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PSafe Review and Interview (2022)

PSafe is a comprehensive, security-focused app provider that is well-trusted by millions of mobile internet users. The company provides a variety of apps such as dfndr security, dfndr vpn, and dfndr performance, to name a few.

Marco DeMello, PSafe’s CEO and co-founder, was good enough to answer my interview questions for this review of his company.

A Well-Established Company

The PSafe team has worked hard over the years, both with developing apps and solutions as well as successfully expanding their business. Marco told me all about the beginning of PSafe and how it has grown since its inception:

“PSafe got its start in the cybersecurity market in Brazil with a solution for personal computers. And, in 2014, we pivoted the business to focus on mobile devices. Explosive growth in Android smartphone use in Brazil gave us the impetus to devote more attention to mobile. The Brazil app market is largely a free app market, so I reached out to two business partners, Benjamin Myers and Ram Rao, to help design a full-featured, free app, supported by advertising. We delivered a great free product to users and they have continually supported us, viewing ads in the app.

We expanded to the USA as our second primary market — there was a great opportunity to grow as Android smartphone quality continuously improved, and so many more people began using them in the USA. This also gave us the opportunity to provide “premium” features for a paid subscription, since the USA is more accustomed to paying for apps.

PSafe has evolved to distinguish itself as the leading cybersecurity company in Latin America, with more than 300 million downloads of its dfndr apps, and we continue to grow our share of security in the US market.

We’ve also launched iOS versions of Apps to help protect Apple / iPhone users.

Our latest expansion of PSafe has been into the B2B SaaS market in Brazil, with a data leak prevention (DLP) and endpoint protection (EDR) product: dfndr enterprise, focused on the needs of small and medium businesses. It offers self-service, auto-remediation, and ease of use. SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) face the same issues as large companies with data leaks and ransomware but, they generally can’t afford dedicated teams to implement and run more complex solutions. By leveraging our learnings from the consumer space, we’ve been able to develop a full-featured SaaS product to address the lower-touch needs of SMEs in Brazil”.

Anticipating and Preventing Cyber Attacks

PSafe offers an invaluable solution; keeping you safe and secure online. Their best-seller is dfndr security. Marco explained more:

“Currently, the company has more than 200MM of its main app, dfndr security, which is our complete mobile solution against scams, fake websites, identity theft, Wi-Fi theft and digital viruses. dfndr security protects users in real time and it has continued to have strong adoption and usage rates. We expect it to be our product leader for the foreseeable future”.

Marco went on to tell me how the security app works:

“The core of our ability is knowing and anticipating the kinds of hacks and malware that are circulating in the digital community and constantly arming (or re-arming) our users with appropriate defences. So, we have an “always on” research effort and an accompanying engineering effort that, together, assures that new threats are always accounted-for. Of course we also do more traditional consumer research to see what customers need and value from us — to see how we can improve usability or develop new solutions.

But our everyday work, our “special calling” you might say, is anticipating hacker attacks. This requires vigilance: but it’s more than just watching. It’s a dynamic challenge that involves a lot of study and use of some very sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning. We’re always looking for new technologies and solutions to stay two steps ahead of cybercriminals”.

The dfndr security app is available for free on the Google Play store. The free version includes lots of features like anti-hacking, automatic anti-virus, battery saver and App Lock.

But, if you’d prefer to go ad-free and enjoy extra features like anti-theft protection, WhatsApp hacking alerts and unlimited checks of leaked logins and passwords, you can upgrade to the Pro or Ultra plan.

Impressive User Reviews

PSafe has an outstanding number of positive reviews across all its apps. I asked Marco how his company has achieved this and what it does to ensure users are happy. Here’s what he told me:

“Our main app, dfndr security, has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store. And I think that’s because of the customer research I mentioned and our knack for keeping our focus on the capabilities and services that really help them. We help them do big, overarching stuff like avoiding leaks of their personal or professional data — and we also can get laser focused on specific issues, like phishing attacks, and WhatsApp cloning, for just two examples. But most importantly, we’re dedicated to listening and improving based on what we hear. That’s the real secret sauce!”.

Simple Yet Innovative Solutions

One of the great things about PSafe’s apps is that they are all so simple to download and use. Marco explained what sets his company apart from competitors, as well as what is at the top of his list of priorities when it comes to his business:

“Well, beyond being responsive, I think we also excel with simplicity. And you get that simplicity by doing all the engineering the right way from the bottom up, right? PSafe focused on high quality, on the safety and performance of our technology, and we invested heavily in our infrastructure. That enables us to give users a very seamless and clean user experience: we alert and block digital threats automatically, so our users are completely protected, with very minimal effort or hassle”.

Marco continued:

“We know we need to continuously innovate through the dfndr product line, which now offers a complete suite of data security and privacy protections for individual users. In 2020, PSafe expanded its business strategy by entering the B2B Brazilian market with the launch of dfndr enterprise, a complete security solution against enterprise breaches. Those breaches have been on the rise, so this will continue to be an area of emphasis for us, and it’s another “front” for our vigilance, and for our engineering and product development teams. …For 2021, we absolutely plan to continue enriching the protection offered with dfndr enterprise”.

What Does The Future Look Like For PSafe?

“Well, we know hackers will be keeping us busy both on the individual and enterprise fronts, so there is certainly an unflagging will on the part of our team to stay the course and help our customers live their digital lives without interruption, intrusions, or loss. “dfndr” is an appropriate term for what we’re all about: we see it — like anyone who is entrusted to defend one’s home, business, town, or country — as a kind of sacred trust. We also feel very strongly about our research with customers, and being led by their needs. We believe the need for security and privacy is fundamental, and that our digital “footprints” are going to continue to expand: so we’re bullish, very much so, on our core business and the value we offer. If there’s any “pivot” in our future, we’ll only be taking it if it helps us knock out a threat and protect our customers even better!”

Last, but not least, a big thanks to Marco for answering my interview questions so thoroughly. It’s been a great learning experience and I think PSafe is doing a fantastic job at keeping smartphone users and companies safe and secure.



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