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Server Wala Review and Interview (2022)

Server Wala offers a variety of server solutions with servers located across the globe. They serve a multitude of industries including Gaming, E-Commerce, Big Data, SaaS, and start-ups to name just a few.

I sought out Akshay Saini, Server Wala’s founder, to learn more about the world-renowned company and what it has to offer.

The Start of Server Wala

Building Server Wala has been a great learning curve for Akshay. He explained to me where it all began; “Server Wala is an offshoring and well-renowned web hosting industry established in 2012. It is the best that offers multiple hosting solutions for website hosting and a one-stop solution for the enterprises that wish for large scale and long-term businesses”.

He continued “When I was a student, I worked in different fields. The most exciting thing to work in various areas that I had learned was how a business could be started and grown with time. I started observing each and everything and their work-driven approach. With all these jobs, I built up a strong knowledge in the IT field and learned many things about servers; how to configure a server, how to optimize a website with the best server, how to manage and handle the server on broad bandwidth, and much more.

To be very frank, in the beginning, everything seemed exciting and interesting and was just for fun. But with the passing of time, suddenly it came to mind that I should also start my own business. So I started with a small online firm and later on  I could handle my work with my job. It was quite complicated for me to handle both at the same time. I had made lots of mistakes in the initial stage, but I’ve learned a lot too. So my experience with the Server Wala organization began in 2020.

In my last company, I worked very hard but sometimes made mistakes. The worst feeling of being an employee is that you have to quietly listen to everything and can’t explain or answer in favour of yourself. I had always hated being told and directed, especially when my boss/manager was wrong, in my opinion.

That’s the point where I finally decided not to work anywhere for any company except for my own firm. At that moment, I ran a small firm that was in a stable condition, so focused on that and left everything for it like my job”.

The Challenges Akshay Has Faced

Building a business from the ground up is a challenging and lengthy process. I asked Akshay what challenges he’s faced being the founder of Server Wala and he gave me a very detailed answer:
“Well, establishing your own business is itself a big challenge. But that’s not enough. Let’s talk about my own firm. In building my business, I had faced lots of problems that I am going to tell you about one by one. They are:

It is obvious and genuine that you need money to make an investment in your business. Money is the Key factor that hit me hard. Whether I tell you about delaying in roll-out products or hiring staff or fitting out new offices.

Neglecting marketing and sales
When I started my business, I was ignored by most organizations because I was a startup. People usually prefer not to buy servers for their business from a startup. So it made me disappointed but I didn’t lose my hope and had the patience that helped me to foothold my business in the market.

Lack of planning
I faced issues in planning because it’s quite complicated to decide from where to start and what to manage from successfully establishing the company to run it in the right direction.

Finding the right people
A company runs and grows with the base co-founders and a dedicated team. So it was complicated for me to find the right people who were willing and as devoted to my firm as I was.

Time management
I was not able to properly manage the time for doing my business. At the initial stages, I messed up everything, but now it is quite interesting to handle everything from my hands.

Scaling up
It is stressful and complicated to scale up your business with passing time or business growth, such as hiring more staff or spaces, or searching for a new office.

Unwillingness to push yourself beyond the comfort zone
It seems like the owners and co-founders have the answers to all questions, but it is not true. I had to push myself beyond all my comfort zones to build my dream business.

Initially, when I started my business, I had to compete with the list of competitors that already stood in the market. So it took lots of effort and hard work to build my business with high traffic.

Lack of mentors
You can’t be perfect in every field, just like that, I was also not ideal. Mentors can better guide and assist. But at that time, I had only enough market experience and knowledge.

Poor management
Obviously, as an initial business startup, I didn’t have any experience in marketing and management therefore, it was extremely stressful and painful to suffer from poor management”.

Thank you Akshay for this honest and in-depth answer. I think many startups can learn from this and actively address these issues to enable success.

Taking a Look at Server Wala's Services

Server Wala has lots of server choices available across many locations. Akshay spoke about the company’s vast number of data centers; “When i talk about Server Wala, the greatest achievement is when it crosses its annual turnover and well-established its data centers in more than 25+ countries, including Japan, Singapore, England, USA, Asia, and many more”.

What’s more, Server Wala is an authorised cPanel partner which is good news for customers!

VPS Hosting - London Server

Server Wala’s VPS plans begin at $16.00 per month for their “Bronze” plan. Their most expensive plan is their “Platinum” plan which costs $80.00 per month. If you decide you’d like to commit to 3 month, 6 month, or annual payments, you can save up to 40% on your costs.

Take a look at this table to compare Server Wala’s VPS plans:





Golden +


CPU Core












SSD Storage


















Additionally, all VPS plans guarantee a 99.9% uptime and come with 100GB DDoS protection and 1IP.

You can also opt for Windows VPS managed servers which cost from $30.00 per month. For this price you’ll get 2GB RAM, unmetered bandwidth, and 40GB SSD storage.

Dedicated Servers

Server Wala uses the latest Dell server technology for their dedicated servers to bring their customers a fast and powerful hosting experience. You will receive a dedicated IP address and enjoy business-grade SSD storage.

The Server Wala team encourage those interested in their dedicated servers to contact them to discuss their requirements. Simply fill out the form on their website and a knowledgeable sales rep will be in touch that very same day.

Cloud Hosting

Server Wala has a number of cloud hosting options at very reasonable costs. One big advantage of cloud hosting is that it’s highly-scalable, allowing for sharp increases and decreases in traffic, without slowing down website performance.
Set-up is instantaneous and customers will receive free unmanaged support from the skilled Server Wala team. 

For $42.00 per year you can have 5 hosted websites, access to an easy-to-use website builder, 8GB RAM and 100GB SSD storage.

How Does Server Wala Stand Out From Competitors?

The Server Wala team work hard to set themselves apart from their competitors. Akshay explained some of the things they do to stand out from the crowd:

1. Offer reliable and flexible services with perks of add-on resources like a complimentary service.
2. Sell services that are designed and personalized to accomplish users’ demands.
3. Always serve the updated and latest services.
4. Server Wala provides world-class quality services to their clients.
5. Give services that are profitable, not only for business, but for the clients also.
6. Make our services more exciting and give ultimate offers and discounts. So, customers can enjoy the product or service.
7. Provide up-to-date services with endless accessibility.
8. Offer top-class benefits without interruptions and inconvenience.

Server Wala's Ambitions

Server Wala has set out a list of goals for the future. Akshay explained “Well, everyone sets their goals for their future, for life, for far-reaching business success, and much more. Just like that, I also have ultimate big goals for Server Wala such as:

  • To keep Server Wala at the Highest Point of Success.
  • To explore Server Wala Services across the globe.
  • To make Server Wala a #1 Web Hosting Provider.
  • To make millions of regular customers.
  • To Keep all the clients, 100% Satisfied with Server Wala.
  • To make the highest annual turnovers.
  • Generate unbeatable sales in the market”.

Thank you so much Akshay for taking time out of your day to speak with me. It’s clear that you are incredibly passionate about your business and I think that shows in Server Wala’s services and your customer care!



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