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Better Proposals Review (2023)

Better Proposals provides professionally-designed templates for proposals, contracts, brochures, and quotes. Proposal templates are described as “high-converting” and are an effective tool to boost your business and gain more work.

I wanted to learn more about Better Proposals and so reached out to the team with some interview questions. Adam Hempenstall, the company’s CEO, was happy to answer them.

Developing The Product

The Better Proposals team began with a design agency and, from there, developed the concept of Better Proposals. Adam Hempenstall wanted to build a proposal-creation tool that would focus on high-conversion and efficiency. Adam explained:

“We had a design agency and needed to send out quite a lot of business proposals. The method we used back then was pretty inefficient and slow and over time, I developed my own tool for sending and managing proposals. I knew that there were lots of other people like me and that was enough to push me to develop it as a SaaS product”.

How Is Better Proposals' Customer Service?

Better Proposals has an extensive help centre brimming with advice. One aspect I was particularly impressed with is the guide entitled “The Price Of Freelancing”. The guide is free to read and goes through loads of different points for freelancers to consider. It also outlines practical steps to help them achieve their goals.

Additionally, there is a downloadable guide on how to automate your business, along with a detailed guide on creating proposals yourself.

Adam told me more about the company’s customer care:

” I would rate it at 9/10 just because there is always something that could be improved. Everyone in the company, from myself to sales, marketing and support does some form of customer support. On average, we have someone covering our support channels for 20+ hours a day and I think that’s pretty good. Also, our average response time on website live chat is less than 10 minutes, which is something I’m very proud of”.

Adam went on to tell me how customer support is the thing he is most proud of about Better Proposals:

“Our customer support because we really do our very best to make our customers happy and help them close more deals”.

Better Proposals' Features

There are a load of excellent features that make Better Proposals a top choice for sourcing various types of templates. First and foremost, it integrates with a number of popular tools including PayPal, Stripe, SalesForce, HubSpot CRM, LiveChat and Zapier.

The second notable feature, and perhaps one of its biggest selling points, is its ease of use. You simply select from one of the many available templates before editing and personalising it to suit your requirements.

Adam told me what he considers to be the company’s greatest strengths:

“The ease of use and our editor really makes it possible to finish a proposal in 15 minutes. The 100+ proposal templates for different industries and purposes. 40+ integrations with various CRMs and business apps. World-class customer support. There’s too many things to cover in one paragraph”.

Better Proposals' Plans And Pricing

Better Proposals has something to suit businesses of all sizes. The tool can be a great benefit to remote-working freelancers, as well as large enterprises. Better Proposals has three plans available; Starter, Premium and Enterprise. Let’s take a look at these plans and what customers can expect from each one:

Starter – Costs $19 per user per month. This plan is perfect for freelancers and individuals. It includes 10 proposals per month, payment and CRM integrations, and access to Better Proposals’ vast content library.

Premium – This plan costs $29 per user per month and enables the user to send up to 50 proposals. Customers will enjoy additional features like Zapier integration and custom domains. This particular plan is the ideal choice for small businesses.

Enterprise – Lastly, the Enterprise plan is priced at $49 per user per month. Users get the benefit of being able to send unlimited proposals each month, along with one-to-one training, password protection and manager approvals. This option is specially designed for sales teams.

It’s worth noting here that plans are priced on a “per user” basis.

All three plans allow access to the full range of features on the Better Proposals editor, along with analytics, customisable “Thank you” messages, and Google Fonts.

More still, templates are available in 22 languages and are mobile and tablet responsive.

Here, Adam reveals which plan is most popular amongst Better Proposals customers:

“The Premium is the most popular because it is geared towards agencies and SME businesses. For the remaining two plans, it’s about an even split, but lately, we’ve been getting more enterprise customers”.

A New Release

Adam explained how Better Proposals are soon to release a brand new editor:

“You’ll love our new editor which we’re releasing very soon. We had a great 2020 and 2021 and beyond is going to be even better – but I can’t reveal it all”.

On a final note, I would like to thank Adam Hempenstall for answering all my interview questions. I’ve enjoyed learning about Better Proposals and think it is a fantastic tool for freelancers and businesses to garner more clients. The templates are beautifully designed and written, and the ease of use makes the process even more appealing.



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