Weebly Vs WordPress (There is ONE Clear Winner in 2022)

You’re probably wondering which is better between Weebly vs WordPress – if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve got a detailed comparison between Weebly and WordPress to show you who the clear winner is. They’re both very different companies, offering benefits in various areas, making it hard to choose.

When we do our comparisons, we try and test each service to ensure we get a good grasp of what’s on offer. We look at the ease of use, pricing, features, and templates, to ensure you choose the right website builder for your needs.

Note: When we talk about WordPress in this article, we’re referring to self-hosted WordPress.org as opposed to WordPress.com. If you’re unsure of what the difference is between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org, we’ve got some useful resources to explain the differences.

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What is Weebly?

Weebly is a website builder that prides itself on how beginner friendly it is. It’s been around for well over a decade and was recently aquired by multi million dollar company Square (not to be confused with Squarespace). 

Weebly allows newbies to create a website in a matter of minutes, as well as giving people the option to sell products online. Weebly has a free-for-life plan too, making it an affordable website builder.

What is WordPress?

WordPress.org is a self-hosted solution to WordPress. Once you’ve obtained your web hosting, WordPress puts the control in your hands, with thousands of themes and plugins to customize your website. 

WordPress is ideal for more advanced users looking to create any type of site, from eCommerce sites to blogs and portfolios. While it isn’t actually a website builder, it does have plenty of plugins that transforms it into an easy-to-use website builder with drag and drop functionality.

Weebly Vs WordPress (Ease of Use)

When you’re looking to build a website, ease of use is often a priority, especially for those that have never built a website before. What was once dominated by a market of web developers and web designers, creating a website has never been so easy.

Signing up to both Weebly and WordPress is easy, however, with Weebly, the solution is already there for you. With WordPress, you need to source your own web host (we have plenty of recommendations), whereas Weebly is ready to go straight out of the box.

Weebly is well known for how easy it is to use; it offers a drag and drop builder which means you can drag elements like text boxes and images anywhere onto your website. 

Both WordPress and Weebly offer templates (or themes), however, Weebly is ultimately easier to get started with. While WordPress offers more customization in the long run, if you’re looking for a solution that gets your website live the fastest, Weebly is the best option.

How To Setup WordPress

To setup your WordPress website, there are a few steps you need to take. While we’ve already established that Weebly is easier to get started with, we don’t think it’s fair to completely ignore WordPress. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the things you’ll need to get started with WordPress:

  • Domain – You’ll need to register a domain name through a domain name registrar like Namecheap. Alternatively, you could get a free domain name with your web hosting package if the web hosting provider offers this
  • Hosting – As WordPress.org is self-hosted, you need to source your own WordPress hosting. Our recommendation for the best WordPress host is Hostinger – hosting prices start from just $0.99 per month, with WordPress pre-installed and ready to go
  • Themes – When your WordPress site is intalled onto your host’s server, you’ll need to pick a theme to start with. WordPress has lots of free themes to choose from, or if you want something more unique, there are plenty of third-party companies like ThemeForest that sell WordPress themes

Ease of Use Winner - Weebly

Weebly is one of the easiest website builders we’ve used. You can sign up within seconds and get a website live in no time at all. Their drag and drop builder is very intuitive, allowing you to build a professional website with unique features like contact forms, maps, etc.

Weebly Vs WordPress (Pricing)

While both Weebly and WordPress (WordPress.org) has free pricing options, we’re not going to include those as the plans are very limited and won’t work for a professional website. Let’s start with Weebly’s pricing plans and take a look at what they offer.


Weebly’s pricing plans start from $6 per month. The Personal plan lets you connect a domain, offers 500MB storage, and includes a free SSL certificate. You’ll have access to their SEO tools and lead capture forms, but not much else. The Personal plan is great for beginners or small and personal websites, but if you want to sell online you’ll need to upgrade.

Weebly’s Professional plan includes the same benefits as the Personal plan but includes access to sell online, remove Weebly ads from your site, unlimited storage, and site search. You can accept payments on your website and access advanced site stats.

The Performance plan is where you get the most. You’ll get all of Weebly’s features, shipping and inventory management, as well as advanced eCommerce statistics. You’ll pay $26 per month but it’s worth the investment if you want everything.


WordPress is self-hosted and open-source which means it’s completely free. The only thing you’ll need to pay for is your own domain and website hosting. Thankfully, our recommended WordPress hosting provider offers plans from just $0.99 per month!

Hostinger offers managed WordPress hosting from $0.99 per month. However, to get the best value for money, we recommend signing up to their Premium Shared Hosting plan. Here you’ll get a free domain, plenty of hosting benefits including unlimited bandwidth, and free email accounts.

The only extra costs you’ll need to factor in with WordPress is if you want more customization on your website. While WordPress offers plenty of free themes, you can purchase developer-created themes from third-party websites like Themeforest which tend to range from $30-50+. 

There’s thousands of free plugins, but like WP themes, you can pay for premium plugins if you want more functionality. However, most of the best WP plugins like Yoast SEO are free and will add great benefit to your website.

Pricing Winner - WordPress

WordPress is by far the cheapest option in comparison to Weebly. Hosting can be purchased from as little as $0.99 per month, domains are easy and affordable to get hold of, and offer a quick way to get to your WP website. WordPress’ themes and plugins are also a lot cheaper than the apps on Weebly’s App Center.

Weebly Vs WordPress (Customization)

If you want to take your website beyonds the confines of your website builder or CMS, you’ll need to explore the customization options available. The main difference between Weebly vs WordPress is that WordPress is open-source, and Weebly isn’t.


While Weebly allows you to customize the design of your website, it doesn’t allow you to modify the functionality of your site past what features they offer. You can visit Weebly’s App Center though, which will give you access to apps you can install on your website, such as, maps, contact forms, etc.

It’s easy to install an app, many of which are free. However, when you look at the free options available, you’ll see that many of these are already included in other website builders like Wix. 

If you wanted to install a feature like “Spin to Win”, this will cost you $14.95 pe rmonth. Personally, I think that’s quite expensive, especially considering there are lots of social proof tools available on the internet that you can use either for free, or at a cheaper cost (and offer more functionality).


WordPress is pretty much an open book. You can do anything you like to your WP site, with access to thousands of plugins, you can add SEO tools for free, tables, maps, and even eCommerce functionality. Because WordPress is open-source it means developers can create plugins for you to use, and if you know how to, you could create a plugin too!

WordPress has thousands of free plugins that you can quickly install and activate on your website. Some of them include Premium versions of the plugin which you can choose to upgrade if you wish. However, in most cases, you can make do with the free versions easily enough.

Customization Winner - WordPress

WordPress has over 58,000 plugins and themes you can use to customize your site. Many powerful plugins like Yoast SEO and WooCommerce are free to use, allowing you almost endless posibilities when it comes to making your site unique. Weebly’s App Center is useful, but most of the good apps are expensive, and barely touch the surface in comparison to WordPress.

Weebly Vs WordPress (SEO)

SEO is important because it offers the ability for your website to be found on search engines, and can push your website to rank higher.

Unless your website is a personal blog or website that doesn’t require traffic, there’s no point in having a website without decent SEO. After all, your website is designed to attract visitors in order to convert sales.


Weebly’s website builder comes with built-in SEO tools and guidance on how to improve your website’s SEO. The tools are simple to use, but they won’t hold your hand through the whole process.

You’ll be able to edit your website’s meta title, description, and lots more. This will help to optimize your website so that you rank for the correct keywords and generate more traffic.


Although it’s a mixed subject, people say that WordPress’s base code is more SEO-friendly in comparison to Weebly. On top of this, WordPress is far more powerful, allowing you to achieve greater results in terms of SEO.

Plugins like Yoast SEO will not only allow you to update your website’s SEO details like meta title, description, alt tags, and so on, it also teaches you about SEO techniques, allowing you to improve your content to optimize your website.

SEO Winner - WordPress

WordPress is overall more powerful than Weebly, and this is seen with SEO too. There are thousands of plugins you can use to your advantage, so if you’re looking to optimize your website, WordPress is a definite winner in this area.

Weebly Vs WordPress - Which Should You Choose?

Both Weebly and WordPress are very different. It really depends on your needs as to which you choose, however, if you want a more powerful experience that will allow for your website to grow, I highly recommend WordPress for these reasons:

  • Plenty of plugins
  • Large selection of themes
  • Endless customization
  • Great SEO
  • Large WordPress community
Granted, there’s a steeper learning curve when it comes to WordPress, but it’s worth investing the time into it if you’re serious about your website.

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