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WebHostingPad Review and Interview (2022)

WebHostingPad takes care of all your website needs. The company offers a selection of powerful hosting options, a feature-rich website builder, and even the option of a free domain domain name. When you opt for WebHostingPad, you will benefit from the exceptional prices, as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Jason Newman, the founder of WebHostingPad, answered my interview questions about the hosting company so that I could bring you this review.

Filling A Gap In The Industry

Launched in 2005, WebHostingPad’s core aim has been to deliver affordable website hosting solutions to small businesses. The team has worked hard to provide excellent value for money. Jason explained more about the beginning of his company:

“WebHostingPad was first founded in 2005 by a team of hosting industry veterans who saw a growing need for more affordable web hosting options. Web hosting was a rapidly growing industry at the time, and options were limited, so I founded WebHostingPad with the intention of filling a gap in affordable website hosting aimed at small businesses and individuals. The company has been hosting small business websites and more ever since”.

A Great Hosting Provider

Jason has some very definitive ideas as to what makes a great hosting provider. Here’s what he told me:

“A great hosting provider easily meets industry standards for uptime, server speed, and technology without sacrificing quality or affordability. A great hosting provider offers great support, with competent technicians available 24/7 and customer service representatives willing to work with clients to meet their needs. A great hosting provider includes the features clients actually want, and structure plans around what clients need. A great hosting provider should continually meet and exceed a client’s needs and expectations, and provide quality service long-term to support our clients and their businesses”.

Jason has clearly given this a lot of thought and has successfully implemented these qualities into his company.

What Sets WebHostingPad Apart From Competitors?

The WebHostingPad team strives for individuality, purposefully setting itself apart from competitors. Jason explained some of the unique selling points of his hosting company:

“WebHostingPad is set apart by its affordable pricing for loyal customers and its quality customer support. Our regular pricing is 50% lower on average than our competition, and our plans are designed to support our clients and their business over the long-term, with enough customizable features and plan options to support growing businesses and help smooth over any changes in business model (such as the increased need for online shopping due to COVID) a small business may experience. Our support technicians are highly-trained and available 24/7 to help resolve any problems our clients have with their hosting, as well as provide recommendations, learning documentation, and preventative care that our opponents often overlook”.

Prioritising Its Customers

WebHostingPad customers will be pleased to learn that customer care is top of the company’s list of priorities. Jason told me all about his company’s customer care:

“WebHostingPad runs on a client-centric model of business, which means that our clients are our top priority. Our clients are the primary reason our business exists at all, so our goal as a business is to support our clients, and provide them with everything they need to make their website a success. We aim to meet the needs of our existing client base while remaining competitive in the industry to welcome new clients. Recently, we’ve been going through the process of upgrading all of our hosting servers with the latest technology at no cost to our clients, so we can provide a higher quality of service, faster speeds, and added security to our existing client base”.

Customers will benefit from the thorough and in-depth knowledgebase, brimming with useful articles and guides. The dedicated help centre also contains answers to some frequently asked questions, as well as details of how you can get in touch with the team. Enjoy rapid, 24/7 support from the experts who are “ready to help”.

Furthermore, there is a “Priority Support” option for just $39.95/year. Some benefits of this include:

  • Installing your CMS
  • Creating your database
  • One-on-one phone support
  • Priority tickets

Lots Of Excellent Reviews

WebHostingPad has enjoyed great success and has gained lots of positive reviews to prove it. Jason told me what he thinks has contributed to this:

“WebHostingPad tries to be adaptive. We consider each client’s issue individually, and try to work with our clients to reach a solution that works best for them. Even when issues tend to follow the same trends, as is the nature of technology, we understand that each clients’ experience and needs are different, and react accordingly. Our technicians are trained to be versatile and thorough, which results in less clarifying back-and-forth and a quicker solution for the individual client. Our solutions wind up being more personalized as a result, and our clients know that WebHostingPad will be there to back them up should the need arise. I think this has played a major role in keeping our clients happy and well provided for. (The no-cost server upgrades we’re performing probably help keep our clients happy, as well.)”

Solutions From WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad has loads to offer, from affordable shared web hosting solutions, to a free website builder and domain name. I’m going to take a look at what I consider to be some of the company’s most promising-looking solutions.

All-Inclusive Website Hosting

If you’re looking for powerful, yet cheap hosting, WebHostingPad’s all-inclusive website hosting plans may be among the best hosting solutions for your business. With prices beginning at just $1.99 per month, and a load of generous inclusions to boot, these plans have all you need to build and maintain your website or eCommerce store.

Choose from Power Plan and Power Plan Plus. Both plans feature a free domain name, a free SSL certificate, and access to the comprehensive website builder. Customers will also enjoy a range of free analytical tools, along with a professional email account and a scalable plan structure.

The Power Plan costs just $1.99 per month, while the Power Plan Plus costs only a little more at $2.99 per month. Both plans offer a 30 day money-back guarantee and are eCommerce and WordPress-ready.

Even though both plans have lots of inclusions, there are some key differences between the two. The Power Plan Plus is ideal for high amounts of traffic and has optimised server speeds to accommodate this. Furthermore, the plan includes:

  • Free advanced spam filter
  • SSH access
  • Priority technical support
  • Any size, 1-click automatic backups

As you can see, both plans offer exceptional value for money.

WordPress Hosting

WebHostingPad has hosting solutions specially-suited to WordPress websites. There are three different plans to choose from with prices beginning at $2.99 per month. There are lots of ‘unlimited’ aspects with these plans including hosting space, bandwidth, email accounts, MySQL databases, and domains.

WordPress hosting customers also receive premium backups, priority support, free WordPress transfers and malware scan and removal.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is ideal for customers needing something more powerful than shared hosting. As such, the prices for VPS plans reflect this and are more expensive than the former hosting types I discussed. They are, however, still great value for money. Take a look at the specs for the VPS hosting options available from WebHostingPad:

VPS Gold – For $19.95/month, customers will get 80GB disk space, 250GB bandwidth, and 2 dedicated IP addresses.

VPS Platinum – This plan costs $44.95/month and includes 200GB disk space, 1500GB bandwidth, and 3 dedicated IP addresses.

VPS Managed – Costing $84.95/per month, these servers are fully managed and include 300GB disk space and 3000GB bandwidth.

All VPS customers can send unlimited emails, host unlimited domains, and benefit from a free SSL certificate and firewall protection.

Concluding My Review Of WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad combines value for money with robust and powerful solutions. The aspect that really stands out to me is the low prices of each and every plan available, in particular the All-Inclusive Power Plan for $1.99/month.

I’ve also been impressed with the dedication the company has shown towards its customer support, and how it adapts to customer needs and feedback.

Lastly, a big thanks for Jason for thoroughly answering all my interview questions. I look forward to seeing what the future brings for your company.

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