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Liquid Web Review (2023)

To maintain an online presence, businesses must secure a robust web hosting service with a trustworthy reputation. Liquid Web is one of the big players in the hosting market, offering a range of cloud hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS hosting services. 

Of course, an excellent and high-performance service like this does come with a price. However, in exchange, you’ll be receiving enterprise-class service that suits larger businesses.

Due to their lack of shared hosting, smaller businesses and individuals may prefer an alternative hosting provider such as SiteGround or Bluehost.

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Liquid Web has been serving its customers for more than 22 years. With over 45,000 customers across the world, they believe in offering dedicated customer support that coincides with their excellent hosting services.

They are one of the few hosting providers that offer HIPAA-compliant web hosting for the healthcare industry. Although they aren’t the go-to host for smaller websites, larger websites can rely on Liquid Web to offer an outstanding service with over 10 data centers across the globe.

HIPAA Compliant Web Hosting

HIPAA requires businesses that deal with electronic health information (ePHI) to comply with strict requirements. Liquid Web’s managed dedicated, VPS, and cloud hosting services meet HIPAA guidelines and are HITECH certified.

Liquid Web provides the following features to secure your healthcare data:

  • 24/7/365 On-Site Support
  • Wholly owned Core Data Centers
  • Fully Managed Servers
  • Locked Server Cabinets Included
  • High Availability Infrastructure
  • Hardware Firewall Included
  • Data Encryption At-Rest Available
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Available
  • High Availability Infrastructure
  • Extensive Administrative, Physical & Administrative Safeguards
As well as offering multiple hosting types that are HIPAA-compliant, Liquid Web also has pre-configured HIPAA packages that are ideal for HIPAA hosting.

Data Center Security

To comply with HIPAA regulations, Liquid Web has made sure that its data centers meet certain security requirements.

Minimize Risk of Loss and Theft

  • 24/7/365 Manned Facility
  • Closed Circuit TV Security Cameras
  • Monitored 24/7/365 by 3rd Party Security Company
  • Site Entrance Controlled by Electronic Perimeter Access Card System

Minimize Risk of Damage

  • High Security Facilities
  • Data Centers Privately Owned and Operated
  • Durable, Poured Concrete External Walls
  • Disaster Neutral Geographic Locations

Advanced Fire Prevention

  • Dry Pipe Preaction, Double Interlock System
  • NFPA 13 Compliant

Security Zones

  • Office Space Separate from Data Center Space
  • Advanced Proximity Credentials Required to Access Data Center
  • All Employees Receive Full Background Check
  • Key Locked Physical Server Rack Enclosures Available
  • Component Level Redundancy Available for Hard Drives
  • Hot and Cold Spare On-site Servers Available

Entry System

  • Exterior Entrances Secured by Mantraps with Interlocking Doors
  • Access to the Data Center Space Requires Secure Credentials

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

  • Multiple N+1 MPS Generators
  • Multiple Fuel Contracts Ensure Fuel Availability for Generators
  • Multiple N+1 UPS Systems with 30 Minute Minimum Runtime.
  • Server Chassis Feature Redundant Power Supplies (Available)
  • Server Chassis Have A/B Power Configurations (Available)
  • Redundant ASCO Closed Transition Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches
  • Capability to Provide Tier-4 Power
  • Four 10 Megawatt Feeds Available
  • Diverse Paths from Substation
  • 2N Power Available

Security Features

Your website’s data is incredibly important, and so is your customer’s data. Liquid Web backs up your data with Acronis Cyber Backup. It’s a fully managed solution for Linux and Windows dedicated servers.

The customizable solution allows you to capture your entire system or specific files. These are saved to an external storage system or to the cloud. Files can be recovered in case of a catastrophic event.

Customers will have full access to the Acronis interface, allowing you complete control of your data. You can set up schedules, backup details, and restore files without needing to contact Liquid Web.

  • Continuous Backups
  • Incremental Snapshots
  • Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery
  • High Performance, Low System Impact
  • cPanel Administration Plugin
  • MySQL Database Plugin
  • Disk Safe Data Encryption Available
On top of this, Liquid Web has developed an in-house solution called ServerSecure. It’s an option for all dedicated servers and ensures the most efficient use of your servers. 
  • Brute Force Detection and Evasion
  • Apache DOS Prevention/Protection
  • E-Mail Virus Filtering
You can also upgrade to ServerSecure Plus which boasts the following features:
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • SSH/cPanel/FTP Hardening
  • Webserver & PHP Hardening
  • Monthly Nessus® Vulnerability Scans
  • DDOS Attack Protection/Mitigation
  • Detect and Block Emerging Application-Layer DDoS Attacks
  • Deploy a Turnkey Solution to Stop Threats
  • Accelerate Responses to DDoS Attacks
  • Prevent Illegitimate Botnet Communications
  • Leverage Real-time Security Intelligence
  • Mitigate Volumetric Attacks
  • Block Illegitimate traffic from Costing you Money in Bandwidth Charges

Liquid Web Pricing

With their extensive range of products, Liquid Web offers excellent services that do come at a cost. Of course, if you want the best on the market, you’ll need to pay the price.

Dedicated Servers

You can rent a dedicated server from Liquid Web for $169 per month. Their Intel Xeon 1230v6 dedicated server comes with 4 cores @ 3.9GHz, 16GB RAM, 2x 240GB SSDs, 1x 1TB HDD, 5TB bandwidth, 250GB Acronis Cyber backups, and cPanel included for free.

With Liquid Web, you get the choice of renting a server for a 12-month term, 6-month term, or on a monthly basis.

Cloud Servers

Liquid Web’s cloud servers are designed for high-demand and high-traffic websites. They are built to scale and are fully managed, hence the price for cloud hosting. Their cloud servers start from $265 per month and include the following features:

  • Launch in Minutes
  • 10Gb Public/Private Network
  • Powerful API
  • Integrated Firewall
  • High I/O Redundant Storage
  • Acronis Backups Included
  • Built on OpenStack Technology

Single Server HIPAA Hosting

Liquid Web’s Single Server HIPAA hosting starts at $344 for Linux and $384 for Windows hosting. They offer a single dedicated server with CISCO firewall which is fully managed by their team. All of their HIPAA hosting plans include threat stack oversight intrusion detection.

VPS Hosting

If you’re in search of something a little less powerful, Liquid Web’s VPS hosting plans start at just $15 per month for a 2 vCPU server. This comes with 40GB SSD, 10TB bandwidth, and the option of a Linux or Windows server.

Heroic Customer Support

With enterprise-grade services, you would come to expect the same with customer support. Thankfully, Liquid Web doesn’t disappoint, offering some of the best customer service agents in the hosting world.

You can contact Liquid Web by telephone for immediate support, via support ticket in under 30 minutes, and live chat with a turnaround time of less than 1 minute.

Their friendly representatives are on-hand to offer guidance and support. While I don’t think you’ll need to cancel your service with Liquid Web, if you did want to, there’s no money-back guarantee in place. Cloud servers are refunded on a pro-rata basis, with most other services being non-refundable.

Expert Web Hosting

Without a doubt, Liquid Web is one of the most powerful web hosts around. They offer multiple hosting packages to suit a variety of businesses, including high-powered dedicated servers, HIPAA-compliant hosting, cloud services, and VPS hosting.

Their web hosting services come with killer specs but they do come at a price. With the exclusion of shared hosting services, Liquid Web does offer VPS hosting at an affordable cost, ideal for those who want more control over their hosting platform.

If you’re looking for a high-powered solution for your business, it’s hard to find anything more straightforward and as efficient as Liquid Web.



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