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Serverion Review and Interview (2022)

Established in 2015, Serverion is a hosting company that offers a good variety of hosting and server options. With free SSL certificates, regular back-ups, and 24/7 support, Serverion has an abundance of available solutions, all at very reasonable costs.

Desmond Van Der Winden, the founder of Serverion, kindly agreed to an interview to shed some light on the company.

Why Did Desmond Decide to Build Serverion?

Serverion was founded in 2015, although the team’s technical experience goes back years. Desmond explained; “Serverion was established in 2015, however before Serverion the owners were on the hosting scene since 1997 and have lots of experience. We decided to build a no-nonsense company where you can easily rent dedicated servers for low prices but with the maximum level of personal support”.

Serverion's Customer Support

Desmond explained that Serverion aims for maximum personal support. Naturally, I wanted to find out how the company accomplishes this. I discovered that Serverion has a plethora of communication channels available, including its live chat feature that prompts site visitors to ask for help if they need it.

Beyond that, you can get in touch via Skype, telephone, email, social media, Whatsapp, SMS, Slack and even Telegram! Desmond spoke more about Serverion’s level of communication with their customers; “The main key feature of Serverion is personal support by Slack, Whatsapp, Skype, Email and phone. We know all of our customers one by one and no one is a number”.

Serverion also has many notable satisfied customers including Dominos, BNN, Cloud Wise, Companda, and Eneco, to name just a few.

Services From Serverion

Serverion has lots of web hosting and server options to choose from and they are all very reasonably-priced. Desmond told me of what he considers to be the company’s greatest achievement to date; “The greatest achievement is growing from several simple shared hosting plans to a complete worldwide network located in 32 datacenters, all funded by our own money and running thousands of servers worldwide”.

With this in mind, I’m going to go through some of Serverion’s best-looking web hosting services:

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is always a popular option for start-ups and small businesses alike. It’s normally very low-cost and Serverion’s shared hosting plans are no exception.

There are four shared hosting plans to choose from, ranging from 2.50 Euros per month, to 15 Euros per month. Take a look at the table below to compare the cheapest plan with the most expensive.





Price (Euros)

Small Plan





Extra Large Plan





In addition, every plan is inclusive of unlimited email accounts, SSL certificates, antivirus software and antispam software. There are also no set-up fees and activation is instantaneous.

SEO Hosting

If you’re looking for a SEO boost, Serverion’s SEO hosting solutions may be for you. These are obviously more expensive than their shared hosting plans, but they’re still excellent value for money.

Prices begin at 25 Euros per month and this plan has a choice of 5 different server locations; Amsterdam, New York, Perth, Hong Kong and Cape Town. This plan will get you 5GB disk space, 5 X 20GB traffic, and unlimited hosted websites. And, just like with Serverion’s shared hosting plans, you will receive free SSL certificates, unlimited email accounts, antivirus and antispam.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a widely-used CMS so it makes sense that a good hosting provider would offer hosting that is optimised for WordPress. The Serverion team offer one-click installation and fully support you with your WordPress site and (most) plugins.

The pricing structure for Serverion’s WP hosting plans is exactly the same as with their shared hosting, beginning at 2.50 Euros per month. One key feature of these specialised WP plans is that there is a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%! These plans are also scalable, making them ideal for growing businesses.

VPS Hosting

Serverion offers two kinds of VPS hosting; Basic and Pro. The comapny has 36 server locations available worldwide, and prices begin from as little as 10.00 Euros per month. With a large selection of memory, disk spaces, and bandwidths available, as well as a multitude of optional add-ons, Serverion has covered all bases and ensured there is the perfect plan for everyone.

The hosting company enables you to personalise your VPS with extra bandwidth, disk space, traffic allowance and CPU cores. This helps customers get – and only pay for – exactly what they need. They also offer backups and licences for the likes of cPanel, HostFact and Plesk, among others.

Domain Registration

Domain registration with Serverion is quick and easy. They have loads of extensions to choose from, from the widely-used .com and .co.uk, to the lesser known .design and .coach. Domain prices vary greatly, depending on your chosen extension, and they are billed annually. A .me extension, for example, will cost you just 5 Euros per year, while a .hosting extension will set you back 350.00 Euros per year.

Nevertheless, there’s no denying the huge choice available with options to suit every budget.

Severion's Future

Serverion is aiming for continual growth to ultimately become a huge force in the hosting industry. Desmond Explained “The ultimate goal is to serve more and more people and achieve the biggest market share as possible. Serverion is focusing on growth and supplying good and fast services for everyone”.

Thank you so much to Desmond for taking the time to speak with me. I wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals!

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