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SkySilk Review and Interview (2022)

SkySilk has several products and services to meet your business needs. From dependable cloud hosting, managed services, to database and e-commerce creation, SkySilk is a comprehensive company that specialises in cloud solutions.

Sarah Anarna, the company’s Creative Strategist, offered me her co-operation so that I could write this review. Stay tuned until the end to get a very special, exclusive discount!

The Start Of SkySilk

The team behind SkySilk have an abundance of technical knowledge and know-how. As such, before creating the company, they were able to recognise where they could make the biggest impact in the industry.

Sarah explained “SkySilk was founded in 2015 and was created by a team of IT & Virtualization professionals. After noticing a rise in requests for virtualization hardware from our existing customers, we decided it would be advantageous to offer our own cloud platform. Thus, SkySilk was born!”

Top-Notch and Thorough Support

SkySilk has an array of support options. For one, it has an extensive list of tutorials and guides to save you time (and headaches) when you’re working with different products and solutions. From changing your VPS password on Linux, to configuring SFTP on Ubuntu 18.04, the team goes to great lengths to teach you how to manage your chosen solutions yourself.

There is also a special discord community where you can ask the SkySilk experts any technical questions and read answers to questions other customers have asked. Additionally, you can submit a ticket for any questions or queries you may have.

SkySilk is very much a community-focused company. It has a unique loyalty programme whereby you can earn loyalty points. These are called “SkyPoints”.

Sarah spoke in-depth about the company’s high level of customer care; “SkySilk stands out from our competitors in our ability to genuinely engage and interact with our customers, not only for support, but as a community. We have 24/7 customer support available for machine-specific tickets and also interact and build relationships with our users on discord. Because we are community-driven, we are able to get a sense of what our users want and deliver appropriately with them in mind”.

Sarah continued; “One of our popular and differentiating features is SkyPoints, our reward program. You can earn SkyPoints with every transaction and make your VPS work for you. You can redeem for a VISA gift card (Starbucks, Amazon, Playstation Store, and more) or donate your points to the organization of your choice such as Girls Who Code, Habitat for Humanity, and more!”

After learning about SkySilk’s SkyPoints, I can conclude that it’s a fantastic programme that enables users to get much more out of their services.

SkySilk's Huge Range of Products

SkySilk has many, many products available for a wide range of platforms and systems.

Sarah told me about SkySilk’s most popular product among its customers; “Our most popular product is the Ubuntu 18.04 VPS, in Standard, Nano. However, our highest selling point is our customer service, with a well-rounded community available to answer questions on discord”.

Ubuntu VPS Hosting

SkySilk’s Ubuntu VPS hosting plans begin at $2.00 per month. Plans are described as “Simple and transparent” and you can be set up and ready to go in just one click!

SkySilk has Standard and Premium VPS hosting plans featured on its website. You can see the table below to compare the options:


Standard Plan

Premium Plan








Triple Replicated SSD

Optimised NVMe Storage


1X Cashback

10X Cashback


From $5/Month

From $10/Month

*Other hardware options are available

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a widely popular CMS due to its flexibility, functionality, and ease of use. Opting for SkySilk’s WordPress hosting will give you access to thousands of free plugins and a huge selection of free themes. You can also create an ecommerce store with relative ease, making it perfect for both newbies and professionals alike.

Some Additional Server Hosting Options

As mentioned earlier, SkySilk has lots of servers available. These include:

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Node JS
  • OpenVPN
  • ShadowSocks
  • Fedora
  • Plus many more

SkySilk’s standard and premium plans are available in Intel Xeon while the premium plans are also available in AMD EPYC. You can configure your hardware to match the right amount of storage, bandwidth, data transfer for your current needs. All Premium Hosting plans have unlimited transfer. These are all scalable with exceptionally fast deployment.

It seems that SkySilk really has worked hard to meet each individual’s needs as much as possible.

SkySilk is Looking to The Future

SkySilk has big and ambitious plans for global expansion. Sarah explained more about what the company aims to achieve; “We plan for SkySilk to be a major leader in Cloud Hosting, Virtualization Management, and Enterprise-level Data Security. We have plans to expand globally to be able to better provide coverage to international users”.

Lastly, here’s that very special offer I spoke of at the beginning of this review. 

New users can sign up for SkySilk now and get 25% off for the next 60 days using the promo code: hostingninja

Thank you so much to Sarah and the rest of the SkySilk team. It’s been fantastic learning more about your company and your services.

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