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NFOrce Review and Interview (2022)

NFOrce offers a wide range of server and hosting solutions. There is something available for businesses of all sizes, from shared hosting to VPS hosting and colocation. There is even an option to build your own server, with your own exact requirements.

Wanting to learn more about the internet services provider, I interviewed Dave Bakvis, to ask him a few questions.

It Began As A Hobby

NFOrce has changed ownership during the 17 years since its inception. Dave spoke about how the previous owner of the company started out and how it has expanded:

“All credits of the start of NFOrce go to the old owner. What started as a 1 man small IT hobby, has grown within 17 years to a real company.

At the moment we are housing a few thousand servers in different DC’s (and expanding), it always remains a challenge in keeping customers satisfied”.

NFOrce Takes Care Of Customers

Dave had loads to say about NFOrce’s customer care. I asked him how he rates his company’s customer service and how he makes sure all his customers are happy. Here’s what he told me:

“We do not believe in a ‘set it and forget it’ system. Our clients are our top priority, this is why we invest quite a lot in our employees and their knowledge.

We are always striving to improve and take the time to understand the diversity of our clients and their needs and requirements. Support is one of the most important, maybe the most important element in our business, as this is where we differentiate from others. We have even started with small teams “on premise” in our Data center, which improves the chance of acting quicker.

In case an engineer is not available during office hours (because they travel between DC’s) we always have a hotline where emergencies can be pointed out”.

Dave continued:

“Our service and support given on the A-branded hardware and reliable network are our strengths.

Offering more than just a product, but continuing and accompanying our customers with 24/7 support afterwards is probably one of the strongest points”.

5-Star Reviews

One of the impressive things I noticed about NFOrce is its excellent 5-star customer reviews. Many customers reviewing the company spoke very highly of the support they received and the professionalism of the staff. There are also reviews referencing the high-quality hardware and network performance.

Naturally, Dave is very proud of NFOrce’s achievements. He explained the aspects of the company he is most proud of:

“Treating customers as Customers, a very good team and a very good balance between our employees all make it easier at the end for our customers in different areas.

We offer technical support with hands-on access to the servers of customers whenever they need help. We do not sell stories, we sell reality. On the same level is our top-notch Infrastructure. We as NFOrce believe the default should be of high quality. We have worked towards this goal for a very long time. Rest assured, we will continue to do so and we will not stop here”.

Services From NFOrce

As mentioned at the beginning, NFOrce has many services available, including multiple types of hosting. But, I wanted to know what services were the most popular amongst NFOrce customers. Dave told me:

“Our core business is focused on dedicated servers, co-location and support on our “top-notch network”. 

Let’s have a look at some of NFOrce’s solutions in more detail:

Dedicated Servers

When you enter the “Dedicated Servers” page on the NFOrce website, you will be faced with three options; Server Builder, Unmetered Servers, and Express Delivery.

With the Server Builder, you can completely personalise your chosen dedicated server. Choose your from the chassis options, network options, and configuration options, to name a few. Prices vary greatly, depending on your selections.

Unmetered Server plans begin at 225 Euros per month. This will get you 16GB memory, unmetered bandwidth and 480GB SSD storage.

With the Express Delivery option, your server will be deployed within 60 minutes.

All servers are easy to manage and customers get a free choice of operating systems. Furthermore, dedicated servers are both flexible and scalable.


Colocation solutions begin at just 39 Euros per month for a single rack unit. A full rack, on the other hand, costs 913 Euros per month. Colocation plans can be configured to your specifications. Choose the rack space, power port and outgoing bandwidth, among other configuration options.

Shared Web Hosting

If you’re looking for the best low-cost web hosting, NFOrce’s shared hosting solutions may be for you. Prices begin at just 2 Euros per month, which is a bargain. For this low price, you will receive 2.5GB storage, 50GB bandwidth and 10 subdomains.

At the other end of the spectrum, for 8 Euros per month, is the Direct Admin Linux Gold plan. This plan offers 10GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth, 50 MySQL databases and 500 subdomains. With this plan, you can host up to 50 websites.

The Future Of NFOrce

Finally, I asked Dave if the NFOrce team has any plans for the company that he is able to share with us. He told me:

“It is a continuous world of changes therefore, we keep exploring the possibilities of Hardware and network-based opportunities. Since also our customers’ demands are changing, we have to change with them.

We focus on the positive potential of connectivity and technology. It’s where we innovate and help to empower our customers to make the most of the digital world. This is why investments in a consistent state-of-the-art network architecture are made by NFOrce. New IPT’s will be added and existing ones there will be an expansion. On Hardware, sure there will be additions to keep up to the questions our customers might have.

Everything in our “digital world” and real world keeps changing. Think of altering Data-centers to improve a more rock solid solution for our customer and better prepared for the near future.

Some things which might change with NFOrce in 2022 are;

– Hardware (newer servers, different servers)

– Our product portfolio, which can be better suited to our current customer base but also to attract new customers

– Our Network will for sure improve with newer hardware, Transit providers, better agreements, so all will benefit from this

– Our staff will be expanded to make room for better support”.

This all sounds very positive and exciting, and I wish Dave and his team the best of luck moving forward. It’s been a great experience learning about NFOrce and all it has to offer. Thank you to Dave for taking the time to speak with me.