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Host4Biz Review and Interview (2022)

Host4Biz is a company that specialises in super-affordable hosting for businesses of all sizes. As it approaches its 10th anniversary, I thought now would be a good time to take a closer look at Host4Biz to see what it has to offer its customers.

With that in mind, I reached out to Pavlo Astakhov, Host4Biz’s founder, to ask him some questions about his company.

A Hosting Service With a Difference

Pavlo founded Host4Biz with the intention of providing businesses with a better hosting experience than what was readily available at the time. He wanted to focus on reliability and stability.

Pavlo told me “At that time we were a team of Linux professionals who outsourced our skills to different customers. During that outsourcing phase, we noticed that a pretty big number of tasks were related to unstable or badly configured hosting. So we decided to build a stable and functional hosting service that we could recommend to anyone”.

The Perfect Balance

Host4Biz is big on transparency as well as treating their customers as individuals. Pavlo explained how they have achieved the perfect balance “We are neither a very small company, nor a large one. So in difference to small ones, we have our own tech site, hardware, uplinks, IP ranges etc – and we can develop our network the way we see it, without any external limitations. And in difference to big guys, we still can treat every customer individually – for example, we can build non-standard services for them”.

In addition to personalised services, Host4Biz also has a dedicated technical support team that you are able to discuss your queries and concerns with.

High-Performance Hosting at a Low Cost

Host4Biz guarantees an up time of 99.97% and can have you up and running in just one minute. The company utilises high-speed NVMe SSD Drives which makes their servers up to 5 times quicker than normal SSD.

In regards to the cost, their cheapest option is incredibly low at just $1.89 per month when opt for their 3 year plan.. For this price you will receive 10GB NVMe SSD space, 10 mailboxes, 1 domain, and 5 sub domains.

This option is so cheap because Host4Biz has discount incentives in place. Taking out hosting for 3 months gives you a 5% discount. A 6 month plan gives you a 10% discount. And, if you purchase a 3 year plan, you’ll receive a massive 40% discount!

Inclusive Extras

All Host4Biz’s web hosting plans come with a range of inclusive extras as standard, such as:

  • Unlimited traffic
  • SSL certificate
  • Easy-to-use website builder
  • SEO toolkit
  • Imunify360 Antivirus

Affordable WordPress Hosting

Even though Host4Biz’s WP hosting is slightly more expensive than their web hosting, it’s still incredibly affordable at $2.40 per month with their 3 year plan. This will get you 10GB NVMe SSD space, 10 mail boxes, 1 web domain and 5 sub domains.

If need more from your hosting and are willing to pay just a little extra, you can get 50GB NVMe SSD space, 50 mail boxes, 10 web domains and 50 sub domains for just $6.00 per month.

Inclusive Extras

As with their web hosting plans, Host4Biz includes a wide range of extras as standard across all their WP plans. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Unlimited traffic
  • SSL certificate
  • WordPress toolkit
  • Imunify360 Antivirus
  • Automatic updates

Pavlo told me more about Host4Biz’s WP hosting “Currently, our bestsellers are our VPS servers. Built on NVMe SSD drives, they can offer fantastic speed to our customers – 8000 IOPS on average, even on the cheapest plan. Also, recently we launched a new product called WordPress hosting. Apart from most competitors, it is not just hosting where WordPress can be installed with a couple of clicks. With us, customer gets a pre-installed WordPress + Jetpack instance, with interface to manage it, auto-update WordPress, its themes and plugins, Web Application Firewall, SEO toolkit, automated vulnerability search and cure, and many more. Also, the ultimate feature of both our hosting services – WordPress and regular hosting, is automated website and email transfer from previous hoster”.

In Conclusion

Host4Biz offers powerful and speedy hosting solutions at an exceptionally low cost. I’ve discovered that it is the kind of company that really cares about delivering excellent value for money and incredible customer service. They clearly enjoy taking on new and different projects and can offer a truly personalised service.

Pavlo said “Our ultimate goal is to continue delivering a service which our customers would recommend to their friends”.

He continued “The main thing I would like to say to your audience – it is not necessary to limit your hosting provider choice just to the largest ones. Small and medium sized companies usually are paying much more attention to the customer and trying to compete for customers, not only with prices, but with service level too”.

It’s been great learning about Host4Biz. Thank you to Pavlo for taking time to speak with me!



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