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Gunnar Andreassen Review and Interview (2022)

Gunnar Andreassen has multiple areas of expertise including web design and development, graphic design, and digital marketing. He offers a tailored service, perfect for both B2B and B2C websites, along with free advice and analysis.

Keen to discover more about his company, I spoke with Gunnar to ask him a few interview questions for this review.

A Long History In The Industry

Gunnar first ventured into the industry more than 20 years ago. Beginning with his own business directory, Gunnar’s business naturally progressed into the successful web design and marketing company it is today. Here’s what Gunnar told me about the beginning of his business:

“I started a business directory over 20 years ago and was featured a few times in national media. So, to get control of my own name online, I registered my name as a domain name. After publishing a website describing what I do, companies started emailing me asking me if I could do online marketing for them”.

How Is Gunnar's Customer Service?

Gunnar gave me a very honest statement about his company’s customer service:

“My customer service is good, but sometimes slow. That is because I do not have staff and do all the work myself. Right now, I have a backlog of orders, that is why I responded to this interview a few days later than you probably expected”.

Although working on his own understandably results in a “sometimes slow” customer service, Gunnar’s customers can expect a very personalised experience that they may not receive with larger companies. Being an individual, rather than part of a big team, definitely has its plus points in this regard.

Gunnar's Extensive Experience

As you can imagine with working 20-plus years in the industry, Gunnar has gained lots of skills, experience, and expertise. Here, he explains about his experience and his greatest strengths:

“I have and have had lots of websites, online stores and even newspapers and so on over the years, so I do know what works and what does not work. I have done all the right things and the wrong things myself before, so my customers do not have to pay for online marketing or PR that does not work”.

Gunnar continued to tell me what he is most proud of about his business:

“Building links, rankings, traffic and customers or visitors out of a small budget. I have big brands and small e-stores as customers and I always treat my customers the same”.

Gunnar's Solutions

Gunnar provides all you need to not only get your online business up and running, but to grow your website too. From comprehensive web design and development services, to SEO and content marketing solutions. Gunnar told me what his most popular services are:

“Content marketing, PR and some advanced SEO link building services”.

Gunnar invites potential customers to get in touch for a quote for most of his solutions. There are, however, some set plans for his SEO services, which I think is nice and convenient. Choose from Basic, Medium or Super SEO. Let’s take a look at these plans and what you can expect with each:

Basic SEO

  • 10 Search Engine Submissions
  • 20 Social Media Posts
  • 3 Portals
  • 5 SEO Blog Articles
  • 1 Newsletter

Medium SEO

  • 20 Search Engine Submissions
  • 50 Social Media posts
  • 5 Portals
  • 10 SEO Blog Articles
  • 2 Newsletters

Super SEO

  • 40 Search Engine Submissions
  • 1500 Social Media Posts
  • 6 Portals
  • 15 SEO Blog Articles
  • 4 Newsletters

Gunnar's Plans For The Future

I asked Gunnar if he has any plans for the future of his business. He explained:

“I have done some TV and radio interviews and also hosted a podcast for a newspaper, so I might start my own podcast, but right now I just do not have the time. First my website needs an update”.

I think that starting his own podcast would be a great next step for Gunnar and I look forward to seeing an updated version of his website.

Learning about Gunnar’s business has been a fantastic experience. I’ve been particularly impressed with how he handles everything himself, from managing and developing projects, to his business’s customer service. Lastly, thank you to Gunnar for answering my interview questions!

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