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KeepSolid offers robust VPN services for both the business and also the individual user. Delivering innovative online security and productivity solutions to their international customer base.

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KeepSolid was founded in Odessa, Ukraine in 2013 by Vasily Ivanov and Oleg Bocharnikov. The original name for the company back in 2013 was “Simplex Solutions”. Originally established as a new software development company, Simplex Solutions started in the VPN arena just 3 months into their company journey.

Inside that very first year, the team grew from 3 employees to 15. Two years after the company began Simplex Solutions got rebranded and became KeepSolid. KeepSolid offers innovative online security and productivity solutions to their international customer base.

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Company Values

As their company name suggests KeepSolid has some pretty rock solid company values, ethos and guiding principles. For example, they do not believe that profit is the goal of the company and instead like to focus on how their customers feel when using their products. Additionally, they like to put more emphasis on their final product offering.

The decision-making process inside the company is based on seeing situations from a variety of standpoints and possible outcomes. They also like to structure everything around maximizing benefits and keeping costs as low as possible.

Clear Communication

KeepSolid likes to approach everything with a very balanced outlook. This means avoiding oversimplification and instead ensuring optimal collaboration with colleagues. Additionally, there is a focus on their staff working to develop themselves to continually to improve their productivity and KPI (Key performance indicators).

You get the impression of a team that is striving for excellence on all levels, from ensuring that their intentions are sincere, to working together as a team to create the necessary conditions to thrive in the workplace.

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Customer Support

KeepSolid believes in respecting customers and colleagues as you would yourself. This includes excluding negative emotions and actions from the team member’s habitual behaviour. They believe in learning the jobs of everyone in a department before you can possibly manage a team. Once a manager is established KeepSolid ensures that they maintain openness towards each employee and bear social responsibility.

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Three amazing aspects of the KeepSolid pricing structure for personal VPN users is that they offer a 7-day trial, a money back guarantee and also when you pay for 1 you get 4 for free. The 7-day trial is fairly straightforward, granted, but certainly great offering for new customers to get on board with little risk. After the 7-day trial has ended you can still use the service for a further 7 days, safe in the knowledge that you can get your money back for the next 7 days.

Their pay for 1 and get 4 free deal, means that you pay for one VPN subscription and you can then use it on up to 5 devices. These devices could be smartphones, laptops or tablets on any OS (operating system).

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Security & Safety

KeepSolid offers six products inside their key security and safety niche. These are KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, Roadmap Planner, KeepSolid Sign, Business VPN, Network Tools, and Private Browser. KeepSolid states that encryption is key and thus they offer:s

Supreme methods of encryption

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is one such product offered that allows users to protect their personal data and “remain untraceable and anonymous on the Internet”. This product now boasts 2 million customers globally in just over a year. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited provides 100% guaranteed secure communication on all electronic devices and offers the ultimate online protection for those using public WiFi.

When using the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited app their customers can access a wide range of VPN servers all around the globe via their “Private Browser”. This gives users peace of mind that they are completely secure when surfing the web. Private Browser is a completely free tool available to KeepSolid customers.


KeepSolid VPN Unlimited works via a sophisticated suite of technologies, such as utilizing the tunneling protocol. Tunneling breaks files down into smaller pieces, which are then sent as smaller fragments of data that cannot be accessed by hackers.  Additionally, they use “encapsulation” via an outer data packet layer which protects data from being identified or read.  All information sent over email, VoIP or cloud service is completely safe and unreachable when using KeepSolid VPN Unlimited.

Despite using the best technologies to provide the security and protection you need. KeepSolid will not slow down your device. They utilize superfast VPN servers around the world to ensure that you always get the best possible internet speed.

Business VPN

KeepSolid offers a Business VPN service for the whole team to use. So there is no longer the time-consuming requirement to individually manage each team member’s subscriptions. Their corporate account has numerous benefits and is super simple to set up. The KeepSolid Business VPN product offers unparalleled security and protection with a secure military-grade 256-bit encryption. If you want to give it a go, to see if the KeepSolid Business VPN is a fit for your organization, they offer a free trial.

You can access and manage your team’s business VPN service via one clean and simple control panel. The control panel has a very intuitive interface that allows you to manage every aspect of your team’s VPN service. Additionally, if you get stuck, you can contact admin directly via the Control Panel interface.

Furthermore, you can collaborate with your team members worldwide with KeepSolid Business VPN, offering a wide range of servers at many global locations. If you are looking to test international products or services or verify campaigns then KeepSolid offers their business users a Premium VPN server list. You can get personal servers that are exclusively for your business.

Business users are offered high-priority support from KeepSolid’s dedicated customer service team. Their support team is available 24/7 via email. Additionally, they provide prompt professional Live Chat and telephone support.

Other (Non-VPN) Products

Aside from their VPN products, KeepSolid offers a few other solutions such as KeepSolid Sign and Roadmap. KeepSolid Sign allows users to generate, create and store electronic signatures. Roadmap is a downloadable app that allows project managers to map out their plans and strategies to best get results.a


KeepSolid offers robust VPN services for both the business and also the individual user. They have gone the extra mile to ensure that you can use their services on multiple devices easily.

Additionally, KeepSolid offers a wide range of apps and portals to allow you to easily monitor your VPN across devices. Finally, the KeepSolid VPN works in the background so that you would never know it was there, ensuring optimal speed when surfing the web. KeepSolid offers worldwide VPN services to fit every situation.

While there are a lot of positives, I would not describe this as the best VPN on the market. For a premium service at an affordable price, consider ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

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