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  • The Impact of Design on How Visitors View Your Brand in 2022

The Impact of Design on How Visitors View Your Brand in 2022

We often get asked “what is website design impact?”.

When it comes to operating a successful digital enterprise on the Internet – and even in the real world – there are few things as important as branding. When a consumer decides whether or not they should interact with a business or service, they often review the level of branding showcased by the organization. 

What many people find surprising is the actual role branding plays in how their company is perceived. The majority of consumers typically don’t make a conscious decision based upon branding. Rather, these decisions are all subconscious. Because of this, all businesses owners and website administrators should spend a considerable amount of time when it comes to integrating their unique brand within their actual site design.

A truth in our modern world is almost every aspect of a website is viewed as a portrayal of a brand identity, which is also referred to as a business personality. These include: Visual Design, Interactive Design and Content Design.

The Impact of Visual Design

Out of these three primary branding identities, visual design is often the most discussed and valued, and for good reason. Immediately upon entering your website, the majority of users determine whether or not they should continue by simply looking at the visual design of the platform. The placement of images, content and the ease of navigation are processed in a matter of moments. Should the visitor find that your website doesn’t meet their expectations or needs, they’ll simply exit and continue their search.

The Impact of Content Design

For many, creating a website that is visually appealing to customers while simultaneously satisfying their brand can be difficult. Although there are many tips, the most effective tip is to design your website so that it is authentic to your brand personality. Avoid calling upon industry power phrases and stereotypical choices. While some users may appreciate this, the majority of modern Internet visitors desire to see how your website and platform is different. It’s within these differences they determine whether or not your site is worth their time.

Web Design Impact: Interactive Design

When it comes to the Interactive Design element of digital branding, you must actively work to achieve the following:

  1. Responsiveness – How quickly website elements respond to user actions.
  2. Precision – How precise is the website in terms of design elements? Do all buttons and physical manipulation elements respond and appear as they should?
  3. Clear Message – This can mean not only the actual content, but the various interface or interactive design elements. You must ensure that your website is easy to navigate and operate. This is commonly referred to as usability, and it’s imperative for overall success.

A large portion of success in a website’s interactive design depends on having a proper web hosting plan that can accommodate the visual design aspects of the site. Up-time and performance are key to providing a positive interactive experience for visitors.

It should now be clear what the impact of website design is, and how it can not only affect your website, but also how your user’s perceive your website, and the impact it has on SEO.

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