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Bandzoogle Review and Interview (2022)

Build a beautiful music website or online store in minutes with Bandzoogle. The website builder was created especially for musicians to showcase their talents and achievements. The experience is both easy and enjoyable for all.

Bandzoogle’s CEO, Stacey Bedford, happily answered my questions about the website builder designed to help musicians to get their names out there and connect with fans.

Starting Out Of Necessity

Stacey described the beginning of Bandzoogle as a “necessity”. This is because it became increasingly obvious to the company’s founder that musicians needed a website to communicate with fans. Stacey explained:

“Bandzoogle really started out of necessity. In 2003, Bandzoogle’s founder was working at a record label as a web designer, updating all of the artist websites manually. As the label grew, and websites became more important for bands, it became unwieldy to constantly update each site. So Bandzoogle was first created as a simple control panel that bands could use to update their websites from any location, with no coding or design skills needed. This really caught on, and today we power over 50,000 websites for musicians”.

Features Of Bandzoogle

Bandzoogle is packed with features and tools that musicians will find invaluable. Select from a range of professionally-designed responsive templates, and customise your chosen template to suit your personality and brand image.

Furthermore, Bandzoogle customers will benefit from their website’s fast page-loading times on mobile devices and there are hundreds of mobile-ready themes available. 

Not only does the Bandzoogle website builder enable users to integrate applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox, but it also features tools to sell merchandise, tickets, and music, all commission-free. Stacey told me more about Bandzoogle’s tools:

“Most of our staff are musicians themselves. Everyone at Bandzoogle truly believes in putting the needs of artists above anything else. The music industry is changing constantly, and Bandzoogle has always been ahead of the curve in developing tools to help artists succeed in the present climate. You won’t find any other service that provides such comprehensive tools for musicians. Plus, sales through the platform are always commission-free. You can sell anything from audio files (in many formats) to products and services, and Bandzoogle will not take a cut of any of your sales”.

Stacey continued:

“We always put the needs of artists before any business goals, ensuring that musicians can monetize their music and connect with their fanbase on a direct, digital level. Expanding our toolset to include even more options that will help musicians not only survive, but expand creatively, using their websites as a homebase, is always at the top of the list. We believe that if you’re making the right choices, everything else will fall into place”.

An Affordable Platform

Bandzoogle has ensured it has remained affordable. You can start out with a 30-day free trial and from there, select from the three available plans; Lite, Standard, and Pro.

The prices for these plans are $8.29/month, $12.46/month, and $16.63/month, respectively. The Lite plan enables users 100 subscribers, 10 pages, 10 tracks and 100 photos. The Standard plan, on the other hand, allows 1000 fan subscribers, 20 pages, 50 tracks and 500 photos.

For well-established bands in need of even more, the Pro plan offers unlimited fan subscribers, pages, tracks and photos. It also has some excellent additional features like inventory tracking, album pre-orders, SoundScan reporting for music sales, and advanced mailout reports.

Customers will be happy to learn that all plans come with SEO tools, unlimited bandwidth, SSL security and custom design tools, to name just a few resources. Plans also include premium hosting to minimise costs

An "Incredible" Customer Support Team

Stacey describes Bandzoogle’s customer support team as “incredible”, which is lovely to see. She emphasises how most of the staff are musicians, making them able to relate to customers on a meaningful level. To back this up further, there are a multitude of testimonials on Bandzoogle’s “Examples” page, showcasing lots of customers that have made use of the tools on offer.

Here’s what Stacey told me about the company’s customer support:

“Our customer support team is incredible. They’re the most helpful and understanding group of web techs that you’ll find. And since most of our staff are musicians themselves, you are talking to a real person who can relate to what you need. We listen and respond to our members’ needs quickly, and consistently. Our strong company culture also contributes to this – it starts from within and spreads outward”.

Some Useful Advice From Stacey

On a final note, Stacey wanted to share some words of wisdom with all the musicians amongst our audience:

“A music website is the perfect place to create and maintain your own musical identity online. In an age of constant distractions, news feeds, and ads, a website is the one place online that a musician can fully control the experience. You can use your own website to sell your music and merch directly to your fans. This plays into the ‘support local’ idea – many fans are eager to contribute to an artist’s career, especially if they know the money goes right into your pocket.

Also – creating your own music website is probably easier than you think! Once it’s all set up with your music, text, and images, updating it regularly is quick and goes a long way towards making sure your music, and your career, is supported online”.

Thank you to Stacey for answering my interview questions. Bandzoogle is a fantastic website builder for musicians and it’s been a great experience learning about the platform. 



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