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Is Weebly Effective for SEO in 2022 and Beyond?

Throughout the past several years, the role of website builders have directly impacted the positive direction of the online marketplace. What was once reserved for those who held programming and coding knowledge is now an availability for anyone who has a little imagination and patience.

While there’s a host of website builders, Weebly has become one of the most trusted and widely used among both personal and eCommerce-based websites. Of course, to have a successful online venture, you must dive beyond the aesthetics and adhere to the fundamental principles of SEO. In an attempt to regain its market share, Weebly continues to introduce SEO-specific tools and features, but are they actually any good?

Here’s a brief rundown of Weebly SEO features and whether its WYSIWYG approach to website design and development is effective in the 21st Century SEO world.

The Biggest SEO Issues with Weebly Designed Sites

Before jumping into Weebly SEO features, here’s a brief rundown of the most common issues plaguing sites made with this popular website design tool:

  • Unoptimized Image Use – While search engines are growing in its ability to actually “read” content/text within an image, we aren’t there yet. Without the use of alt image content, headings and non-image content, it’s impossible for Google to accurately rank your site.
  • Thinly Crafted Content – Regardless of the technological advancements we’ve experienced over the past several years, content will always remain king of SEO and organic visibility. Weebly sites tend to use thin content without actual substance. While this isn’t specific to Weebly-built sites, it’s worth noting nonetheless.
  • Lack of On-Page Optimization – Everything from title tags to straightforward URL design are commonly missing from a Weebly site designed by novice or uninformed owners.

Of course, these issues aren’t specific to Weebly, as they’re found on a multitude of sites built from any one of the available website builders. However, let’s investigate the included SEO features of Weebly to determine if these issues are simply user-error or a symptom of an under-developed website builder platform.

Weebly SEO Features and Options

Here’s a list of the most current SEO features offered by Weebly. It’s important to note that this isn’t a conclusive list, but outline the most important features you should know about when designing your Weebly website:

  • Page Title – Search engines rely on an accurate and descriptive page title. Weebly offers a page-specific title option, but automatically tags the page title at the end of the page. This isn’t ideal and can actually harm your otherwise good SERP ranking.
  • Meta Description – Small text description that gives an overview of what the page is about, which is important for readers more than it is for search engine crawlers.
  • Custom Page URLs – Available on all pages, this is imperative for high ranking as its used by crawlers to determine what your page is about and what primary keywords you’re targeting.
  • Headings Structure – Only H2 tags are available without installing headings apps from the Weebly App Center. Using a combination of headings tags is imperative for not only SEO, but also audience readability.
  • Other Important Features – Custom image alt attributes, SSL encryption, 301 redirects, automatically generated sitemap and search engine crawler instructions.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Weebly is a fairly solid website builder that offers the necessary SEO features for this new era of ranking and organic visibility. Is it perfect? Absolutely not, but it is a supportive framework. However, to truly maximize the SEO advantages of Weebly, you must first understand current SEO best practices. If you assume this builder will do all the work for you, then you’ll be quite disappointed in its results. But, if you do the work, Weebly will support your efforts.

Weebly is great, but have you checked out Shopify and Wix? Make sure to compare the top website builders before you put all your efforts into one solution.

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