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6 Best Business Phone Services for Small Business in 2022

If you’re looking for the best business phone service for your website, you’ve come to the right place. Adding a phone service to your business website can help you manage calls with your customers, as well as tracking important information like call duration, wait times, etc.

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Why Do You Need A Business Phone Service?

Many people simply add their business or mobile number to their website so that they can receive calls from their customers. However, it doesn’t always look professional and can cause issues if you have several customers trying to contact you at any given time.

  • By adding a business phone service for your small business, you can:
  • Track and manage calls
  • Leverage call forwarding, call waiting, call recording, and more call services
  • Use one business number to share between several users at any one time
  • Use a desk phone system or mobile phone to receive calls
  • Add new employees to phone systems
  • Use VoIP systems over a high-speed internet connection
Small businesses and online stores can hugely benefit from using a business phone service. Not only can it alleviate existing issues, but it can also offer more room to grow, allowing you to build better customer relationships and provide support.

Best Business Phone Services

nextiva voip

We’ve pulled together a list of the best business phone services that we recommend for small businesses. We’ve taken into account the services and features on offer, uptime, pricing, and the types of businesses we recommend each service for.

1. Nextiva

Nextiva (Best Overall Business Phone Service)

Nextiva offers business phone services for small businesses and enterprises. They offer a large list of features along with a web-based admin panel, making it easy to manage the communications side of any small business. Nextiva provides VoIP phone services for small businesses, including call routing, voicemail to email and text, free domestic calling, online faxing, and much more.

Nextiva’s small business phone services start from $18.95 per user, per month. This includes unlimited voice and video calling, auto-attendant, toll-free numbers, integration with Outlook and Google, voicemail to email, mobile and desktop app, and 24/7 support. 

Nextiva boasts a high uptime rate of 99.999% and includes network monitoring around-the-clock on all of their service plans. Each phone plan includes 45+ VoIP features, as well as migration for your existing phone number with no extra cost.

More than just a phone service, Nextiva offers powerful features like a CRM, live chat, call analytics, and surveys, which all come together nicely to create the perfect business phone solution. For small businesses who are often out of the office, the Nextiva app allows teams to receive incoming calls from the office, even when they aren’t there.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral (Best for Features)

RingCentral is a popular business phone service for small businesses, large businesses, and enterprises. They boast a wealth of features, including unlimited calling, call forwarding, caller ID, SMS texting, and lots more. You'll also get access to video meetings, integrations with Microsoft, Google Workspace, and Dropbox, and a cloud-based admin system that makes it easy to set up and manage calls.

RingCentral’s business phone plans start from $19.99 per user, per month, up to a maximum of 20 users. You’ll get unlimited calls within the US and Canada, unlimited business SMS, voicemail to text features, team messaging, and document sharing.

What’s great about RingCentral is that you can add bolt-ons to your package at any time, so you can tailor your plan as your business grows, including a one-off fee for a vanity phone number.

RingCentral is ideal for physical and virtual offices, leveraging your existing telephone system or using RingCentral’s virtual phone system through the app for desktop, iOS, and Android. RingCentral integrates well with a wealth of other services like Microsoft, Google, Slack, and more. This allows you to use automatic transcription, sales calls, and much more.

3. Ooma

Ooma (Best for Office Settings)

Ooma is a business VoIP phone provider offering business phone numbers and 1-800 toll-free phone numbers. Ooma is well-known for its easy setup and pain-free system, with the ability to easily manage calls, add team members, and more. Ooma is ideal for traditional office settings for small businesses, but also boasts new features that would be suitable for virtual offices and remote teams.

The Ooma Office plans start from $19.95 per user, per month, offering access to their mobile app, virtual receptionist, call park, ring groups, on-hold music, transfer music, extension dialing, voicemail, call logs, SMS messaging, call flip, and much more. 

If you upgrade to the Ooma Office Pro plan for $24.95 per month, you’ll get video conferencing, a desktop app, call recording, enhanced call blocking, and voicemail transcription. I personally think it’s worth the extra $5 for the added features, but if your small business is on a budget, their Office plan is still affordable.

For small businesses that aren’t entirely sure what they’ll need, Ooma offers a recommendations service that goes through a few basic questions, including the number of employees, so they can tailor the right business phone services for your needs.

4. Grasshopper

Grasshopper (Best for Freelancers)

Grasshopper allows you to port your existing virtual phone number or select a new toll-free, vanity, or local number for your small business. They provide full virtual phone systems at an affordable cost, working alongside your existing phone to create custom greetings, extensions, call handling, and lots more. For small businesses or freelancers who are constantly on-the-go, Grasshopper allows you to keep your personal and work life separate, enabling you to conduct your business from anywhere.

Grasshopper’s plans start from $26 per month which includes 1 phone number and 3 extensions. This is ideal for small businesses with just one team member who requires a business phone service. 

All Grasshopper plans include mobile and desktop apps, business texting, call forwarding, VoIP and Wi-Fi calling, extensions, instant response, call forwarding, and lots more.

You can add an additional phone number onto any plan for $10 per month, as well as signing up for Grasshopper’s free 7-day trial. The free trial offers 100 business talk minutes and texts, as well as all the features you’d get from the full Grasshopper experience.

5. Phone.com

Phone.com (Best for Budget)

Phone.com is our choice for the best budget business phone systems for small businesses. They offer the cheapest pricing plans of our recommendations, as well as a simple web and app-based admin panel for managing phone services like call forwarding, call routing, caller ID, and more.

You can select your Phone.com plan based on the number of users, starting from $12.99 per user, per month. You’ll get 300 pooled minutes, 1 phone number per account, 1000 pooled texts, video conferencing, and 50 standard voice features.

Their Plus and Pro Users plans include more features, as well as unlimited minutes. The great thing is you can completely customize your Phone.com plan to include any amount of Basic, Plus, and Pro users, if you require different features to suit different team members in your small business.

You can integrate Phone.com with popular business software like Zoho and Salesforce, making managing your customers easier than ever.

6. 8x8

8x8 (Best for Scalability)

8x8 is a small business phone service with prices that rival top small business phone systems. While they may not boast some of the advanced features other services offer, they are incredibly easy to use and you can essentially build a plan that suits your requirements and budget.

8×8’s small business phone system plan starts at $12 per user, per month. Included you’ll get voice, video, and messaging in one app, unlimited calling in the US and Canada, auto-attendant feature, intelligent call routing, music on hold, and voicemail. There’s a free one-month trial available, so if you’re not sure whether it’s the right service for you, you won’t lose anything by signing up.

The All-in-one plan starts from $24 per user, per month, and you can add the number of users you want to include. You’ll get unlimited voice calling to 14 countries, and more advanced features suitable for small businesses.

Business Phone Service FAQs

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of technology that enables you to make and receive calls over the internet, rather than using a standard phone line. 

VoIP is cheaper than installing a landline as it uses an existing internet connection, so you don’t have to pay for additional services for VoIP to work. Most of the advanced features that landline phones offer like call forwarding, call transfering, music on hold, etc. are additional extras that cost more. However, most of these features are included with the best business phone services for small businesses.

Yes, you can easily switch your landline business phone to a VoIP service. Companies like Nextiva allow you to keep the same business phone number when transferring to VoIP.

VoIP relies on an internet connection, so if your connection isn’t stable, you call quality will drop. Other factors like power cuts or outages can mean that your VoIP phone won’t work, as your internet’s router will lose power too. However, there are far more benefits to using VoIP that outweigh the cons.

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