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  • Typography Website Design Rules to Enhance a User Experience in 2022

Typography Website Design Rules to Enhance a User Experience in 2022

When it comes to ensuring proper user engagement and a positive experience within your digital platform, you must spend a significant amount of time uncovering the ideal typography. Gone are the days of selecting a “pretty” font. Now, with the advancement of digital platforms throughout the consumer and business industries, visitors now tie the appearance of your text with your overall brand and professionalism. You must select a typography that’s not only readable, but one that is an extension of your business and overall brand. Although this may seem overwhelming, there are several design rules you can follow which will assist in this ever-important selection process.

Rule #1 – Readability

The most important rule to follow when it comes to selecting a font for your website is its readability. While you may have your eye on a unique font design, if it’s not easily readable and supportive of users tendency to scan websites for information then you must continue your hunt. The most effective fonts are those that are scannable and don’t demand attention away from the message they display. Think of your fonts as the invisible force that attracts attention without distracting users from your actual words.

Rule #2 – White Space Between Lines

Another essential rule to elevating your user experience is to ensure you put ample white space between text lines. This is imperative for mobile users where white space is essential to support easy reading. Although there isn’t a standard rule when it comes to determining the amount of white space you should utilize, the general accepted formula is white space between lines to be 125% of the text size for desktop websites and 150% of text size for mobile websites. Also, don’t make paragraphs too long. This will significantly enhance over user readability.

Rule #3 – Use Rounded Fonts

One of the most effective ways to narrow down your options when it comes to selecting the font is to choose a font that is rounded. Fonts that feature hard angles and condensed sizes are very difficult to read. Therefore, you should select a font that features a wider, rounded design. Many believe that users prefer this font design as the large, rounded letters are reminiscent of their childhood when they were learning to write and read. Evidently, this aesthetic has stuck with many of us throughout adulthood.

Rule #4 – Bigger Is Sometimes Better

An excellent design tip regarding the actual size of the font is to always go bigger rather than smaller. In fact, many website design experts suggest utilizing a font that’s slightly larger than you’re comfortable with. Of course, the actual size of your font depends on the amount of content you’re using. Use variable font sizes to guide the eyes of users throughout your page and to highlight important elements, such as your Call to Action phrases.

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