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Top Website Credibility Factors for Building Trust | Web Design Tips (2022)

Perhaps one of the most important elements you must consider when designing your website is how to establish trust and website credibility. In order to truly succeed within the complex and competitive digital marketplace, you must be able to convince website visitors that your enterprise is trustworthy. While there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ways you can accomplish this goal, the foundation of trust is built upon your website design.

Website Credibility Factors

Even as design trends have altered and shifted throughout the past several years, there are four primary credibility factors that are universally important when it comes to establishing trust among your digital customers and visitors.

Factor #1 – Web Design Quality

Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to establishing trust with your digital customers is based within the quality of your website design. website credibilityYou must have a website that appears professional and legitimate before any of the other factors come into play. Did you know that you have an average of 3 seconds to bestow these feelings in website visitors? Because of this, you must first have a fast website host, and second have a website that’s appropriately organized and uses a visual design that is accepted by your target demographic. When accomplished, a well-designed website offers visitors instant perceived value, which will retain their attention and begin the process of establishing trust and credibility.

Factor #2 – Transparency

Within the digital realm, there are far more scams and schemes than legitimate businesses. Therefore, you must actively work to separate yourself from these other websites by engaging with clear, honest disclosure – also referred to as transparency. Website visitors highly appreciate sites that are direct and upfront regarding all information that pertains to the overall customer experience. Accomplishing this goal isn’t as difficult as it seems. Start by clearly displaying contact information while highlighting this with easy-to-find policies, such as return policies, base costs, refund policies and any guarantees regarding your product or service.

Factor #3 – Comprehensive and Accurate Content

In order to solidify trust and website credibility, all information within your website must be comprehensive and accurate. In many studies, digital consumers appreciate websites that offer them large amounts of relevant content as this clearly demonstrates the business is well-informed and is actually committed to providing consumers with helpful information. Giving customers accurate and comprehensive information free of charge will not only solidify you as an expert/authority within your field, but also as a trustworthy enterprise.

Factor #4 – Connected to Digital Communities

A website that’s disconnected from social media and other forms of online communities is a major red flag for the majority of consumers. In order to solidify your professionalism, authority and credibility, you must actively work to connect your website to similar/relevant digital communities. Failure to do so will ultimately result in a lack of trust between visitors and your organization.

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