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OneNet Servers Review and Interview (2022)

OneNet Servers is an IaaS provider aimed at helping you to “Build your brand online”. They offer a range of services such as cloud solutions, cPanel hosting, and cyber security. The company serves lots of industries including eCommerce, Big Data, Gaming, and Start-Ups, and assist in growing and scaling sustainable businesses.

The founder of OneNet Servers, Akinola Muyiwa, was kind enough to provide more information about his company and the products and services on offer.

Back to OneNet Servers' Inception

Akinola initially started his company in 2015, treating it as more of a hobby than a business. He explained; “I’d started the company back in my final year at the university. This was as far back as 2015. It was more of a hobby then. Thereafter, I noticed there was a demand for web hosting services. So, I took it seriously in 2017. More so, this was further driven by my desire to help businesses become visible online. This desire has translated into one of our core values which is to help businesses automate at the cheapest cost with an amazing experience”.

Akinola went into further detail; “When I decided to take the company seriously, I had one goal: to build a platform that helps 10,000 SMEs across Nigeria and Africa to be visible online and give them a global competitive edge. I plan to achieve this by 2023. Also, there is a distrust for Nigeria-based web hosting companies. So, I challenged myself to have a company that positively shifts this distrust amongst Nigerians”.

How The Company Helps SMEs

As OneNet Servers has such as strong focus on SMEs, I was curious to find out exactly what the company has done for them. Akinola told me; “For some months now we’ve been running a series of events. These events were organized to help meet the needs of SMEs and developers who seek to grow their business and accelerate their careers. These events mean a lot to us because they not only tie into our values but also serve as a platform for young entrepreneurs and developers to be the best of themselves.

Over the years, we’ve learned, adapted, and kept innovating our business using competitors as a launchpad. This has helped us offer better customer service and offer hosting services that meet the needs of customers in the various market segments”.

Akinola continued; “Initially, we had issues with customers believing that we offer one of the best web hosting services. Afterwards, these customers have become loyal customers, some spanning to over 2 years and referring others to us”.

There are some excellent customer reviews displayed on the company’s website describing them as awesome, excellent, and superb! Additionally, OneNet Servers has an invaluable knowledge base where they thoroughly explain a number of topics that their customers may find tricky.

Looking At OneNet Servers' Best-Selling Solutions

Although OneNet Servers has plenty to offer customers in terms of online solutions, a couple of services outperform all the others. Akinola described what these are; “Our CPanel hosting plans offer one of the best shared hosting experiences for SMEs. In addition to this, our cloud solutions and website security services provide a tool-box kind of experience for enterprise customers”.

With that in mind, let’s dig a little deeper into OneNet Servers’ best-sellers:

cPanel Hosting

OneNet Servers has 6 different cPanel shared hosting plans available for customers to choose from, each one inclusive of Webmail, Python, NodeJS and 1-Click App Installer.

The company accommodates for all requirements in terms of web space, bandwidth, and budget. Their lowest-priced plan, for example, costs N450 per month which equates to less than £1.00! For this low price you can host up to 2 websites, receive 2GB SSD storage, 10GB bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts. As a bonus, you will also get a free domain name.

OneNet Servers’ most expensive plan costs N3750 per month, which is currently around £7.64. This plan offers incredible value for money. Enjoy unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, and up to 5 websites hosted.

Cloud Solutions

OneNet Servers has loads of powerful cloud-based solutions to choose from including Cloud Storage and Backup, High-Frequency Cloud, and Dedicated Cloud.

Cloud Backup – You can purchase cloud backup for as little as $4.43 per month which allows for 10GB web disk space. You will receive daily backups as well as file change monitoring, both essential inclusions in a cloud backup plan.

At the other end of the scale, OneNet Servers’ premium backup plan costs $12.98 per month, which allows for 50GB web disk space.

Dedicated Cloud – OneNet Servers’ dedicated cloud servers are fully flexible for your convenience. They also enable you to automise your infrastructure, saving you considerable time and effort.

These plans are priced from $75.58 per month.

With this particular plan, you will get:

  • 8GB RAM
  • 2 Core processors
  • 120GB storage
  • 10TB bandwidth

Web Security

These days, web security is crucial for businesses to protect themselves as well as their customers and site visitors. OneNet Servers offers a comprehensive and innovative 6 layer stacked security solution costing from just $5.31 per month.

Its intelligent solutions focus on both attack prevention and attack solutions, ensuring complete peace of mind amongst its customers.
Your site will be scanned for threats on a daily basis and you will benefit from site monitoring 2 X per month.

OneNet Servers' Ultimate Goals

Like any great business, OneNet Servers is working towards a few ultimate goals. Akinola explained what these are; “My goal is to provide online visibility and automation to our customers. It’s to help these business embraces all that technology has to offer through digitalization. So, at the core of us being an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, what drives us is the success of our customers.

So, if you’re a business owner, do reach out to our team via hello@onenetservers.net for more information on how we’re doing this.

Happiness comes standard with OneNet Servers”.

Lastly, Akinola had one final piece of information to share; “We’re currently running a program for businesses who’ve been affected by COVID-19. We started by working with schools to build websites for affected schools and we are working closely with Dynamiss Consultancy to provide an LMS environment for them alongside”.

This sounds like a fantastic project to be involved in! Thank you Akinola for answering my questions and sharing your story with me.



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