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Steelkiwi Review and Interview (2022)

Steelkiwi is an innovative application development business that provides customised solutions. The full-stack American outsourcing company has two offices in Odesa and Vinnytsia, and has been providing web and mobile app development services for more than 10 years.

Viacheslav Ponomarov, the co-founder of Steelkiwi, reveals the story behind the company, discusses crucial aspects of the business, and shares the route to success.

The Beginning Of Steelkiwi

Viacheslav is an ambitious individual with impressive project management skills. He explained how these qualities attributed to the inception and the ongoing success of Steelkiwi:

“Steelkiwi’s story began in 2011, during a conversation. A future-to-be co-founder Anton Baterikov and I were discussing what we were doing for a living and how much we desired changes. Anton was a Python/Django developer and I was involved in project management, both just common workers. We discussed the most profitable businesses and concluded that software development is definitely on this list. However, businesses that search for digital solutions frequently require more than common coders can propose.

Both with an ambition to create our own approach, we united my project management knowledge with Anton’s technical skills, and started offering businesses the development and consultative services altogether. And we struck gold!”

A Versatile Company

Delivering end-to-end software solutions, Steelkiwi uses a variety of popular tools in its development processes. These include Slack, SCRUM, and Docker, to name just a few. With this in mind, I asked Viacheslav what Steelkiwi’s greatest strengths are. He gave me an interesting answer:

“Our company is versatile. We don’t just build, but also integrate and support the created software. In addition, we offer an entire product development approach and are involved in business ideas and marketing to a full extent. Our central goal is to design and develop complicated high-quality software for all of our clients. Thus, we are always ready to offer graphic design, quality assurance, business analysis, project management and marketing services to customers that require them”.

High Development Standards

Steelkiwi works on three specific workflow principles; controlling scope and budget, managing technology, and saving clients money on maintenance. It’s clear that the team has high development standards. And, Viacheslav explained how these standards are the aspect he is most proud of about his company:

“If I had to choose just one thing that I’m most proud of, I would say — our development standards. We constructed a system of internal standards and described them in detail to our employees who comply with them. It results in clear communication, everyone is on the same page and knows what the next step is going to be. Since the code is written according to the standards, it can be easily read and scaled, managers are able to manage projects much more efficiently, assign or reassign them to specific developers on request”.

Steelkiwi's Customer Service

Steelkiwi actively works on building real, human relationships with clients. Viacheslav believes this is an important aspect of a successful business. He told me how the company implements this approach and what it means for clients:

“Human relationship is one of our top priorities. Therefore, while hiring employees responsible for communication with the client, we proceed to onboard only those that share our views in this aspect. Even if your services are of top-notch quality, the human factor continues to play its part. We recognize our clients as real people and strive to build a meaningful relationship with them. This is why even after the project is completed and we are not collaborating any more, we continue to keep in touch”.

Clients or potential clients can meet with Steelkiwi’s team to discuss their projects at a number of locations including London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Kiev, and Dubai. If clients’ require a personal meeting, the team can discuss all the details and arrange one. They also make it quick and easy to get in touch via telephone, email or by filling in the online form. You can even request an NDA by simply checking the box on the form.

Trusted Tech Partners

I asked Viacheslav what Steelkiwi’s most popular service is. He told me:

“Clients most often contact us for development services. We become their trusted tech partners, advise them on various important factors such as the best technology options, and actively participate in the creation of their software. It is of crucial importance for us to be a genuine team with our customers, not just blindly follow instructions”.

Steelkiwi consider each project they work on to be unique. They have strict quality assurance steps in place to ensure everything is fully-ready for the market upon completion and delivery. These steps include performance-testing your website or application, ensuring its compatible across the required operating systems, and safeguarding your new product from breaches.

Steelkiwi's Plans For The Future

I asked Viacheslav about the future of Steelkiwi. He told about the company’s ultimate goals, as well as plans for the near future:

“Our plans are ever-changing because the industry itself is extremely dynamic. We do have fresh strategies up our sleeves, however, we don’t plan on growing into an enormous development company. Our wish is to remain a medium-sized organization with approximately 100 employees. This way we can best control the quality of our services while keeping our staff happy.

At the moment, we are quite interested in no-code/low-code development and would like to examine it more thoroughly, to help our clients enter the market with their MVP products even faster”.

Finally, thanks to Viacheslav for taking the time to answer my interview questions. I think that Steelkiwi is highly dynamic, innovative and thorough in its project development tasks. I’ve been impressed with both the level of customer service the company abides by and the strict quality control measures in place. The team have a strong focus on app and website usability, ensuring their creations are up to the highest standard. Good luck to the Steelkiwi team with future developments!

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