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  • Host Expert Review and Interview (2022)

Host Expert Review and Interview (2022)

Host Expert Review and Interview

Host Expert provides a valuable hosting experience, boasting 99.9% uptime, quality hardware and a highly-skilled technical support team available 24/7.

As if all this wasn’t impressive enough, Host Expert has more than a 90% customer retention rate! This was the factor that piqued my curiosity and drove me to find out more about what makes this hosting company so special.

Valentin Dumitru from the Host Expert team kindly answered my questions so that I could write you this review.

A Long Track-Record With Technology

Host Expert is no stranger to new and innovative technologies. Valentin explained “Host Expert is a division of Soft Expert. Soft Expert is a company that developed an ERP system. Host Expert, as a new line of business, was created in 2011 and the main goal was to host the ERP system for our clients. The company, Soft Expert, was created in 2003, after the first version of Manager Financiar ERP was released”.

Additionally, in 2017, Host Expert opened their own data centre which features 24/7 monitored servers, state-of-the-art software and multiple internet connections.

How Are Their Servers?

Host Expert only invests in high-quality, enterprise HPE servers for their customers to get the most powerful hosting experience possible for a reasonable price. Moreover, over 85% of these servers are Gen 9!

Dedicated Servers

Host Expert has a range of dedicated servers to suit performance-needs as well as budgets. Their most powerful dedicated server features:

  • Up to 256GB RAM

  • Up to 28 Core

  • Up to 15 x 480GB SSD or 15 X 4TB SATA

This dedicated server option costs from 357 Euros per month, depending on your specific configuration needs.

There are also lower-cost servers available, such as the Intel 4LFF. Prices for these are from 41.65 Euros per month and allows you 5GB RAM and 3 X 230GB of disk space.

Virtual Dedicated Servers

For some customers, a virtual dedicated server may be more ideal. Luckily, Host Expert also has some impressively powerful VDS choices. Their most powerful VDS offers:

  • Up to 16 v-Core X E52690v4 @ 2.6GHz

  • Up to 32 GB RAM

  • Up to 200GB SSD

VDS Servers are available for both business and personal use, and both options have a range of plans varying in price, RAM, CPU and disk space.

VDS business servers are Host Expert’s best-selling plans. Among these plans is their cheapest VDS business option – the SSD Basic plan. This costs just 9.52 Euros per month and gives you 2 CPU Cores, 2GB of RAM, and 20 GB SSD disk space.

If you’re looking for a VDS for personal use, the cost for Host Expert’s basic personal plan is only 5.94 Euros per month.

Cloud Back-Up Services

As a business, it’s essential that you back up all your important data with reliable back-up services. Host Expert offers affordable cloud back-up, using Veeam. You are able to customise your plans by backing up either a whole server or just one folder, and choosing either full or incremented back-up.

The cloud back-up options feature data encryption, a back-up schedule, and continuous protection of your data. Prices begin at 8.33 Euros per month, which I think is excellent value for money.

A Service Worth Investing In

Host Expert gets a big thumbs up from me. They have shown that they truly care about providing their customers with the best possible experience. With their range of Gen 9 servers, excellent customer support, high customer retention rate, and reasonable prices, Host Expert has proven their services are worth investing in.

I wish Valentin and the Host Expert Team the best of luck with future endeavours.

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