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HostArmada Review (2023)

HostArmada features low-cost hosting solutions with exceptionally generous inclusions. With “lightning” speeds, reliable security and round-the-clock support, HostArmada has loads of plus-points that ensures it stands out in the industry.

Wanting to discover more about the ultra-affordable hosting company, I reached out to Bogdan Toshev to ask him a few questions.

The Inception Of HostArmada

HostArmada is a relatively young company, having been established in 2019. The team behind the company though, has extensive experience in the industry. Bogdan explained how HostArmada came into fruition:

“The core team that started HostArmada includes Simeon, me, Nikola and Sebahat. We were, at one point in time, employed at another hosting company and we had a very good synergy in terms of working together. We were able to produce some great results. Afterwards, some of us moved elsewhere to seek different opportunities. However, we thought that if we were on our own, we could possibly achieve better results and make things happen in a better way. Eventually we decided to give it a shot, secured an investment and now here we are, establishing a brand, helping our customers with their projects and growing our team.

We learned a lot with each company that we have been with. It is just that we wanted to test our skills and see if we can make things better and help the customers faster and more efficient in terms of having them achieve their goals. With all these thoughts and dreams in mind, we started back in 2019 November and now we are growing by the day”.

HostArmada's Customer Support

As mentioned already, HostArmada provides 24/7 support. The team provides multiple ways of getting in touch with them including live chat, ticket submission, telephone and email. The average response time for tickets is an impressive 10 minutes!

I asked Bogdan how he rates his his company’s customer service and he gave me a great answer:

“I cannot allow myself to rate our customer service. That is something that our customers do. So far, we have exceptional customer feedback and we are very happy with it. You can look up our reviews on popular review platforms like TrustPilot and you will notice that there is quite a positive trend. Even though we are more than satisfied with the feedback that we are receiving, it is not something that is going to hold us back in trying to become even better. We uphold a single value pushing us forward – “Our customer is our king”. As long as the issue is a hosting related one, we are not going to stop assisting the customer until it is resolved. Quite simple, right?”

Bogdan continued:

“The one thing I am most proud of with HostArmada is that so far we are constantly putting efforts into making our environment as comfortable as possible to work at both for our team members and for our customers while working on their projects”.

A "Blazingly" Fast Company

HostArmada believes in providing a fast experience for its customers, both in terms of server speed and customer support. The company makes use of a range of technologies to optimise the loading times and speed of your website, on mobile as well as desktop. These include:

  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Brotli Compression

Bogdan spoke to me about HostArmada’s emphasis on speed:

“When it comes to our strengths – we are very proud with the speed of our service – both the servers and our support. We do place a lot of our efforts in providing an environment that allows websites to run blazingly fast and at the same time be able to support our customers with an equally versatile approach”.

HostArmada's Best-Selling Plan

HostArmada provides a number of hosting solutions including WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Unsurprisingly though, its best-selling hosting plan is amongst its fantastic shared hosting solutions. Bogdan explained:

“When it comes to our plans, the one that receives the most attention is our shared Speed Reaper plan. It has proven to provide the best performance out of our shared hosting plans, runs on LiteSpeed, and on top of that we configure and optimize our customers’ websites to perform better on that plan free of charge. If we compare the current market, it also stands out with one of the most affordable entry and renewal prices on the market for a “top dog” shared hosting plan”.

HostArmada’s shared hosting services are cloud-based and there are three interestingly-named plans to select from; Start Dock, Web Warp and the ever-popular Speed Reaper.

The Speed Reaper costs just $5.66 per month and, at the time of writing this, there is a massive 70% off special offer. There are a load of features and inclusions with this plan such as:

  • Unlimited websites hosted
  • 40GB SSD storage
  • 6 CPU cores
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 21 daily backups
  • Dynamic caching

Furthermore, customers will gain a free SSL certificate and a free domain name registration or transfer.

More Perks To Come

HostArmada is committed to providing the very best deals so customers can get the most out of their hosting budget. Bogdan explained what the team are working on at the moment:

“We are currently working on many additional perks that we are going to add to our services and all of our customers will be able to benefit from. Also, we are developing solutions that will serve a wider range of customers. As of the moment, we cannot fully reveal what is in the works, however, I recommend you stay tuned as things will only be getting better from here on”.

Thank you very much to Bogdan for answering my questions. I can conclude that HostArmada is a fantastic choice for hosting. The company has an excellent reputation for being affordable and reliable. More still, it has a huge focus on server speed, which is essential for running and maintaining a successful website. 



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