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How Centered Website Logos Diminish Navigation Ease in 2022

When it comes to designing an effective and powerful website, many administrators and design professionals overlook one of the most important elements – navigation. While you may have a perfectly laid out menu, you must answer this question: where is the website logo located? Traditionally, business logos are placed at the center-top portion of a page. While this may seem logical to many design professionals, the average Internet user views this is an entirely different manner.

Why the Website Logo Goes in the Top-left

According to the most recent studies regarding Internet user behaviors, returning to the homepage of a website is roughly 6 times as difficult when the business or website logo is placed on the center of a page versus on the top-left corner. While many web design professionals have adopted the top-left logo placement, why is it so important? This imperative design is necessary for a stellar user experience for several reasons:

#1 – Easily Communicates Current Location

When you display a company logo on each and every page within your website, you’re allowing visitors to swiftly comprehend which website they’re currently exploring. This is important when you have hyper-users navigating through multiple websites in order to locate information or a specific product. One of the easiest ways to earn trust and loyalty from website users is by allowing them to easily see what website they’re currently on. In our tricky digital world, where a single click and teleport them to a completely different website, it’s important to have handy reminders on prominent areas of your website, such as the top-left corner.

#2 – Strengthens Brand Identity

It’s common knowledge that the more a person sees a specific logo, the more likely they are to actually remember the company and brand. In fact, this is one of the most basic laws in regards to human memory. However, you can’t simply blast your logo in strange areas throughout your website. Effective site design passively reinforces brand image and presence by placing the brand logo in the upper top-left corner of each and ever page. Moreover, users are more likely to trust a business or service that is prominently displayed. Hidden logos or sporadic placement of your company name will do nothing but hurt your reputation and trust among visitors.

#3 – Streamlines Homepage Navigation

As a general rule of thumb, your website logo must always be a clickable element that directly links users back to the homepage. This allows visitors to swiftly start over in their viewing experience by going back to the starting point. One of the easiest ways to lose the trust and affection of an Internet visitor is by making them jump through hoops to navigate back to your homepage. More times than not, they’ll simply begin a new search to find a different website.

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