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SquareSpace vs Weebly (2022)

SquareSpace vs Weebly are both incredibly popular website builders. They are similar, yet different in many ways. We’ve signed up to both website builders to test their services, plans, features, and weigh up their pros and cons.

Understandably, these website builders market themselves in an entirely separate way. We’ve made it easy for you to decide which website builder is best for you by pitting them against each other in the ultimate website builder battle.

SquareSpace & Weebly Overview




Total Live Sites



Most Popular Country

United Kingdom

United States

Market Share



Founded In




Website builder with web hosting included

Website builder with web hosting included

Note: We test hundreds of website builders, web hosting companies, and other technologies to give you honest and accurate accounts of their services. Check out some of our website builder reviews below:

SquareSpace Vs Weebly: Ease of Use

Both website builders are designed for people with no coding experience, so are suitable for beginners. Advanced users can use their editors too, and in some cases inject their own HTML/CSS code into the designs. You’ll get free web hosting with both website builders and the ability to link a custom domain.




Ease of Use

SquareSpace is a simple website builder with lots of options that could overwhelm users at the beginning, but it’s easy to get to grips with

Weebly’s drag and drop website builder is incredibly easy to use and probably takes the crown for the simplest website builder


SquareSpace’s editor is slightly less intuitive than Wix but there are many features you can use

Weebly’s editor is easy to get to grips with, with no hidden text, buttons, or icons

Learning Curve

SquareSpace does have a steeper learning curve than some website builders but once you get to know the smaller details, it won’t be an issue

Weebly is great for beginners as you simply click elements you want on your template and drop them where you want them to be

WINNER: Weebly, because it is a simple drag and drop website builder that’s incredibly intuitive. SquareSpace is by no means difficult to use, but in comparison to Weebly it’s less intuitive and slightly harder to learn the basics.

SquareSpace Vs Weebly: Design

With SquareSpace and Weebly’s website builders, you can choose from plenty of templates and change your design whenever you like. Even once your website is live, you can switch templates, unlike Wix. Both website builders provide fully responsive templates and have templates to suit different website categories.




Number of Templates



Overall Quality

Excellent quality, professional templates

Good quality

Custom Code

On the Business plan or higher, you can add customer CSS

You can edit HTML/CSS


Extremely flexible, allowing each element to be customized

Very rigid, but good for beginners so templates can’t be messed up

WINNER: SquareSpace, because the templates are absolutely stunning, mobile-responsive, and there’s a wide choice. SquareSpace’s editor is very flexible so you can achieve the design you want, right down to fonts, colors, images, borders, etc.

SquareSpace Vs Weebly: eCommerce

If you want to setup an online store or sell products/services online, you’ll need decent eCommerce features to do so. Both SquareSpace and Weebly offer eCommerce features, and generally speaking, the more money you pay for your plan, the more eCommerce features you’ll get.




What Can You Sell

Digital and physical

Digital and physical

User Login


Not available

Tax Calculator

Yes (for US stores)


Payment Gateways

Stripe and PayPal

Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and Square

Item Management

Import and export .csv files as well as imports from Shopify, Etsy, and Big Cartel

Import and export .csv files

WINNER: SquareSpace, because they offer lots of eCommerce features and the ability to make an online store look great. Weebly isn’t really recommended for online stores as the features are limited, though it’s a good option for beginners who want to give it a try.

SquareSpace Vs Weebly: SEO

If you’ve never created a website before, you may not be familiar with SEO. A website builder that offers great SEO tools as well as guides is essential if you want your website to be found on search engines like Google. 




SEO Features



SEO Flexibility

Easy to edit SEO like meta titles, descriptions, etc.

Easy to edit SEO like meta titles, descriptions, etc.


Video guides and tutorials

Ultimate guide for SEO


Alt-text is called file name

Plugin required for H2, H3, H4, etc.

WINNER: Both, because they both offer great SEO tools and functionality. They also both include plenty of support for SEO as well as tutorials, guides, etc.

SquareSpace Vs Weebly: Blogging

Both website builders are powerful, offering extensive features, as well as blogging. Blogs tend to come as standard with most website builders, and some even offer iOS and Android apps so you can create and manage blogs on the go.





Similar to the standard editor, easy to add posts, and offers AMP support for mobile

Very simple


Very good

Very good




WINNER: SquareSpace, because they have more features available for blogging, as well as pro features that can extend the functionality of your blog much further.

SquareSpace Vs Weebly: Support

For beginners, support is really important. It can make the difference between getting a website live or not. Support is included in both of SquareSpace and Weebly’s plans, but it’s important to establish the differences between what’s on offer.





FAQ, Email, Chat

FAQ, Email, Chat, and Telephone


Knowledgebase and forum

Knowledgebase and forum


Regular workshops and webinars

Beginners guide

WINNER: SquareSpace, because their overall support service is better, more friendly, and they have more ways in which you can learn their platform.

SquareSpace Vs Weebly: Pricing

Both SquareSpace and Weebly can be tried without entering any credit card information. Weebly offers a free plan and SquareSpace offers a free 14-day trial. Remember, when signing up to a website builder, it’s often cheaper to commit to an annual plan than it is monthly.




Free Plan



Website Plans

Two plans available starting from $12 per month, all include a free custom domain and SSL certificate

Personal plan starts at $6 per month and allows you to connect a custom domain, but the Professional plan includes a free domain starting at $12 per month

eCommerce Plans

Two plans available starting from $26 per month with no transaction fees

eCommerce features are included in all plans, but the specific eCommerce plan allows you to integrate eCommerce tools and starts from $26 per month

WINNER: Weebly, because they are cheaper than SquareSpace in most areas, and they offer a free plan. A free plan always has limitations, but it offers an extensive period of time where you can try the website builder without incurring any fees.

Who Wins?

If you were to ask me which website builder is best for beginners, I’d say Weebly. However, SquareSpace has many advantages over Weebly, if you can get past the small learning curve it comes with.

Both website builders have their pros and cons, so here are my recommendations:

  • Beginners: Weebly offers a free plan, is incredibly easy to use, and offers the basics to get you started
  • Bloggers: SquareSpace has plenty of blogging features that are really powerful
  • eCommerce: SquareSpace’s eCommerce plans are very comprehensive and don’t charge transaction fees
  • Portfolios: Again, SquareSpace is the winner here because their templates are absolutely stunning
Weebly is great as a starting point, but they don’t regularly receive any updates, and before long it could get stuck in the past. SquareSpace is probably the safest and most future-proof option, focusing on updates, features, and great templates.



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