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Boris Hoekmeijer Review and Interview (2022)

Boris Hoekmeijer is a skilled web and graphic designer. Having built his successful business single-handedly from the ground up, Boris works with small businesses across a variety of industries.

I was lucky enough to grab an interview with Boris. He answered my questions and told me all about his company.

Steady Business Growth

After deciding to switch careers in 2010, Boris worked at building and growing a sustainable business that combined his hobbies. Here, he told me all about the beginning of his business:

“After over a decade in IT and Customer Service capacities for various companies, I found myself at a management function that paid well, but did not make me happy at all. I was continually forced to compromise on quality of work, and realized the job gave me no satisfaction whatsoever. So in 2010, I decided to make a career switch, combining my hobbies (design and technology) with my experience in dealing with customers, communication and IT. It took about 1,5 years to take off, and since then I’ve been seeing a steady growth of business”.

Boris continued:

“What I’m most proud of, is that in 10 years, I have managed to create a successful business that keeps growing steadily all with my own hands, and I have managed to do so without staff. I intend to keep it that way, because at the moment I am doing the work I love, and if I hire people to do that for me, my time will be consumed by other things than my core business”.

A High Standard Of Customer Care

Boris strives for a 100% customer success rate. He attributes his business growth to his high level of personalised customer care. Boris explained more about his business’s customer service:

“I rate my customer service as very high. I am convinced that a happy customer always pays off in the long run: by remaining a happy customer and by spreading the word. I think this is the basis from which my business has been growing. I try and treat all of my customers the way I would want to be treated myself. Of course, the success rate is never 100%, but that is what I strive for”.

Boris conveniently provides multiple ways to contact him including email, telephone, Skype and various social media channels.

The Strength Of Boris's Business

In a crowded industry, it’s important for businesses like Boris’s to work on setting itself apart from competitors. With this in mind, I asked Boris what he considers to be his company’s greatest strengths. Here’s what he told me:

“Maybe the strength of my business is something I should ask my customers. But in my opinion, there are two things that make my business strong:

  1. I have tailored my business toward smaller companies (1-30 people mostly). Companies like that do not have people on their payroll for web design, content management, SEO, etc. I offer them a one-stop shop for logo, print and web design, web development, SEO, content management, hosting and maintenance. Combined with the quick-to-respond and high quality service that I am for, has most of my customers convinced once we go into business.
  2. I have built a lot of experience in WPML consultancy. Many one-time WPML (multi language setup for WordPress) users think it’s easy, but it isn’t. When things get complicated, I can help them out. With training, troubleshooting, setups, whatever. I have customers from the USA to Yemen and Singapore (but mostly in Europe). This is a lot of fun, and I’m proud to have become this good at it (and thankful to WPML for approaching me for this a few years ago).”

Services From Boris

Boris isn’t your standard web and graphic designer. He takes great pride in his work and this really shines through when speaking with him and reading his web pages. Boris works closely with each client, creating logos and designing websites that perfectly represent their brands.

Some of the steps Boris takes include:

  • Tailoring his work to a specific target audience
  • Incorporating and communicating a company’s core messages
  • Optimising new websites in terms of speed and performance
  • Ensuring each website is designed to boost SEO

Additionally, Boris provides training and advice for clients, as well as hosting and website maintenance.

Boris encourages potential customers to get in touch with him for a free, personalised quote.

Plans For The Near Future

Boris told me how he has just launched a brand new hosting platform, which is great for small businesses. Here, he explains all about it:

“For the near future, I have just launched a superfast new hosting platform, something I’m very excited about! I have been offering hosting for years, at a good quality level. But the new system I have is one of the best in The Netherlands in terms of speed and flexibility, and runs completely on (green) hydro energy. The name is Cheeta Hosting, and the website has just gone live: https://cheeta.hosting. Hopefully it will attract companies beyond my regular web design clients that are looking for supreme performance at a very fair price.

If this fares well, I may have to reconsider my vow of not hiring any staff.”

Thank you very much to Boris for answering my interview questions. He has done a fantastic job at growing his business. I think one of the biggest plus-points for Boris’s business is how he is an individual and so can provide a completely personalised service. He carries out all tasks himself, from the initial communication with clients, to the planning, implementation and completion of each project. I think clients would really benefit from this one-to-one approach that Boris offers.



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