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  • The Ultimate Guide to Load Testing Your Websites & Web Applications 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Load Testing Your Websites & Web Applications 2022

Want to load test your website to improve performance?

For over 20 years, Dotcom-Monitor has been helping companies monitor the performance and uptime of their websites, web applications, and APIs.  Over that time, Dotcom-Monitor realized that companies also desired a solution that could push the limits of all their web services, not only monitoring them.  From that understanding, LoadView was developed.

LoadView: Cloud-based Load Testing with Real Browsers

LoadView is a cloud-based load testing platform that allows organizations to load test all their web services – websites, web applications, and APIs – to uncover bottlenecks, points of failure, and performance gaps.  

Companies rely on their websites and networks to generate revenue, as well as support a diverse set of business operations.  Continuous load testing ensures any issues are addressed before they become major issues and the customer and user experience is always seamless. LoadView provides the following essential features and benefits, plus much more:

  • Real browser-based load testing (Android, Chrome, Internet Explorer, iOS, and more)
  • Script and test real user simulations with the EveryStep Web Recorder
  • Test compatibility on over 40 desktop/mobile devices and browsers
  • Verify performance under specific load conditions
  • Simulate and validate API calls/responses
  • Cloud network of 13+ global locations
EveryStep Web Recorder creating a point & click script to load test.

Enterprise Features in a Cloud Model

LoadView recently launched new load curve tests, Goal-based Curve and Dynamic Adjustable Curve.  Along with the powerful Load Step Curve, this gives LoadView users even more flexibility and customization when testing real-world scenarios.

  • Load Step Curve. Generates loads with a pre-determined number of concurrent users for specified time durations. This type of test is useful when checking to see if your website can handle a sudden increase in traffic, so you can be prepared for intense traffic periods, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  • Goal-Based Curve. This type of curve automatically adjusts concurrent users to reach a required rate of transactions per time interval.  Ideal for validating SLAs in production-like environments.
  • Dynamic Adjustable Curve. Manually adjust concurrent users, in real-time, while the test is running.  This type of test can be utilized to evaluate performance limits for capacity planning.
LoadView Goal-based, Dynamic Adjustable, & Load Step Curves.

Not Your Average Load Testing Platform

LoadView utilizes real browsers from a fully managed cloud network to spin up thousands of virtual users in just few clicks.  Whether you’re load testing a SaaS offering, a customer’s shopping cart path to purchase, or other critical web service, LoadView provides the power to test and observe actual performance of under load.


Dotcom-Monitor has previously been featured in our website monitoring tools review, and in our APM tools review.



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