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Yeti Review and Interview (2022)

Yeti is a web design and graphic design company, founded and run by one talented individual. Not only does the consultancy owner undertake professional web design and development projects for businesses and individuals alike, but he has also crafted unique courses to teach customers the art of web deign and graphic design.

I was interested to learn more about Yeti and the founder, Martin, was kind enough to share some insights with me.

The Beginning of Yeti

Martin has built his impressive web design company all on his own, which is an amazing achievement. He told me more of Yeti’s beginnings; “I started freelancing as a graphic and web designer in the mid-nineties, while yeti.mx, which is my web consulting business, was established in 2008”.

Martin continued; “In the beginning, I was working part-time for some companies and in my spare time I was helping people who got in touch with me directly or via word-of-mouth recommendation. I got a lot of encouraging feedback and I thought that it was probably the right time to start building my online presence, so possible customers could find the information about my services using search engines or back-linking etc”.

It’s obvious to me that Martin has worked incredibly hard to establish his successful business which I find inspirational. He spoke further about his success; “My independent consulting business has been online for more than 10 years now and it has helped me reach many new customers with basically as little investment as the cost of the domain and hosting. Also, it is rewarding to see that I helped many people through my services. They learned how to code, use graphic software, WordPress or other technologies that let them create successful projects on their own”.

Yeti's Unique Approach to Customer Care

Martin goes above and beyond to accommodate all his customers. He explained what he considered to be his greatest achievement in terms of his business; “The main thing would be my focus on sharing knowledge and helping people to solve their web-related challenges. It seems that most web designers focus on creating new projects from scratch and while I am a web designer and I can develop a totally new website, nowadays I spend much more time helping people to fix their existing solutions.

One more thing that needs to be mentioned is that I am really passionate about learning foreign languages which allows me to develop multilingual websites that rank well in international search engines. I speak fluently English and Spanish and I have a working knowledge of several other European languages. I can read and write with various degrees of ease in French, German, Italian, Portuguese etc”.

A Comprehensive, Personalised Service

When you choose to hire Martin, you will get a unique, personalised service that’s tailored perfectly to your requirements. This is one huge benefit of working with an individual as opposed to a big company. It seems that this personalised approach has worked out very well for Martin!

Martin explained more about the many different ways he helps his customers with his tailored services; “Many of my customers don’t want to invest in a new website, but they need some updates or improvements like, for example, choosing and migrating to a new host, getting better rankings in search engines, revamping their imagery or having a photo session, implementing a new translation, installing some component etc.

Also, I can teach them how to use the necessary software if they decide to work on their websites by themselves. This is particularly useful for people who already have a limited knowledge of web technologies and need some help to get to the next level. For example, a graphic designer may want to learn coding in JavaScript to enhance websites that he creates or a business person may want to manage the SEO of his website on his own – this is where I can help my clients to develop their own custom solutions”.

Martin's Exceptional Skills

It’s evident that Martin has exceptional web development, web design and graphic skills. On his website, he talks you through exactly what makes a great website. He speaks about not only the design and functionality, but also programming, original graphic designs, and a website’s SEO positioning.

As you can imagine though, running such as successful business by yourself isn’t without its challenges. Martin spoke more of the challenges he faces; “You have to do pretty much everything by yourself and everyone has some stronger and weaker skills. I know people who create stunning visuals but struggle with coding or those who really master the technology but don’t have a very keen eye for, let’s say typography or color. For me, the biggest challenge lies in the commercial side of freelancing in Mexico. I really like learning new stuff, especially technology-related but, for example, analyzing contracts or keeping track of new rules for issuing invoices are not among my favorite things to do”.

Martin’s skills are further emphasised by his range of available courses, training and free resources. He offers one-on-one coaching where he shares his expertise and knowledge with his customers. There is something for beginners and experts alike, whether you simply need to refresh your skills or whether you want to learn one of his topics from scratch.

He even offers things like interview preparation for a web design or graphic design job. And, you can gain in-depth knowledge of how different technologies work.

Yeti's Plans For The Future

Martin is quite content with working on his own. He doesn’t feel the need to branch out. Although, he did tell me “I really like working on my own and I don’t think about expanding or turning into a company. But, I guess some kind of a partnership with a manager or someone who could take care of all the administrative issues would be beneficial for everyone, including the customers.

Also I am developing a few side projects, like writing books and other materials, which I am planning to incorporate into my personal consulting and workshops. So, in the long run, my website could turn into some sort of educational platform with more instructional content and consulting services delivered online rather than in person”.

Martin had a final message for our audience; “There are a lot of great consulting options online, but still there are people who prefer fully customizable, face-to-face interactions in Mexico City, which is what I offer. So, if you need to get something developed or you want to learn how to develop it by yourself or basically, if you need help with your digital project that requires a multilingual approach, get in touch via my website”.

Thank you so much to Martin for your in-depth answers to my questions and for this unique insight into your business.



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