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Ester Review and Interview (2022)

Founded in 2015, Ester Digital provides clients with expertly designed and crafted websites. The team has a strong focus on visual content, along with defining and building corporate identities.  Working on both front end and back end development, and building website credibility and trust amongst their clients’ customers, Ester caters to a wide range of industries.

I interviewed Ester’s Creative Manager, Alex Halchenko, to discover more about the digital design company.

Back To The Beginning

Alex began by telling me about the beginning of Ester. He explained the initial ideas of the founders, and how the company has grown since its inception:

“Ester Digital was created by four friends back in 2015. At the time, we were working in different spheres and even countries. However, all of us had a passion for UI/UX & web development and lots of ideas about how we envision the future of digital design. We wanted to implement those concepts in a company of our own, so we gave it a go.

From that time on, we’ve grown from a small start-up to a company with offices and clients all over the world. Our team has evolved too, working on challenging and unusual projects and expanding our range of services. We yearn for new experiences and strive to explore various opportunities, always remembering that the most crucial thing for us is to provide the best possible customer experience”.

A Problem-Solving Business

The Ester team members understand that your website’s design will have a big impact on how visitors view your brand.  They put a lot of time and effort into each project they take on. They are a very detail-oriented company. I asked Alex what he considers to be Ester’s greatest strengths. Here’s what he told me:

“Our greatest strength lies in how we approach problem-solving: it’s always about the whole picture, not the separate parts. We start with studying the client’s business in the tiniest detail. It works wonders in the end because we’re able to foresee the possible faults and think about the solutions beforehand. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we treat our clients’ businesses like our own”.

Ester Builds Relationships

The team at Ester takes the time to build relationships, both with clients and each other. Alex explained how this is the aspect he is most proud of about the company:

“It’s such a cliche to say this but we’re most proud of the relationships we’re building: both within our team and with our clients. We have worked with numerous companies – already established brands and small start-ups – and we never made a distinction between the two. Being able to work in a team that constantly needs to grow and help clients in the most efficient way is a gift”.

How Is Ester's Customer Service?

Ester provides services to companies, both small and large, across a wide range of industries. They even work with a number of Fortune 500 companies including Asos, T-Mobile, and McDonald’s, to name a few. Here, Alex told me about Ester’s level of customer service and how they ensure their customers are all happy:

“It wouldn’t be fair to rate our own work – we bring our whole selves to the projects and always make sure to do our best to ensure everyone’s happy with the results. So far the feedback from clients was extremely positive – you can check it out on Clutch. The common thread among them is that we’re consistently providing top-notch deliverables together with clear communication, great attention to detail, and deep care for the relationship we build with the customer. We always aim to work together with the client, not for each other, engaging them fully in the process. We set out to find the best solution for the client, not to self-advertise and show how great and talented we are. Our clients know they can count on us even with the most unattainable ideas”.

I took the time to check out some Ester Digital reviews on Clutch and was very impressed with what customers had to say. Ester team members are described as “talented”, “professional”, and “friendly”. Furthermore, multiple reviewers describe “high-quality” work they received.

Services From Ester

I wanted to take a closer look at the services that Ester provides. Customers can expect services such as UX/UI design, corporate website design, art direction, custom illustrations, and DevOps solutions, among others. With so much to choose from, I asked Alex what service was the most popular with customers. Here’s what he told me:

“It’s hard to pick the most popular service since most of the time we provide a combination of services – both web design & development, or branding and art direction. Overall, we aim to implement a so-called triptych approach: it involves working on several areas at once, for example, branding and business strategy, web design and web development. All of them are interconnected, and thanks to that, there are never any gaps in the process. We believe that our customers value that we’re able to provide a full cycle of work”.

Developments In The Pipeline

Lastly, I was curious to learn what the future holds for Ester Digital. I asked Alex if he is able to share any development plans with me. He gave me an intriguing answer:

“There is always some kind of improvement on the agenda: whether it’s our team’s further training or implementation of innovative technologies or working on new platforms and solutions. Right now, we plan to focus more on expanding our client base and advancing our website and overall digital marketing. We have a few more things in store, but it’s a secret for now so stay tuned!”.

Thank you to Alex for answering my interview questions so thoroughly. I’ve really enjoyed learning about Ester and what clients can expect when they work with the company. Ester combines web development, web design and branding services for a comprehensive and thorough servie. I’m also eager to find out more about the “secret” developments that Ester has planned. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for those future developments. 


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