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January 21, 2022

Bollywood (Indian Hollywood) is the worlds leading film producer, releasing more than 1600 titles every single year. These films are watched more than any other movies in the world, second only to Nollywood – Chinese Hollywood. Keeping up with all of the new movies released by Bollywood used to be costly, before the internet. Thankfully we now have online streaming where people can enjoy the wide library of Bollywood movies from the comfort of their own home. 

Streaming movies online is not risk-free. If you choose one of the many free services, then you may be exposing your computer to potential viruses. To get around this you can use a VPN to stream Hindi Movies safely, for free and legally. However, there are some 100% legit and legal providers, that still require a VPN as the content is geo-locked.

Choosing a VPN to Stream Hindi Movies Online

There are many things that you’ll want to look out for when choosing a VPN to stream your online Hindi movies and we’ll go over these in this article so that you can make a perfect choice. As well as diving into the best places to go to stream Bollywood movies from your smartphone, tablet or PC. 

If you’re looking to get the freedom to watch ALL Hindi films, then you’ll want to make sure you can access films released in India. With the world wide web being available globally you might be fooled into thinking you can access anything, whenever you like. This is not true, as a lot of content is geo-blocked for people who are outwith India.  – meaning that it is only available in a specifical location. 

A virtual private network (VPN) can be used to get around this issue. When using a VPN you can access geo-blocked content, but you need to make sure that the VPN supports unblocking the specific content that you need to access. eg. they have servers located in India.

4 Easy Steps to Stream Hindi Movies Online

To unlock content that is restricted in your region (ie. movies that are only available in India) follow these 4 simple steps:

  • STEP 1 – Decide on your chosen VPN provider
  • STEP 2 – Download your VPN to the device that you want to watch your movies on
  • STEP 3 – Select the movie site and movie you want to watch
  • STEP 4 – Start watching your movie!

The trick is picking a high-quality VPN so that you can stream with the peace of mind that you are safe online. Then choosing a decent online streaming site.

Why You Need a VPN to Stream FREE Bollywood Movies

With all of the Bollywood movies coming out of India, many of them are restricted to that particular geographic location. Meaning if you live in a different part of the world, then the content may be locked. To unlock the content a VPN can be put in place to change your IP address, and make it look as though you are visiting the site from India.

Additionally, a VPN can protect your devices from malware. A lot of streaming sites use torrenting, which can leave your machine vulnerable to attack. To get around this, a VPN can be used to tunnel the data and keep your device safe while you are watching movies online. 

When selecting a great VPN for your movie binge, it is important to look for one that has tight security, including adblockers. When choosing the best VPN for streaming, you’ll also want to protect your identity and online activities. So choosing a VPN that accepts cryptocurrencies and has a zero logs policy is key.

What to Look for in a VPN for Streaming Hindi Movies Safely

There are several factors that I’d look for in a great VPN and more specifically one for streaming Bollywood movies, as follows:

  • Next-Gen Tech – Make sure that your VPN has invested in the best tech so that you can stream via high-performance servers. 
  • Security Features – One of the main features of a great VPN is a secure connection. This should be AES encrypted to the highest level so that you can stream safely. 
  • Adblocker – many VPNs have a built-in ad blocker. This is ideal for streaming via free streaming sites, that often have invasive ads that can also contain malware
  • Zero Logs – You’ll want a VPN provider that has privacy at the heart of what they do. Logs can mean that intelligence agencies can request data on how you have been using the VPN. A VPN that holds no logs is essential. 
  • Kill Switch – This is required for preventing leaks while login on and off.
  • Indian Servers – Make sure that your VPN provider has servers in the chosen location of your Hindi Movies. That will ensure that you can stream quickly.
  • Customer Service – You’ll want to make sure that your VPN is available 24/7 via live chat and phone, in case you need them

Without further ado, let’s dive into the:

Top 10 Sites To Watch Hindi Movies Online:

#1| Hotstar

BEST FOR – Live Indian sport, like cricket

Hotstar is our favorite streaming site for Indian content. It’s really easy to use, has a clean user interface, and you can get started without signing in. You can watch live sporting events, and keep up with the cricket – straight out of India. 

You can also watch Indian movies in a wide range of languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, and English. There’s also a wide range of TV series’ to choose from, so you can keep up with the latest and greatest from Bollywood. 

There are both free and paid (premium) titles for you to choose from in a wide range of genres – from comedy to romance. What’s more, if you want to avoid the ads, you can sign up for their premium service. With Hotstar you can take advantage of a wide range of free Hindi movies at the click of a button.

Visit Hotstar

#2| Airtel Xstream

BEST FOR – Watching HD Hindi movies offline for FREE

Bharti Airtel Limited (more commonly referred to as simply Airtel) is the leading telecommunications services company based in Delhi, India. They know more than anyone how much people in India love to watch movies. They offer Netflix for free for 3 months and also Amazon Prime, for people who sign up for their service. In addition to this  Airtel has its own digital content streaming service called Xstream

Xstream is great as it’s a free service offered to Airtel customers. Meaning you can stream movies online, legally and get access to a wide range of movies to watch from the comfort of your own home. Probably the best thing about Xstream is that you can download HD movies and stream them from your device whenever you want. Perfect for traveling or when you don’t have access to wifi.

Visit Airtel Xstream

#3 | Voot

BEST FOR – Optimised apps to stream from your devices.

Voot is a streaming site that is based in India, as such, they have a great selection of Hindi movies. If you’re trying to access from outside India (without a VPN) then your request will be blocked. You can get around this with a high-quality VPN. Voot has a decent library of Bollywood movies in a selection of languages.

Voot can be used on all of your devices via their apps. They also have a kids section, which is great for families. The only real downside to Voot is that they require you to sign up (provide personal details) and watch ads. Voot is owned by Viacom 18 Digital Ventures – meaning they are a legitimate and legal streaming site.

Visit Voot

#4 | Zee5

BEST FOR – Extensive back-catalog of Hindi Movies

Zee5 is great for browsing your favorite old Bollywood movies, as they have an extensive back catalog for you to choose from. They also offer new movies, but I’d say their USP is their large back catalog. Additionally, they offer both free and premium accounts, so that you can watch your movies without annoying adverts. 

Zee5 is not locked to India, so you can access them anywhere in the world. They offer quick loading movies, TV series and also the Indian News so that you can keep fully informed – straight out of India.

Visit Zee5

#5 | SonyLiv

BEST FOR – Cheap premium Hindi movie streaming

Another specifically Indian online streaming site is SonyLiv. They offer a wide range of movies and TV content from India. If you don’t want adverts, then you can sign up for their premium account option.  If you’d rather browse for free, then lookout for content that isn’t marked “premium”.

If you try to visit SonyLiv outside India, you’ll be automatically blocked. To get around this, then you’ll need to invest in a high-quality VPN with servers in India.  One great thing about SonyLiv is the fact that you don’t need to sign up or provide any personal details to get started. They also have a nice user interface that makes using their service more enjoyable.

Visit SonyLiv

#6 | Bigflix

BEST FOR – Legally streaming Hindi movies

If you’re looking for a completely legal streaming service to watch Bollywood movies, then look no further than Bigflix. You get a month’s free trial to test drive their service. After the trial expires, you can sign up for a monthly subscription or pay for the specific movies you want to watch. 

Bigflix offers their HD content in 8 Indian languages, making it more accessible. I particularly like the unlimited streaming service that they offer where you pay monthly and you can then stream movies to any device that you wish, and enjoy the movies on your phone, laptop or another screen of your choice.

Visit Bigflix

#7 | JioCinema

BEST FOR – Watching HD movies offline, legally and free

JioCinema comes free if you are a subscriber to Reliance Jio, which is an Indian telecom giant. JioCinema has a decent line up of movies and you get the peace of mind that you are watching movies legally, with no copyright infringement. 

JioCinema allows you to download movies, which is a great touch. Especially for those who might find themselves away from a  Wifi location and want to keep watching movies to pass time. You get an easy to use movie app, which makes it simple to jump on and stream movies directly from your device.

Visit Jiocinema

#8 | Hungama Movies

BEST FOR – App-based fast & legal movie and music streaming

Hungama Movies offers both movie and music streaming. The site/ app is totally legal and you can jump on and give it a test drive. The first 10 minutes are free and then you’ll be asked to sign up for a month’s trial. One of the best things about Hungama is that their streaming is blazingly fast. 

Hungama offers a lot of content for you to access, including 3.5 million songs. So you know where to get access to the Indian music you love. You can choose to watch free content or sign up for a trial. They also have a neat feature where you can earn coins for using their service, which can be redeemed against your subscription, which is pretty awesome.

Visit Hungama

#9 | YuppFlix

BEST FOR – Hindi Movie streaming for Smart TVs

YuppFlix is run by Yupp TV, which is an Indian television company. Again this service is not free, but totally legal. Their trial is just 2 weeks, which is a bit shorter than the others listed. Additionally, they shorten this trial down to 3 days in certain parts of the middle east. So that’s something to look out for. 

One downside of Yuppflix is that they restrict the number of devices that you can use your subscription on. I like the fact that they focus on smart TVs as this is a great way to watch movies from home. Yuppflix has a decent library of Indian titles, and you know they are legal, which is perfect for your peace of mind.

Visit Yuppflix

#10 | Eros Now

BEST FOR – Large Hindi movie catalog – free and premium

Eros Now offers a complete entertainment package for people looking for Hindi titles. They offer movie streaming, TV series, and music streaming. You can use their basic account for free, or decide to upgrade to get access to their large catalog for 2 weeks to try their service out. 

Eros Now has apps for most devices, which makes watching movies your way, that much easier. The best thing about  Eros Now is the size of their catalog and the fact that they do offer some titles for free.

Visit Eros now

The Bottom Line

Many of the services above are all above board and would not require a VPN. However, the ones that are based in India often restrict their content to people who are on Indian soil. In this instance, a VPN is required. NordVPN is a great VPN for streaming, as they offer such a large network of servers, making unlocking content a breeze, as well as seamless.


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