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Nektony Review and Interview (2022)

Nektony specialise in Mac applications. It has a range of essential tools and apps for making life easier and more efficient for Mac users. The company helps with tasks such as optimising your device’s performance and thoroughly clearing storage space.

I was lucky enough to grab an interview with Yuriy Varbanets from Nektony, to discover more about the company and its solutions.

Back To The Beginning Of Nektony

Founded in 2011 by two Mac pros, Nektony has had an impressive 10 million downloads over the years across its 15 fantastic apps. Yuriy  told me about the beginning of Nektony and the very first application that the they built:

Nektony company was founded by Serge Savenko and Yuriy Varbanets in 2011. Serge and I are experienced Mac users. We knew that lots of people have issues with full disk space on their Mac computers, but we actually faced this issue ourselves. Most users don’t understand what takes up space on their Macs and don’t even know how to check it. Serge and I wanted to help Mac users figure it out, because we realized that doing it manually is rather difficult and time-consuming.

So the idea – to create an application that will help to clean your computer of unnecessary large files – was born. This is how a program for analyzing disk space, called Disk Inspector, appeared. The app was released in 2011. Disk Inspector analyzes the disk and graphically shows what is on your hard drive. This allows you to find the largest files, as well as see which files have not been opened for a long time and, perhaps, have not been used at all. Disk Inspector is an older version of our current application Disk Space Analyzer.

Finding and deleting unnecessary service files manually is a long, inconvenient and unsafe process, especially if the user does not understand why the service files are needed and how they are used by the system. Therefore, we create applications that automatically find these files and delete them safely. The goal of all our apps is to free up your Mac from all the junk files in an easy and efficient way, making your computer run faster.

In the same way, some other applications appeared, such as Duplicate File Finder for finding duplicates or Funter for finding hidden files that Spotlight (the standard search engine in macOS) does not find by default”.

The Team Behind Nektony

Nektony actively encourages teamwork. In fact, Yuriy  considers the team behind Nektony to be the company’s greatest strength. He told me:

“The main strength of the Nektony company is the team. Each employee is interested in achieving a joint goal and tries to bring maximum benefit to the company.

Human values ​​are very important to us. When choosing workers, we first look at soft-skills, at the coincidence of common values, and only then at professional skills. First of all, it is important for us that a person’s worldview coincides with ours. Thus, the atmosphere of teamwork is as comfortable as possible for all employees.

We organize team trips, collective quests, and various corporate parties outside the city. The company gladly encourages employees to develop, learn, and cover training costs”.

Nektony Is a Problem-Solver

The team at Nektony works hard to solve problems for their customers. Yuriy Varbanets explained how this is the one aspect he is most proud of:

“We are most proud of the fact that we came up with solutions to many user problems in one single application. Our MacCleaner Pro software helps you solve several problems of speeding up and cleaning your Mac at once.

All Nektony applications are aimed at solving specific user tasks that previously existed separately only. However, over time, we realized that it was necessary to create something like a universal computer cleaning package. This is how MacCleaner Pro was created, which is a set of all Nektony’s cleaning apps. Users can purchase all of these apps at a bargain price to them. By purchasing MacCleaner Pro, the user gets all of our other Mac cleaning utilities. The program allows you to clean up and speed up your Mac, in addition to its basic options, it contains many additional tools for a more detailed disk analysis and deep cleaning”.

Fantastic Customer Support

Nektony has lots of stellar reviews on the Mac app store, praising both the products and the customer support. The company has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, which is excellent. I asked Yuriy for his take on Nektony’s level of customer support. Here’s what he told me:

“At the beginning of the work, all efforts were focused on application development, Serge and I had to do a lot of work. After a while as we received more feedback, we realized how important it is to communicate with users and help them personally in resolving their issues. 

Personal responses on support letters helped to understand which problems users face daily. Remarkably, if there are any difficulties which cannot be fixed by email, developers provide a remote session for the user. As a result, technical  bugs have started to be fixed faster, applications are improved with new options that users asked for. As a result, the number of new users increased. Users highly appreciate our service and support, and we are glad to help them.

For most non-standard technical questions from users, Serge and I prefer to answer on our own. This allows us to better understand the user and constantly improve the products. One of the main principles of work in the company now is to solve the problem of users and provide a quick response”.

Popular Apps From Nektony

Netony has 15 handy apps to choose from. Whether you’re in search of a professional tool to speed up your device, something which effortlessly removes duplicate files, or an application that helps you safely uninstall programmes on your Mac, Nektony has much to offer its customers. But, naturally, I wanted to know which apps were the most popular. Yuriy detailed the favourite apps amongst customers:

“The most popular Nektony apps among our users are Mac cleaning apps:

App Cleaner & Uninstaller – allows you to completely uninstall applications on your Mac quickly and safely. The program automatically finds service files of each application, and even those files that remained after incorrect uninstallation of programs that were removed by simply dragging and dropping them into the Trash. Also, App Cleaner & Uninstaller allows you to enable or disable annoying startup applications and extensions, which open when you start up your Mac.

Duplicate File Finder – helps you find any type of duplicate: documents, audio, video, photos, duplicate folders and remove unnecessary ones. The program even finds similar photos, allowing you to choose the best in a series of almost identical photos and quickly delete unnecessary copies. Unique feature of the program is the ability to get your Mac organized by  showing similar folders and allowing you to merge them quickly.

MacCleaner Pro is a set of programs for cleaning and speeding up your Mac computer. In general mode, MacCleaner Pro offers a number of quick and safe options to quickly clean up useless junk files such as cache, logs, mail attachments, language files, screenshots and other system files, as well as a number of options to improve the speed of your Mac. The program also has an Expert mode for those users who have a good understanding of how the macOS system works. MacCleaner Pro can launch more specialized applications for more detailed and deep disk cleaning, for example, for removing duplicates, uninstalling applications, managing hidden files and setting automatic cleaning of RAM”.

Updates In The Making

Nektony prides itself on its continuous improvement and development of products. Yuriy Varbanets told me about an update the team are working on at the moment:

“Currently, the company is working on a big MacCleaner Pro update. New version will bring improvements in user experience by easing navigation and adding modern design elements. That will allow users to interact more with the applications. We strive to increase the number of our users by improving our applications, developing the company and conquering new markets”.

Lastly, a big thank you to Yuriy for taking the time to speak with me. Nektony offers a range of fantastic products which Mac-users will find invaluable. The company has an excellent reputation for creating brilliant applications and providing a high level of customer support.

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