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JVM Host Review and Interview (2023)

JVM Host is a hosting company that specialises in hosting Java applications like JSP, servlets, and Servlet containers. They offer packages for shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers, all with different features and prices.

Alan Zabron, the founder of JVM Host, was kind enough to answer the questions that I had about his company.

When and Why Was JVM Host Established?

Alan lost his job in 2010 and this became the driving force behind him building his own company. He told me “We started in 2010 after a Java hosting company we were working for was sold to an investor. We were left without our jobs and it was a natural decision to continue our work but now under own brand and with improved ability to drive it our way”.

Even though entering the market and building a strong customer base has been a challenge, Alan and his team have successfully distinguished JVM Host as a reputable and reliable company that’s recognisable across the globe.

JVM Host's Customer Service

JVM Host has a strong focus on customer support. You will find many helpful articles and tutorials to guide you on your hosting journey. They also offer lots of ways to reach out to them for real human support such as live chat, a telephone number, and ticket submission.

The team provide clear explanations of their products and services, and go into great detail about what Java hosting is and why you might need it. If that’s not enough, you will find handy downloadable guides and information for further explanations and guidance.

JVM Host have proudly displayed client testimonials on their homepage. Alan told me “I think we created a good combination of product quality, support quality, affordability and flexibility. Thanks to this, clients frequently decide to stay with us for a long time rather than look for another provider”.

With a technical topic like JVM hosting, it’s essential to have all the information you can get your hands on so that you can make an informed decision. JVM Host have loads of resources to educate their audience. And, if there’s anything you’re not clear on, they have provided plenty of ways of getting in touch with someone knowledgeable to help.

JVM Host's Best-Selling Server

JVM’s best-selling hosting plans are those with a Tomcat server. You will find these among their shared hosting plans and prices begin at $7.95 per month. Alan went into more depth about the Tomcat “Our number one seller is Tomcat. It is a very popular Java application server and we have integrated our custom Java Control Panel into cPanel and DirectAdmin hosting control panels to further facilitate Java-related management tasks”.

Choose from Tomcat, Tomcat Plus, Tomcat Premium, and Tomcat Enterprise. Here are some features of JVM Host’s cheapest plan:

  • 128MB Heap memory
  • 128MB PermGen/Metaspace memory
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • 1024GB Bandwidth

JVM Host’s shared hosting plans support a huge range of technologies, applications and frameworks including, but in no way limited to MongoDB, Cyclos, OpenGTS, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Java EE, MS SQL, and JSP. In general, they support everything that runs on JVM. Activation is normally instantaneous and you will receive regular site backups and free setup.

More still, you will get unlimited domains, subdomains and email accounts.

Here, it is worth mentioning that Java hosting plans cannot be directly compared to regular hosting plans sold by most hosting companies. This is because private JVM itself usually uses more resources than other regular hosting processes.

VPS Hosting Plans

If you’re running a demanding application, you may find VPS hosting more appropriate. JVM Host uses XEN technology across all their VPS plans. VPS provides customers with complete control over their hosting and allows for more storage space than shared hosting. The end result is a powerful, dependable, and fast hosting experience still backed up by Java hosting experts.

On the other hand, VPS plans can have some drawbacks. For example, you are in control of the operating system which could present its own set of challenges if you are not so tech-savvy. You will need to administer the servers yourself. Additionally, you do not get the benefit of included cPanel access, which some users may consider to be a downside. Of course, you can pre-install cPanel, DirectAdmin, Webmin or any other hosting control panel you prefer. Some of the panels will require a paid licence addon.

However, for those with the skills and capabilities of managing their VPS hosting, JVM Host offers excellent services at reasonable costs. For just $19.95 per month, you will gain access to a XEN-512 VPS which allows 512 MB RAM, 20GB SSD storage 512GB traffic, and free software pre-installation service with further support included.

JVM Host’s most powerful VPS plan costs $79.00 per month for a XEN-8192 server. With this, you will get 8192MB RAM, 160GB SSD storage, 8TB traffic. According to JVM Host’s policy, one can negotiate pricing and customise service parameters. Clients needing more resources usually choose dedicated servers, which they also offer.

Alan considers the company’s pricing structure to be one of JVM Host’s finest qualities. He told me “We offer pricing flexibility under the label of ‘Best Price Guarantee. We also do not practice hidden fees and are willing to adjust products without additional fees to beat any competitor”.

The Future Of JVM Host

I think that JVM Host has a very bright future with more people needing a specialised Java host for their applications. Alan told me of the company’s continual plans “To grow and find out how we can better fulfil our clients’ requirements”.

Last, but not least, Alan had a message and some special offers for you, our audience:

“I would like to invite everyone looking for a stable host with Java capabilities (private JVM) where clients are not just numbers but our small staff knows everyone who is contacting us for support. Of course there are clients who do not contact support at all and so we know them less 🙂

This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary and for your readers here are coupons valid till end of the year:

  • 10ANJ30 30% for JVM with cPanel products (Tomcat et al.)
  • 10ANV50 50% for VPS products”

Thank you so much Alan for speaking with me and helping me to learn more about JVM Host. It’s been a great experience! 



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