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17 Best Domain Name Generators (2023)

If you’re looking to start a website but have no idea which domain name to choose, you’ve come to the right place.

Picking the right domain name for your website isn’t always easy. It’s especially difficult when your domain name is either taken or you can’t think of something unique and relevant to your website.

We’ve tested and researched the best domain name generators to help you find the perfect domain name. Best of all, these domain name generators are free!

Best Domain Name Generators Overview

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Why You Should Use a Domain Name Generator

Before we share our list of recommended domain name generators, I want to clarify when and why you should use one. While domain name generators aren’t perfect, they are a great way to get some inspiration, giving your creative juices a little nudge in the right direction.

If you’re stuck for ideas or your perfect domain name has already been taken, you can use a domain name generator for free. You’ll be able to type in some keywords and the generator will spit out relevant matches and suggestions.

1. Nameboy (Best Domain Name Generator)

Nameboy has been around for over two decades. It’s a simple tool to use, just enter in a couple of keywords and the generator will produce suggestions for your domain.

If any of the domain names take your fancy, you can click on the one you like to complete your registration. There’s also instructions on how to go through the process, so if you’re a beginner, it will be a walk in the park.

Nameboy is of course free to use and have create similar domain name generators that are more specific to certain needs, like store name generatorblog name generatorbrand name generator, and so on.

2. IsItWP

Similar to Nameboy, IsItWP is a free domain name generator that requires you to type in some keywords. 

You’ll get a bunch of domain ideas with different combinations and synonyms. If you want to refine your search further, you can do this, or click ‘show more results’ to view more ideas.

3. BlogTyrant

BlogTyrant’s domain name generator tool has a specific focus on bloggers. They offer lots of other tools on their website, but their domain name generator is especially useful if you need some ideas to start a new blog.

4. Domain.com

You may be familiar with Domain.com as they are a popular domain name registrar. However, they also have a built-in domain name generator, allowing you to find and register TLDs.

The algorithm they use presents available domain names that you can register straight away. There’s also a selection of premium domains for sale that tie-up with your keywords.

5. Shopify Business Name Generator

While Shopify may seem expensive to sign up to their online store builder, they do in fact provide plenty of free and useful tools. One of them being their Business Name Generator tool.

It’s incredibly quick and easy to use, allowing you to generate business name ideas for your new online store or website. 

6. Network Solutions

With more than 7 million domains registered, Network Solutions is another large domain registrar. Their domain name generator tool can aid you in finding the best domain for your business.

Like many of the other tools listed here, you’ll just need to enter a keyword into the search box and matching domains will appear in the results.

There’s a wide selection of TLDs including .com, .co.uk, .biz, and more. There are also premium domain names for sale, allowing you to purchase them directly from Network Solutions.

7. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel’s domain name generator uses AI to generate ideas for your domain name. Their search results also combine random ideas, names that are similar or sound similar to your search, and lots more.

Domain Wheel is definitely one of the more intuitive and fun generators, enhancing creative ideas that may turn up your perfect domain name.

8. Bust a Name

Ignoring the slightly outdated look of their website, Bust a Name features some exciting tools that other domain name generators don’t offer.

With Bust a Name, you can set prefixes, suffixes, plurals, and hyphens, amongst lots more choices. Bust a Name is far more complex in terms of its algorithm compared to other tools but is still just as easy to use.

9. Name Mesh

Name Mesh is a very easy and simple tool to use, allowing you to type a few keywords into the search box to generate domain name ideas.

As you can see from the sections below the search bar, there are lots of options for you to choose from including common names, new domains, short domains, and so on.

10. Name Station

Name Station is a community as well as a domain name generator. You can search for the perfect domain name, crowdsource name suggestions, and lots more.

There’s a variety of tools you can use, including automated results and input from Name Station’s community.

11. Panabee

In comparison to Bust a Name, Panabee is far more aesthetically pleasing, offering a list of related terms you might need to get you moving in the right direction.

In addition to generating domain names, Panabee also checks social media usernames on popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

12. Lean Domain Search

If you’re after a simple domain name generator, Lean Domain Search certainly ticks the boxes. It’s actually owned by the people behind WordPress.com which might be apparent from the branding.

Simply enter in a term to start building a domain name, allowing you to register .com domains. You can also see if the corresponding Twitter username is available.

13. Domainr

Domainr focuses on providing a quick and simple domain search, allowing you to access the results in a matter of seconds.

You’ll get a list of TLDs, offering the best purchase options based on price, features, and name.

14. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search is a fast domain search tool that starts producing results as soon as you type. There’s plenty of variations and combinations for you to search through, as well as domains for sale.

There’s a wide choice of TLDs and a list of expired domain names should you want the chance to snap one of them up.

15. HostPapa

While HostPapa is more commonly known for its web hosting services, it also helps people find the perfect domain name.

You can enter your required domain name and TLD and it will produce any available results. If the domain you want isn’t available, HostPapa will offer a large selection of alternative results and different TLDs to choose from.

16. NameStall

NameStall provides plenty of tools to help you with your domain search. Using their domain generator tool, you can search by keyword or other filters like basic English words, industry categories, and more.

You can also specify whether you want the keyword to be at the start or end of your domain, whether or not you want a hyphen, and filtered TLDs.

17. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler’s simple domain tool provides an option for instant search, advanced, or wizard. These alternative options allow users to simply search for a domain, or add more complex filters.

You can choose to include numerous keywords, combinations of keywords, and you can add results to your favorites list so you can come back to them when you want.



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