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How To Choose the Best WordPress Caching Solution in 2022

Powering hundreds of millions of websites, WordPress is the most popular framework in the modern digital marketplace. Capable of transforming web design novices into operators of advanced platforms, WordPress opens the monetary and exposure possibilities to anyone with a dream.

While there’s literally thousands of WordPress plugins designed to boost website stability, performance and user engagement, caching is among the most impactful. Why, you may ask? Simply put, caching allows your site performance to reach optimum levels by storing specific pages and site elements on user browsers and hosting servers. This temporary storage reduces the amount of time it takes to fully load a website.

The influence of WordPress caching plugins is well-known throughout the digital creation world. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to immediately know which of these plugins works best for your unique website. If you’re looking for a straightforward guide to help chose the best WordPress caching plugin, then you’ve come to the right place.

WordPress Caching Plugin Options – Server vs. Browser Caching

The most important step when it comes to finding your perfect WordPress Caching Plugin is understanding the difference between browser and server options. In the most simplified definition:

  • Server Caching – Leverages the caching technologies on your web hosting server to handle spikes in traffic. If you’re interested in server caching it’s important to check with your hosting provider as they may have restrictions or specific regulations. This is a powerful solution for those who regularly experience dramatic increases in traffic.
  • Browser Caching – If you’re a looking for a powerful caching solution capable of instantly increasing website performance and functionality, then this is your ideal option. Designed to leverage the power of user web browsers, such as Chrome or Safari, this plugin minimizes the number of requests required to load a page. By limiting the number of packet requests, it’s possible to substantially increase overall performance and responsiveness.

Features of Excellence – What to Look for in Caching Plugins

Instead of listing specific plugins, it’s important to understand the features and technologies of high-quality WordPress caching plugins. When searching the marketplace for your perfect plugin, look for those that have the following features and abilities:

  • SEO Support – The best WordPress Caching Plugins are those with built-in SEO features designed to boost your overall SERP ranking. These are often related to back-end metrics search engines use to determine speed, stability and functionality.
  • Content Delivery Network Integration – CDNs significantly reduce page load time by storing copies of your website across a specific network of geographically separated servers. Look for a plugin that offers CDN support, which will cache your site across its collection of servers.
  • SSL Support – In our current climate of malicious cyber attacks, security is paramount. SSL caching support is imperative to ensure your visitors remain safe from hacking attempts. Moreover, SSL is reportedly one of the most important ranking factors used by Google and other search engine crawlers.
  • Personalized Recommendations – The absolute best WordPress caching plugins offer personalized setting and configuration recommendations based upon your current site structure and performance. Recommendations should include database management, site structure and caching settings.

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