in messaging and AI powered marketing platform called “Kit”.
  9. Partnered with DHL, UPS and USPS to make shipping incredibly simple.
  10. Integrations with eBay and Amazon marketplaces.

This is a comprehensive post on Shopify, detailing their pricing on both standard and Shopify Plus plans, Shopify discount codes and plan savings, the signup and initial store setup process, and how to create coupon codes for your Shopify store. To navigate down to the right section, simply use the menu below.

The Definitive Guide to Shopify

Shopify Pricing

  • Basic Shopify is perfect for home-based freelancers, new businesses, and startups. Beginning at $29/month, this includes everything you need to get your ecommerce store up and running fast.
  • Shopify standard plan includes some additional functionality such as gift cards, professional reports, greater shipping discounts, cash register shift support, and credit card processing savings. This plan, at $79/month, offers great support for ecommerce websites that are beginning to grow, add employees with a physical storefront and point of sale (POS) system, and looking for more features.
  • Advanced Shopify offers the most features and savings for web-based businesses that are looking to scale. From custom report builders to a myriad of third-party integrations, your ecommerce website will become more powerful than ever on this plan. Additionally, users will enjoy up to 74% discount on shipping rates, as well as even cheaper online credit card processing rates, saving a significant amount of operational cost as your online sales volume increases.

If your business is ready for high growth, Shopify offers enterprise level solutions under Shopify Plus, a custom solution for high volume web-stores and large businesses.

If you’re not quite ready to jump into Basic Shopify, but want to begin testing your idea, product or service online to see if it gains traction, then Shopify Lite is perfect for you! At only $9/month you can begin selling on Facebook, chatting with your prospects and customers, and add your products to an existing website or blog you may already have on your small business hosting plan. With Shopify Lite you can also begin accepting credit card payments for your products or create invoices if you’re offering a service.

The Shopify pricing page can be found here, outlining each of the plans mentioned above. You can signup for a free trial from this page, with no credit card required. You don’t even need to select a plan — simply play around with the admin dashboard, configure your store, and select the best plan that suits you later, once your trial has ended. It couldn’t be easier!

Did you know: Shopify also integrates to eBay and Amazon, syncing your products in minutes. You can easily manage your inventory from Shopify, seamlessly updating across all integrations. This powerful integration leverages the world’s largest ecommerce platforms to get your products seen by millions – all with a few simple clicks.

Shopify Coupon

Save up to 10% off the standard Shopify pricing with our exclusive Shopify coupon. You don't need an offer or discount code, simply follow the link to redeem your Shopify coupon today!

Shopify Plus Pricing and Plans (Enterprise)

Shopify Plus begins at $2,000 per month and scales significantly from there. This pricing is based on a $2,000 minimum, or 0.25% of transactions processed on the platform per month, whichever is higher. There is currently no cap on the Shopify Plus pricing scale.

Please keep in mind that this information is for general reference only, as Shopify does not provide this information publicly, and it is subject to change.

Each Shopify Plus pricing contract and store is looked at on an individual basis and while we can confirm that prices will start at $2,000/month, we are not able to confirm prices beyond this until the client in question has spoken directly with the Shopify Plus team.

To further break this down, here are a few revenue examples, and the monthly rate your company might pay for Shopify Plus Plans supporting your ecommerce sales activity. Again, consider this information for general reference only. You will need to speak directly to the Shopify Plus team for an exact quote.

Sales per Month Shopify Plus Monthly Cost*
$500,000 $2,000
$1,000,000 $2,500
$5,000,000 $12,500
$10,000,000 $25,000
$15,000,000 $37,500
$20,000,000 $40,000

*Shopify Plus pricing estimate for general information only. Please speak with the Shopify Plus team for a more specific quote for your ecommerce store.

Shopify Discount Code 2023

Shopify currently offers discounts on all annual plans, adding a savings of 10% off the standard pricing. No Shopify discount code for 2023 is needed, as all you need to do is select annual pricing and proceed with the savings instantly applied. These Shopify discounts are outlined below, based on the annual plan savings.

The great thing about Shopify is that you can simply signup for a free trial, set up your store, and pick a plan later. Shopify offers a free trial for 14 days, with no credit card required. There is no risk or obligation to you, as you can “try before you buy” for 2-weeks. Click here to see the Shopify pricing and signup for a trial, then once in the interface checkout the annual plans for the best Shopify discounts.

Shopify Coupon

Save up to 10% off the standard Shopify pricing with our exclusive Shopify coupon. You don't need an offer or discount code, simply follow the link to redeem your Shopify coupon today!

Shopify Plan Discounts

The Shopify plan discounts go beyond the 10% savings on annual plans (1-year), with a 20% savings on biennial plans (2-years), and a 25% savings on triennial plans (3-years) when paid in advance when upgrading from your free trial.

The following Shopify plan discounts apply to all 2023 purchases if annual, biennial, or triennial billing is selected.

 Save $36Save $138Save $261
 Save $96Save $378Save $711
 Save $396Save $1,536Save $2,880

With these Shopify discounts you can save up to 25% which totals up to $2,880 savings over a 3-year term on the Advanced Plan, as outlined below in the monthly rate breakdown. Note that to receive the Shopify plan discount of 10%, 20% or 25% you must pay the 1-, 2- or 3-year term upfront in full. If paying monthly works better for your budget, then there is always that option, however you would not receive a discounted rate on the monthly recurring plans.

  • Basic – $29 per month (monthly) | $26.10 per month (annual/1yr) | $23.20 per month (biennial/2yr) | $21.75 per month (triennial/3yr)
  • Standard – $79 per month (monthly) | $71.10 per month (annual/1yr) | $63.20 per month (biennial/2yr) | $59.25 per month (triennial/3yr)
  • Advanced – $299 per month (monthly) | $269.10 per month (annual/1yr) | $239.20 per month (biennial/2yr) | $219 per month (triennial/3yr)
  • Shopify Plus – starts at $2,000 per month | speak with your account representative regarding Shopify Plus discounts and pre-payment options.

Signup for Shopify

Signing up for Shopify is a simple 2-step process. Simply enter your email address and press “Get Started” to proceed. You’ll then need to enter a password and set your store name. If you’re not 100% sure on your store name, don’t worry, you can always change this later.

The onboarding process is very straight forward as well, simply enter your address, and additional information, and you’re on your way to creating your web store!

Click here to signup for Shopify and get started launching your ecommerce website.

Shopify Dashboard

The Shopify dashboard is very easy to use with a left-oriented navigation and a central working area. Get ready to sell online by simply adding your products, customizing the look and feel of your online store, and then adding a custom domain to match your brand name. The Shopify admin dashboard has the following navigation, as shown in the image below.

Home » Orders » Products » Customers » Analytics » Marketing » Discounts » Apps

Then below that is SALES CHANNELS » Online Store. You can also add more sales channels, such as social media channels here.

To begin setting up your Shopify store, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Add your first products
  2. Begin customizing your theme
  3. Add a custom domain name

Once those steps are complete, your Shopify store is ready to begin testing and building within your web browser. It really is that simple to get started selling on Shopify!

Creating a Shopify Discount Code

Shopify allows its users to create a variety of discount codes for their customers. The following coupon configuration options are offered:

  • fixed value discount
  • percentage discount
  • free shipping discount
  • buy X get Y discount (BOGO, BOGOHO, etc)

Once the Shopify discount is created, your customers can enter the code online on your webstore, or in person for those utilizing the Shopify POS system.

Fixed Value, Percentage Discount, or Free Shipping Coupon

Within the Shopify admin dashboard, navigate to the following:

Shopify admin > Discounts > Create discount > Discount code

Here you’ll enter the name for your discount code or generate a random code. Be sure to review the “Options” section to properly configure your discount. Here you’ll enter the “Discount value” as well as “Applies to” to designate the $ or % discount amount, and if it applies to a specific product or product category on your website. If you’d like to apply a “Free shipping” discount, this can be found under “Options” as well.

Buy X Get Y Discount

Navigate to the following path:

Shopify admin > Discounts > Create discount > Discount code

Under the same “Options” section under “Discount code”, select “Buy X Get Y”. You’ll need to configure “Customer buys” and “Customer gets” to properly apply your promotion. Under “At a discounted value” you can select either a “Percentage” or “Free” for what the customer gets. Additionally, you can set “Customer eligibility” as well as “Usage limits” for the promotion. As this will be an automatically applied discount once the promotion Buy X Get Y terms are met, you’ll want to utilize the “Active dates” section to “Set end date” to align with the length of the promotion.

Creating a Shopify Discount

Creating a Shopify discount is easy, once you get the hang of the various configuration options within the admin panel. Always be sure to test each coupon code or promotion terms in a live environment, to ensure your settings are correct and to guarantee your customers have a flawless shopping experience on your ecommerce website.

Shopify Coupon Code Generator

There are several ways to generate Shopify coupon codes. The first and most straightforward option is to simply use the build-in random code generator under the following:

Shopify admin > Discounts > Create discount > Discount code

However, if you’re looking for more flexibility and the ability to generate coupon codes in bulk, then consider the Bulk Discount Code Generator plugin. Best of all, the plugin is free. So you have nothing to lose by installing and trying the plugin, if you are seeking a Shopify coupon code generator.

Shopify Coupon

Save up to 10% off the standard Shopify pricing with our exclusive Shopify coupon. You don't need an offer or discount code, simply follow the link to redeem your Shopify coupon today!

Bulk Discount Code Generator

Generate unique coupon codes in bulk in seconds.

Favorite feature: The ability to bulk import your own custom codes or use their built-in random code generator.

App store rating: 4.9 stars (43 reviews)

Cost: Free.

A screenshot from the Shopify Bulk Discount Code Generator, found in the Shopify App Store.

Shopify Coupon API

The Shopify Discount API enables merchants to add flexibility to their promotions. There are two main Shopify Coupon API, PriceRule and DiscountCode.

PriceRule: The PriceRule API creates the logic for a discount, associates a code with the discount via the DiscountCode API, and applies to checkout once the user enters it. PriceRule creates the fixed value, percentage, and free shipping discounts.

For more on the PriceRule API on this, see the Shopify help documentation here:

DiscountCode: The DiscountCode API is what associates the PriceRule code with the discount. DiscountCode enables merchants to create multiple discount codes that belong to the same PriceRule.

For more on the DiscountCode API on this, see the Shopify help documentation here:

Shopify App Store

Another great feature of Shopify is their app store. With dozens of categories to explore, you can find anything from social proof to customer retention, cross sells and upsells to fulfillment processing and inventory management – there is something for every business model, all with the goal of making your job easier.

Shopify App Store categories include the following:

  • Finding products
  • Places to sell
  • Store design
  • Marketing
  • Sales and conversion
  • Orders and shipping
  • Inventory management
  • Customer support
  • Trust and security
  • Finances
  • Productivity
  • Reporting

Each category is then broken down into several subcategories, each with dozens, even hundreds of apps under each. Marketing, for example, may be broken down into the following:

  • Ads and retargeting
  • Affiliate programs
  • Content marketing
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Customer retention
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Product feeds
  • Sales and discounts
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Social media marketing
  • And a generic “other” catchall category
The Simple Discount Code Generator app enables you to create random Shopify discount codes, or upload your own custom list from a CSV file. Available for free from the Shopify app store.

Best Shopify Discount Code Apps of 2023

There are currently hundreds of Shopify discount code apps and plugins available direct through the Shopify app store, with dozens more across third party websites. So how do you choose the best discount app for your Shopify store? Here are the top discount code apps of 2023, based on my research and testing:

Bold Discounts ‑ The Sale App

Offers storewide sales discounts, flash-sales, and scheduled sale capabilities, all with a simple click.

Favorite feature: Black Friday & Cyber Monday auto-tagging to tag products on discount automatically.

App store rating: 4.7 stars (888 reviews)

Cost: $14.99/month, 14-day free trial.

Bulk Discounts

Create thousands of discount codes in seconds. Bulk Discounts can create up to 250,000 coupon codes per promotion with a simple click.

Favorite feature: Ability to export your discount codes in CSV format to easily import to your CRM or other business management software.

App store rating: 4.2 stars (147 reviews)

Cost: Free to install. $1 for p to 10,000 codes, $3 for 100,000, $5 for 250,000.

Free Shipping Bar

Alert your customers of a free shipping option with a customizable bar atop your website.

Favorite feature: Easily incentivize increased order values with customizable cart goal displays.

App store rating: 4.9 stars (7,647 reviews)

Cost: Free plan available, premium plan $9.99/month.

Automatic Discount

Apply automatic discounts and promotions via custom rules. If you’re looking to customize automatic discounts across your store beyond the basic Shopify settings, this is the app for you.

Favorite feature: You can build a pre-filled cart, auto-apply a discount to it, and share the link with your customers for streamlined checkout.

App store rating: 4.2 stars (93 reviews)

Cost: Free plan available. Shopify basic at $12.99/month, Shopify at $16.99/month, Shopify Advanced at $24.99/month. Yearly billing discounts available. 7-day free trial for paid plans.

Simple Discount Code Generator

Easily generate random discount codes for an existing Shopify discount page.

Favorite feature: You can import your own custom discount codes into your Shopify store with a CSV file upload (or generate random codes on the fly!).

App store rating: 5 stars (11 reviews)

Cost: Free

Simple Discount Code Generator

Easily generate random discount codes for an existing Shopify discount page.

Favorite feature: You can import your own custom discount codes into your Shopify store with a CSV file upload (or generate random codes on the fly!).

App store rating: 5 stars (11 reviews)

Cost: Free

Military Discount

Support our troops with exclusive offers to thank them for their service.

Favorite feature: Go beyond military discounts with 4x separate verification processes for Military, First Responder, Students, and Teachers.

App store rating: 5.0 stars (62 reviews)

Cost: Tiers start at $19.99/month (30 verifications/month) with a 7-day free trial.

See Shopify Discount Codes in Action

Modifying the Shopify Cart and Checkout Code

Shopify Discount Code Before Checkout

Many Shopify users wish to move the discount code box to before the checkout page. Many studies have shown that a coupon entry in the shopping cart, for example, has better conversion than on the checkout page itself. This is because many users will bounce from the final checkout page to search the web to find a discount code prior to order completion. However, the official Shopify stance on the matter is that the discount code field can only appear on the checkout page. This is because the Shopify engine determines final price on this page, and the build-in Shopify discount rules are calculated based on the final checkout value.

Shopify Coupon Code on Cart Page

There is, however, a way to modify your CSS to move to move the Shopify coupon code to the cart page. This option requires a Shopify Plus account, which is Shopify’s enterprise level solution for high volume web-stores and large businesses.

Note: Whenever attempting to modify your Shopify code, always create and verify a stable backup copy prior to modification.

For this example we will be changing the order of operations for the discount code option for PayPal payments. By default, Shopify will have users visit the PayPal transaction page before entering the discount code in the checkout on the final step. This hack allows users to enter their discount code before the PayPal transaction page.

Shopify admin > Settings > Payment providers

Step 1: Under the “Manual payments” section, select “Create custom payment method” from the “Activate custom payment” drop-down selector.
Step 2: Enable the suggested payment method Cash on Delivery (COD).
Step 3: Navigate to “Layouts folder” in the theme editor.
Step 4: Locate the checkout.css.liquid file and add the following at the bottom

.manual-payment-gateway { display: none; }

#paypal-payments label:after {
  content: "or pay with your credit or debit card";
  display: inline;
  font-size: 110%;
  padding-left: 10px;

Step 5: You’ll then need to modify the checkout page “step 2 of 2” and “complete purchase” button text. Add the following code to adjust this:

.step2 #buttons:before {   content: “Click ‘Complete my purchase’ to pay by credit or debit card or with your PayPal account.”;  display: block;  margin: 10px 0;  font-size: 13px; }

While that is certainly not a perfect solution, this Shopify hack for Plus customers allows greater flexibility in the Shopify coupon code location in shopping cart and checkout steps.

This code was adapted from the following Shopify ecommerce university thread seen here.

Should You Modify the Shopify Discount Code Location?

While what works for one store may not work for another, I would suggest A/B testing your Shopify discount code before checkout on the cart page and compare that conversion data to having the option on the checkout page. Whichever model has greater user conversion should be utilized moving forward.

Finding a Shopify Promo Code for 2023

I’ve personally searched for a Shopify promo code across the web and found nothing to-date. Shopify has run some extended free trial promotions in the past, but as of this writing, there are no current promotional codes that our team could find. If you’re looking for a Shopify discount code, the best option is to signup for an annual term to enjoy savings on your Shopify plan, as outlined above.

RetailMeNot Shopify Discount Codes

You may have tried Shopify discount codes from RetailMeNot and been disappointed with the results. RetailMeNot and similar coupon sites operate by user submissions, and the discounts are typically only valid for a short period of time or have limited usage which is quickly met. To test the current offerings, I opened a clean virtual machine and tried each Shopify discount code RetailMeNot provided. The result was disappointing, with none of the coupons resulting in any change in length of free trial term, or discounts applied to the upgrade plan page. Don’t waste your time with those massive coupon aggregator sites, instead simply signup for Shopify and select an annual term (1-year or more) to enjoy some savings.

About Shopify

Founded in 2004, Shopify is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with over 3,000 employees. In 2015, Shopify went public raising over $131 million in their IPO. The stock is traded on the NYSE and TSX exchanges under the ticker SHOP. As of 2017 their reported revenue topped $580 million. Shopify currently reports over 600,000 active Shopify stores, posting $82 billion worth of sales.


Looking for an alternative to Shopify? Check out our Wix promo code page for a comprehensive guide to the best deals on If you just want to play around with an alternative platform to Shopify, Wix has a free plan so you can build a website and learn the system before upgrading to a premium plan.



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