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‘corePHP’ Review and Interview (2022)

‘corePHP’ has a lot to offer both small and large businesses alike. The expert team specialise in Joomla, WordPress and Drupal extension development, as well as all-important marketing tasks like content marketing and SEO.

Founded in 2001 with the intention of creating custom Content Management Systems, ‘corePHP’ has done exceptionally well in the industry. They’ve catered to some big brand names like KFC, Thieme, and Lake Michigan College.

I reached out to ‘corePHP”s co-founder, Michael Pignataro, to ask him a few questions about his innovative company.

Happy Customers

‘corePHP’ is well-trusted within the industry. The team works hard to ensure they provide a top-notch, professional and thorough service for all of their clients. Michael explained how ‘corePHP’ ensures all its customers are happy:

“We work hard with customer service. Our focus is transparent communication with many different ways to communicate with our team from the phone, texting, live chat, support ticket, email, and online meetings as well as in person”.

In addition to providing support via a multitude of communication channels, ‘corePHP’ has lots of support documentation freely available to download from its website. These documents cover WordPress for Joomla, Chimp Your Joomla, jomCDN, and paGO Commerce.

Michael went on to explain what sets his company apart from competitors:

“White-Glove customer service. Creating the ability for our clients to feel they are the only client we have”.

Happy Team Members

Michael attributes much of ‘corePHP’’s success to his happy team members, which is great to hear! Here’s what he told me about his top priority for his business:

“Happy team members. When you have your team enjoying what they are doing and waking up in the morning excited to get to work then the results will transpire to our clients and the results are just endless”.

Service From 'corePHP'

‘corePHP’ has a huge list of solutions to suit all requirements. There are two services in particular that out-perform the rest; Symphony development and WordPress development.

I’m going to take a look at both of these services, along with a couple of others, to see what customers can expect when they hire ‘corePHP’.

Symfony Development – Streamline and optimise your development efforts with ‘corePHP”s Symfony Development Services. This service enables your development team to effectively harness Symfony to repeat high performances over and over. Symfony Framework is fantastic for custom applications as it is highly customisable and flexible.

WordPress Development – ‘corePHP’ design and develop highly-customised, WordPress-powered websites. They carry out tasks such as theme, widget and plugin development, modifying existing themes, integrating automated marketing, and adding specific functionality. ‘corePHP”s WordPress websites are optimised for speed and expertly developed with SEO and security in mind. They are also tested for cross-browser compatibility.

Mobile App Development – The ‘corePHP’ team understands the positive impact a responsive mobile app can have on a brand. Whether you need an Android, iOS, or cross-platform app, ‘corePHP’ can develop a highly-customised solution for your business. The experienced developers have expertise with creating a large variety of apps including mobile games, payment apps, and insurance apps, to name just a few.

SEO Solutions – Extend your website’s organic reach by working with ‘corePHP’. With their SEO services, the development company will implement a variety of SEO tactics to boost your placement in search engines like Google. They claim they “can put you above the competition”. SEO packages are completely customised to each business.

‘corePHP’ encourages prospective customers to get in touch for a free quote or consultation for any of their services.

A Bright Future

‘corePHP’ has enjoyed great success since its inception way back in 2001. I asked Michael what the future looks like for his company. Here’s what he told me:

“Very bright. We are growing exceptionally and look forward to continuing our success with our current and new clients”.

Let's Conclude

‘corePHP’ offers a large array of online services. Customers can enjoy solutions that are tailored to their individual requirements, whether that’s website or app development, or SEO and marketing services for optimum website growth. ‘corePHP’ has an expert team that enables them to cover all bases.

Lastly, thank you to Michael for his cooperation on this review!



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