Time4VPS Review (2023)

Founded in 2012, Time4VPS offers cheap and reliable VPS hosting solutions. Select from Linux, Windows, Container and Storage VPS options, all of which are scalable and easy to manage.

Valentinas Cirba, the owner of Time4VPS, took the time to speak with me about his company and answer my interview questions.

The Launch Of Time4VPS

Time4VPS is run by a team of highly-skilled professionals. With this in mind, Valentinas explained about the beginning of his company:

“Time4VPS was launched back in 2012, which means that Time4VPS is counting almost ten years of being in the VPS hosting industry. Time4VPS is part of a Lithuanian company named Interneto vizija that was founded in 2003. This company is a web hosting sector’s leader in Lithuania, and owns the most state-of-the-art data center in the Baltic region. Its professional staff with a strong technical background were ready to offer fast, top-quality VPS hosting services, so the expansion to international markets was a natural process for the biggest hosting provider”.

Customer Satisfaction

The Time4VPS team prioritise customer satisfaction with high levels of support. Valentinas told me about his company’s approach to customer care:

“Besides the technical datacenter care, customer satisfaction is a top priority for Time4VPS. Moreover, customers are the part of Time4VPS development team, it means that customers can influence the future projects, upgrades, improvements and other solutions. Time4VPS prides itself on bringing together a community where anyone can ask a question and get a competent answer from an IT professional, make an offer or request”.

Valentinas further explained about the community culture that helps Time4VPS and its customers thrive:

“Unlike most other brands (huge hosting companies) Time4VPS maintains a family-like culture where anyone can speak their mind. Besides that, when we meet our clients, we want them to feel welcome and valued.

For example, when a client requested a local IP address for a recent survey, Time4VPS got to work. It took us a while to implement this solution, however, now the customer has a fully functioning solution”.

Time4VPS's Greatest Strengths

Time4VPS has many positive aspects going for it. Specifically, its exceptionally high uptimes, conveniently scalable solutions, and its support team. Valentinas gave me his view on what sets Time4VPS apart from competitors:

“Surely, a professional IT team, own datacenter and strong support team are the greatest strengths of Time4VPS. With this background Time4VPS can offer resources on demand, scalable VPS solutions and service uptime 99.95% (SLA). Whether it’s requested or not,

Time4VPS is always focused on staying up to date on the latest security measures — after all, keeping client accounts safe and protected is a precursor to their overall satisfaction”.

As testimony to these claims, Time4VPS has an excellent rating on “Shopper Approved”. There are currently nearly 3,000 reviews of the company on the website, and more than 78% of these have rated it 5 stars. And, the Overall Satisfaction rating is an impressive 4.7/5.

Solutions From Time4VPS

Time4VPS has cloud-based servers to allow for scalable solutions at very reasonable costs. I asked Valentinas what the most popular solution is amongst his customers. Here’s what he told me:

“Time4VPS can offer a wide range of VPS hosting plans depending on the customer’s needs and resources. VPS scalability is definitely the strongest point of Time4VPS hosting, on the other hand, Container VPS is the most popular service amongst Time4VPS customers. It’s a cheap VPS hosting solution based on OpenVZ 7 virtualization that can offer the same quality and software installation possibilities as Linux VPS. Despite this, at this moment the champion in VPS hosting plans is the Linux 2 package.

However, I’d like to make the point that there are no winners and losers here as other services do not lack popularity: Storage VPS and Windows VPS are great options for true Windows lovers.”.

Taking a look at these solutions in more detail:

Linux VPS – At the time of writing, the cheapest Linux VPS solution is just 1.99 Euros per month when billed monthly. Billed annually, this plan costs just 19.99 Euros per year. The low-cost plan will get you 2GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 20GB storage and 2TB bandwidth. There are also optional backups available, should you want to include them.

Windows VPS – Windows VPS solutions are priced from 3.99 Euros per month. Billed annually however, the cheapest plan will cost only 39.99 Euros. This particular plan includes 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, 40GB storage and 2TB bandwidth. Like the Linux plans, you can choose to add backups.

Container VPS – As Valentinas explained, Container VPS plans are Time4VPS’s most popular solutions. They are very cheap hosting solutions, beginning at just 1.49 Euros per month or 14.99 Euros per year when billed annually. With this plan, customers will enjoy 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, 20GB storage, and 2TB bandwidth.

Storage VPS – If you’re looking for VPS storage services, these are the plans for you. Costing from just 1.49 Euros per month, Time4VPS describes these plans as “BIG DATA STORAGE” solutions. The cheapest plan available includes 0.5GB RAM, 256GB storage, and 2TB bandwidth.

Plans For The Future

I asked Valentinas what the company’s plans are for the future. He explained:

“Time4VPS is always on the development path and ready to offer the newest software and security solutions. Depending on client needs, Time4VPS is flexible to implement any new suggestions”.

Lastly, Valentinas wanted to share this:

“It is also important to mention that Time4VPS Hosting welcomes resellers. It’s a great possibility to make money by selling VPS services at reseller’s own pricing, without having to invest any capital upfront. For all additional information, you can get in touch with the company’s customer support service on Time4VPS website to further discuss how Time4VPS services can benefit your business!”

Thank you very much to Valentinas for speaking with me. It’s been a great experience learning all about Time4VPS and how they meet, and even exceed, customer expectations. I really like how the company encourages customers to get involved in the development of new solutions by taking customer feedback and suggestions onboard. 




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