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Brand Scrubbers Review and Interview (2022)

Brand Scrubbers is an innovative and vibrant branding company. As the name suggests, Brand Scrubbers specialises in building and articulating your brand image. It works on a variety of projects for businesses including web development and web design that positively impacts your SEO, professionally-designed logos, and video creation that engages your audience.

I got in touch with Brand Scrubbers’ founder, Sacha Brant, to explore the world-renowned branding company further.

Helping Businesses Grow

Despite taking her business through a number of changes since its inception, Sacha’s core goal to help businesses grow has remained consistent. Her vast experience in the industry has earned her skills and expertise to enable her to do this. Sacha told me about Brand Scrubbers’ inception:

“In the beginning, I was working for someone else. I had worked in various capacities and environments, including corporate, and noticed a trend. Small to medium sized business owners were struggling to find consistent, cost effective support for their online presence.

I began my business to meet that need. Like anyone else, the business has gone through changes over the years, though the goal is always the same; help others grow. This was, and still is, the driving force behind my business. Money should never be a factor towards achieving your goals and dreams”.

Getting To Know Their Customers

Sacha and her team work hard to get to know their customers and their customers’ businesses. This enables them to tailor their services and ensure they get their customers’ core messages across perfectly. Sacha explained how she considers this approach to be the best one for the job:

“A great company, in any vertical, is one that knows their customers wants, needs, and desires and makes attaining them quick, painless, and cost effective.

A great branding and web design development company should understand what the client is looking to get across, to whom, and why. This information should be used to drive the client to the best possible solutions while still considering their own desires and preferences”.

A Charitable Company

Not only does Brand Scrubbers go the extra mile to provide services that businesses can afford, but it also sets itself apart from competitors by completing pro-bono projects for charitable causes. Sacha explained how passionate she is about helping businesses and organisations achieve their goals:

“What sets us apart? It is not about the money; it’s about enabling others to succeed.

The reason I started my own business was to be able to give back. I have a deep passion for assisting those in dire need, not-for-profits and socially conscious businesses achieve their goals. I know that what we can provide for a business, when done correctly, enables them to make an incredible impact on their businesses bottom line.

I am not here to try and sell something to someone they don’t need. I want to make sure that the people I work with get the right information, advice, and support within their means. Sometimes, we offer websites and ongoing online presence management for an organization at no cost. We recently launched Veterans Food Bank of Calgary as a pro-bono project and continue to offer ongoing social media and website support cost-free. THAT is what sets myself and my company apart – compassionate business ownership with a true desire to help others grow”.

Sacha continued to tell me about her business priorities:

“Brand Scrubbers is both my passion and my way of life. I rely on it to support my family and the families of those I employ. As long as I am managing to keep the business moving forward and growing, I can use a portion of our profits and manpower to offer support to businesses and individuals in need. For me, this is priority one.

My second priority is to educate as many others as possible in heart-centered marketing and compassionate business ownership”.

I think this approach is very admirable. Sacha clearly loves what she does and plays a big part in the success of other businesses.

Happy Customers From Around The World

Customers ‘love’ the service they received from Brand Scrubbers, many of which have taken the time to share their positive experiences on the Brand Scrubbers website. Sacha shared with me what she considers to be the key to gaining lots of satisfied customers:

“It’s all about setting the right expectations and then meeting or exceeding them. That is what we aim to do. Our customers come to us with a specific problem or need and we do our best to ensure that it’s resolved within a reasonable, well communicated timeline. Well that, and it never hurts to build genuine connections and provide sincere support”.

Brand Scrubbers' Services

Brand Scrubbers offers a whole host of services to maximise your online and offline marketing efforts and presence. Whether you want a beautiful, user-friendly website designed, developed and optimised for search engines, an eye-catching logo that allows your brand’s personality to shine through, or print media such as flyers and posters, Brand Scrubbers has you covered. To give you an idea of the kind of high-quality results you can expect, take a look at Brand Scrubbers’ extensive portfolio of projects on its website.

Sacha told me more about her company’s services and what clients can expect from them:

“Generally, we work with 2 kinds of clients:

1 – New entrepreneurs who are unsure of how or where to start but have an idea and the drive to turn it into reality. We assist these individuals from start to finish, from start-up to stardom.

2 – Those that have been in the game a while and need to update and improve their online presence. We assist them in aligning their goals with their visual brand. We help them unify their profiles and properties.

Though, we also take a range of other clients and projects from social media management, to coding projects, branding to one-time website repair. Our team always does their best to provide the support our clients need when they need them”.

My Final Thoughts About Brand Scrubbers

I’ve been very impressed with Brand Scrubbers. Not only with the quality of workmanship presented in its online portfolio of projects, but also with the charitable approach Sacha has taken with her business. Her aim is to help her clients succeed. For Sacha and the rest of her team, this means tailoring services to suit budgets, so that businesses can grow within their means. Brand Scrubbers design websites to create an impactful brand image. After my experience with Brand Scrubbers, I’m sure that the company will continue to thrive alongside its clients!



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