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Media Review and Interview (2022)

2020Media is a UK company that provides reliable, fast and secure hosting. Founded all the way back in 1999, 2020Media is based in London and proudly encourages prospective customers to “Buy British”.

Keen to learn more about the patriotic hosting company, I caught up with one of 20202Media’s founders, Rex Wickham, to ask him a few questions.

The Beginning Of 2020Media

2020Media has a long history in the industry. Rex told me all about his company’s inception:

“2020Media was founded in March 1999 and initially offered web hosting on shared servers and domain registration. We initially specialised in Java and Oracle hosting but over time expanded into all kinds of hosting – Linux and Windows as well as email and domains.

Over time we became a RIPE member and accredited domain registrar, and became a true ISP with multihomed upstream contracts, our own space in datacentres and so on. Our offices have always been based in London and so has our datacentre equipment”.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

2020Media prioritise their customers to ensure they’re happy. You will find testimonials on their website from customers, some of whom have been with the company for 10+ years. Rex told me about 2020Media’s level of customer care:

“100% Happy Customers – That’s our goal, every day, every time we help a customer. We’re proactive about making sure our customer’s services are working the best way they can”.

Rex continued:

“Our utmost priority is solving our customers’ problems – going the extra mile every time. We’re growing fast but we’ll keep our feet firmly on the ground as so many other hosting companies switch from providing first service to turning a fast buck. That’s not what we see in future”.

Enjoying Organic Growth

2020Media is a debt-free company that has worked hard since its inception to grow organically. Rex considers these points to be key aspects that sets his company apart from competitors. Rex explained more about this and how 2020Media stands out from the crowd:

“Mainly there are two types of web hosting companies – enormous conglomerates leveraged with debt that only care about growing new signups because it makes their shareholders happy, and one-man-band “hosting” companies who are actually resellers of the first type. 2020Media is neither – we’ve grown organically with no debt, and we own our own network, with a high level of technical expertise. We care about our customers – they are our priority, and they are what makes 2020Media successful over the past 20 years”.

Services From 2020Media

2020Media has a range of solutions available. Customers will find many different types of hosting to suit all requirements and budgets. Let’s take a look at some of the hosting options from 2020Media:

Shared Hosting

A convenient and affordable hosting option for small businesses and startups, shared hosting is priced from just £4.99 per month. The three fully-managed plans; StartUp, Everyday, and Business Pro, all include SEO tools, round the clock support, free email accounts and web stats.

Furthermore, customers will benefit from security features like DDoS protection, Firewall, and malware scanning, to name a few.

The cheapest hosting option is ideal for websites with up to 10K monthly visitors. The middle plan, priced at £9.99 per month, is perfect for sites with up to 25K visitors. And lastly the most expensive plan, Business Pro costing £29.99 per month, can accommodate around 400K visitors per month.

Cloud Hosting

2020Media offers high-performance cloud hosting from £20 per month. Cloud hosting plans are flexible and scalable, making them fantastic for growing businesses. Customers don’t need any technical knowledge to get the most from these plans because everything is configured for them.

The most popular option, which is perfect for a single site, costs £40 per month. This includes 40GB HDD storage, 1024MB dedicated RAM, and 2 CPU cores.

Additionally, all plans include daily backups, full root access, 24/7 support and web stats.

Managed WordPress Hosting

2020Media offers WordPress-optimised hosting solutions. WordPress hosting customers will get access to a range of excellent features including, but not limited to:

  • 70+ premium themes
  • Automated daily backups
  • SSL certificate
  • Automated malware scanning
  • Detailed analytics
  • Static file caching

Prices for WordPress hosting begin at just £8.95 per month for the Personal plan. Beyond this, there is the Professional plan for £39.99 per month and the Business plan for £79.99 per month. There is also the “Custom” plan available for much larger sites and businesses.

More Hosting Services In The Pipeline

2020Media plans on adding even more hosting solutions to its already extensive range. Rex explained:

“We are looking to offer a wider choice of web hosting services through a number of different brands so we can offer something suitable for all budgets”.

Lastly, thank you to Rex for taking the time to answer my interview questions. I think that 2020Media is a great UK hosting company with thorough customer support and robust and dependable hosting solutions.

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