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Cheeky Monkey Hosting Review (2023)

Based in New Zealand, Cheeky Monkey Hosting is a fun, friendly and approachable hosting company. As well as a positive customer experience, customers will enjoy hosting solutions that are brimming with excellent features at affordable prices.

Keen to learn more about the “professional grade web hosting” provider, I sought out Jaron Phillips, the founder of Cheeky Monkey Hosting.

Entering The Hosting Industry

The initial drive for launching Cheeky Monkey Hosting came when Jaron realised the limitations of other hosting providers at the time. 15 years later, the company is still going strong. Jaron explained:

“I entered the industry after looking for a web hosting solution for my online maritime school. When looking for New Zealand hosting with excellent uptime and support, I found my options were limited so ended up launching my own internet business. 15-years later I’m still my own webhost along with helping hundreds of other happy customers!”

Choosing The Right Hosting Provider

There are lots of things to consider when you’re choosing which host to opt for. And, there are undoubtedly loads of companies out there that claim to be the best hosting providers. Here, Jaron gives his advice on what makes a great hosting company to help you separate the great from the not-so-great:

“When it comes time to select who will be hosting your website, keep in mind that your web host is, in a way, your business partner. Their service and performance could directly impact on your business. Great web hosting is backed by an uptime guarantee and includes 24/7/365 monitoring giving you that extra peace of mind”.

Customers Come First

Putting customers first is a quality that helps a business stand out from the crowd. Jaron and his Cheeky Monkey Hosting team understand this well and have ensured that customer satisfaction is top priority. Jaron told me more about his company’s customer service:

“With everything we do, our customers come first – absolutely. We are also insanely Kiwi! We’re 100% New Zealand and proud of it. Our data centre and support team is based in Auckland, New Zealand. NZ based web hosting means our platform is super speedy for our customers and their audience.

Cheeky Monkey Hosting clients immediately notice our support goes a lot deeper than your typical web hosting company. Our standard of service is what gives us a point of difference. We’ve received several industry awards for our high standard of service and professionalism, and for uptime after our hosting was independently monitored”.

Jaron continued:

“Our service is absolutely top-notch and we’re super proud of this strength. Most of our clients flock to us simply from word-of-mouth. With a focus on hosting from around the South Pacific, we’re able to provide businesses with professional grade web hosting using our fast, reliable cloud infrastructure at low prices”.

Services From Cheeky Monkey Hosting

Cheeky Monkey Hosting has a good selection of hosting services, as well as domain names and SSL certificates. Let’s take a look at some of the options available:

Cheap Web Hosting

Amongst the 4 cheap web hosting plans is Cheeky Monkey Hosting’s best-seller; the “Cheekier” plan. Looking through the specs of the plan, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. For $14.95 per month, customers will receive 500MB disk space and 5GB traffic. The cheapest option, however, is the e-Mini for only $7.95/month. This plan will bag you 100MB disk space and 1GB web traffic.

Perhaps the best thing about all the cheap web hosting plans though, is the aspects that are included in every one of the plans. For example, every plan will get you unlimited sub-domains, email accounts, email traffic, and MySQL databases. Additionally, customers will get daily backups, around-the-clock monitoring, a free domain and a free SSL certificate.

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you’re not sure what CMS to use, WordPress is a fantastic and ever-popular choice. This is because of its ease-of-use and its range of themes and plugins available. Cheeky Monkey Hosting has some great options for hosting your WordPress website or blog. Choose between Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans.

Prices are a little more expensive than with the standard web hosting plans. However, I still consider them good value for money. Firstly, because of all the features they include and secondly, because these plans are designed specifically to “accelerate” your WordPress website.

The Bronze package is the cheapest at $29/month. With this plan, you can expect 1.5GB SSD storage and 500MB email storage.

The most popular managed WordPress hosting plan is the Gold one. With this, you will have 5GB SSD storage and 1GB email storage. This plan also has the added advantage of Infection Insurance, free domain name renewals, and managed plugin updates.

Additionally, all plans come with free domain registration, auto-healing technology, free CDN, and free SSL certificates.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is different from web hosting as it is a system of virtual servers, rather than physical servers. It is a flexible and convenient option for growing businesses. It enables customers to scale up as and when they need to. And, as your hosting requirements are spread across multiple web servers, the risk of downtime is minimised significantly.

Cheeky Monkey Hosting is a cloud hosting provider and its plans are priced the same as its cheap hosting plans and have all the same specs.

Concluding My Review Of Cheeky Monkey Hosting

Cheeky Monkey Hosting offers a good mix of affordability, reliability, and robustness. I’ve been impressed with the broad range of features as well as the generous inclusions like the amount of disk space, email accounts and MySQL databases that plans contain. Plus, the freebies make them even better!

The team at the upbeat hosting company has a wealth of industry know-how and provide an exceptional customer experience, in both its products and its support.



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