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Atlantic.net Review (2023)

Atlantic.net has won many awards for its web hosting services, hosted in the USA. Providing high-quality hosting solutions is at the forefront of their success, offering web hosting packages to clients worldwide.

As well as providing great hosting services, Atlantic.net has a huge drive to push charitable donations to community and charity initiatives.

They are one of the few hosting companies that excel in the area of HIPAA hosting, and also offer PCI hosting, dedicated servers, cloud platforms, VPS hosting, and managed services.


Atlantic.net was founded way back in 1994. They provide services to thousands of clients around the globe, with data centers in the US, UK, and Canada.

Their servers are optimized for performance and reliability, with a support team that is dedicated to helping their customers.

We’ve repeatedly been recognized for our work by the hosting industry, having been awarded numerous regional and national business awards. We are dedicated to promoting grassroots technology initiatives and open-source organizations. Customer satisfaction is, always has been, and forever will be paramount at Atlantic.Net. You can depend on us!



Ease of Use







Known for being one of the best HIPAA-compliant web hosts, Atlantic.net is SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified. They are HIPAA and HITECH audited and offer fully managed or unmanaged hosting services.

All of their hosting plans come with a 100% uptime guarantee on highly available services. Some of their HIPAA web hosting features include:

  • Firewall for HIPAA Compliant Web Hosting
  • HIPAA-Compliant Encrypted VPN
  • HIPAA-Compliant Offsite Backups
  • SSL certificates for HIPAA Compliance
  • SOC 2 and SOC 3 Certifications
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Trend Micro Anti-Malware Service
  • Intrusion Prevention Service
  • Network Edge Protection
Atlantic.net offers both Windows and Linux hosting servers and comes with a range of one-click compliant apps like LAMP/LEMP, WordPress, Docker, Node.js, cPanel/WHM, October CMS, and Nextcloud.

HIPAA Compliant Checklist

To deliver a HIPAA compliant service, hosting servers must comply with nine elements to provide HIPAA-compliant hosting

Atlantic.net meet all nine elements which include:

  • Firewall
  • Encrypted VPN
  • Offsite backups
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Private hosted environment
  • SSL certificates
  • SSAE 18 certification
  • Business associate agreement (BAA)


Aside from offering HIPAA and HITECH compliant data centers, all of Atlantic.net’s facilities are backed by redundant cooling. Servers are protected by managed network firewalls, preventing unauthorized access.

Any attempt to breach their networks is met with intrusion detection and prevention. All data is encrypted via a VPN with enterprise-grade SSL.

Customers can enjoy password-protected directories with enabled spam protection. Daily automatic backups are available with the option to create offshore backups. The managed servers are 100% worth it, allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about the security of your business.


Atlantic.net offers a wide range of hosting services, many of which require you to request your desired resources for them to provide you with a quote.

However, some of their hosting services are available to purchase straight away, like their VPS hosting which starts at $8 per month for Linux hosting.

Atlantic.net offers hosting from 7 locations, including San Francisco, Toronto, Dallas, Ashburn, Orlando, New York, and London. They also have an Amsterdam and Singapore data center coming soon.

Atlantic.net cloud services are available in three different pricing models:

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • One-year commitment
  • Three-year commitment
The pay-as-you-go pricing model comes with no minimum fee; you can spin up a server for 5 hours or 5 months and you will only be charged what you use.
You pay for the services you need for as long as you want to use them, and there is no need for long-term contracts or complex licensing agreements.
Cloud Services are billed on an hourly basis up to the monthly cap rate. The hourly rate is determined by dividing the monthly rate by 672 hours (28 days). If you use a service for more than 672 hours in a month, you will only be billed for the monthly rate (672 hours).

Atlantic.net Pros and Cons

Atlantic.net is a reliable cloud hosting provider. It boasts award-winning customer support and delivers high-performance services with 100% uptime.


  • Secure and reliable
  • HIPAA and HITECH compliant
  • Simple interface
  • Easy to use
  • Offers Windows and Linux hosting


  • Knowledgebase isn’t as extensive as other hosts
  • Payment methods are limited

Why You Should Choose Atlantic.Net

If you’re looking for a compliant and reliable web hosting service, you’ll be hard pushed to find anything much better than Atlantic.net.

With Linux and Windows hosting available, they offer a versatile selection of hosting services to suit most business requirements. Their 100% uptime guarantee shows the level of trust they hold in their data centers that are located around the world.

Atlantic.net holds customer support and satisfaction at the forefront of their business model, and this is clear to see throughout their hosting process.



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