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  • Why Page Fold Is Invaluable in Website Design in 2022

Why Page Fold Is Invaluable in Website Design in 2022

There’s a disturbing trend when it comes to modern website design. Far too many website administrators and designers are foregoing one of the most traditional and invaluable elements – the page fold. Although the use of responsive website designs and unique elements, such as container-style cards, have changed the game in terms of the visual styling of websites, the page fold remains one of the most important elements when it comes to assisting visitors in their navigation throughout your site.

Screen Size and Website Design

Screen sizes are constantly altering. Therefore, design principles are shifting to respond to these unique sizes. In the past, websites were designed to fit a constant size. However, with the explosion of mobile and tablet users, the game has literally changed when it comes to how a webpage is displayed and created.

Borrowed from print-newspaper industry, above the fold refers to what is visible on a webpage before a user begins to scroll. Although the location of the fold can differ based on what device the website is displayed on, the information found above the fold is invaluable. According to several leading research studies, website visitors will only scroll down a page if the information found above the fold is intriguing and applicable for them.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by designers is establishing an above the fold design and content that encourages users to scroll. A fundamental fact is that webpages must tell a story that’s intriguing and interesting for a target demographic. Users must be encouraged to scroll down. There are many ways you can accomplish this goal. The first is through a visually intriguing website design. The type of visuals you implement on your above the fold container can work to actually navigate the users eyes down. However, this isn’t enough.

In order to truly beckon users to scroll down, you must engage them with compelling content. This doesn’t mean throwing paragraphs in their face. Rather, less is more when it comes to above the fold copywriting. You must strive to intrigue visitors by instantly distilling a sense of worth and value within your website. While this can be tricky in only a few words, it’s not impossible. If a user fails to see the information you’re presenting has any value, they’ll stop scrolling and will likely exit your site. Therefore, you must create a reason for a user to scroll down from your homepage. Above all else, you must remain aware of the fold and how you can utilize this essential marketing tool to your advantage.

Above all else, it is important to have a proper web hosting plan to ensure your site is working properly and loads fast enough to keep your visitors scrolling past the fold.

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