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SupportHost Review and Interview (2022)

SupportHost offers an array of powerful hosting solutions. From exceptionally low-cost shared web hosting to robust and customisable dedicated servers, SupportHost caters to all. Furthermore, the company has a great range of specialised CMS hosting choices, including hosting for WordPress, Joomla and PrestaShop, among others.

I spoke to SupportHost’s founder, Ivan Messina, to explore the company and what they have to offer.

Meeting Client Demands

Ivan was initially a web designer and developer. However, many of his clients struggled to find hosting that didn’t slow down their newly-built websites. Ivan spoke more about SupportHost’s inception:

“Well, at the beginning our first business was designing and developing websites.

My clients were always satisfied but sometimes the services about the hosting plans that they chose were not so good. They told me that their websites were too slow and the assistance offered by the hosting agencies was not so good.

So I decided to satisfy my clients in all these services and decided to expand the business and offer my hosting to my clients.

Now, we have 10 years of experience and my business is growing very fast. I’m very happy to know that we improved the business experience of my clients, this is the best thing for me”.

Happy Customers Sharing Their Support

SupportHost’s customers have been more than happy to share their support and positive experiences by writing excellent customer reviews about the company. An overwhelming majority of reviews have rated SupportHost as an outstanding 5/5. Ivan gives his take on his company’s customer service:

“I think that writing reviews is a trusty act and my clients are good clients and kind people. At the same time, when I write a review for a company, I think that all the world must know about the high quality of their services. I believe it’s the same for my clients. Also, it’s a topic that regards the strength of a brand, when clients are proud to buy goods or to buy services, it is a great victory for the brand and also for the values that it conveys to clients. It’s something about pride and happiness”.

Security, Speed and Support

Ivan describes SupportHost’s three top priorities as being security, speed and support:

“Everything we do is done to improve all these 3 elements, consequently clients are proud and happy to write reviews and spread the word about our strengths. In other words, the satisfaction of my clients”.

Furthermore, Ivan told about about what he considers to be best aspects of his company:

“We have more than 10 years of experience and all the world can get our services at good prices and with a high level of assistance. When a potential client is interested in our services, they can have doubts because of the complexity of the topics but actually, our assistance is our first strength. We want their dreams to come true. We offer 30 days of guarantee. The service is super safe as every account is isolated from the others to have the whole control. The speed is excellent because we use the highest level of technology. This is very important to not lose traffic and conversions. Also, the uptime is excellent if not we can reward the money, and obviously the support, 24/7. We answer almost every ticket in the first 2 hours. Our clients can sleep well with us”.

Low-Cost Web Hosting

SupportHost has done an excellent job over the years at keeping costs low.

You can buy shared hosting from the bargain price of just $2.58/month, when billed triennially. This plan includes 2GB disk space, 20GB bandwidth, 1GB RAM and 3 MySQL databases.

If WordPress hosting is your preference, you can pay just $250 for three years of hosting, which works out at $6.94/month. This is the cheapest WordPress hosting plan available. It includes 10GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 2GB RAM, and unlimited MySQL databases.

SupportHost uses LiteSpeed and LSCache for its WordPress hosting, giving customers a 20-30% performance boost.

SupportHost is also a VPS hosting provider and plans are priced from from $13.02/month when billed triennially. This is a great hosting option for small and growing businesses in need of more powerful hosting. The cheapest plan includes 4GB RAM, 40GB SSD space, and 20TB monthly traffic allowance. Customers will also enjoy free backups and a 99.99% uptime.

All hosting types and plans are safe and secure, with 24.7 support.

Ivan's Goals For SupportHost

I asked Ivan what his plans and goals are for his company and I really liked his answer:

“It’s difficult to say what to improve when we talk about the high level of satisfaction of our clients. Also, we guarantee fully scalable services. But the number of reviews are potentially endless, so I hope to improve even more these numbers. It means clients are even more happy”.

Lastly, Ivan wanted to add this: “I want to thank you very much for this interview. It’s an opportunity to get to know people who could be interested in our company. I hope our values have been transmitted to people who dream of achieving their goals of growing the level of their company. See you for the next!”

Thank you so much to Ivan for answering my interview questions. SupportHost is an excellent company with low prices and exceptional customer care. I believe that SupportHost will continue to grow and help businesses achieve their goals!

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