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January 21, 2022



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Acevpn Pros:

Acevpn Cons:

Acevpn is a tired and depressed-looking VPN that hasn’t caught up with their modern-day competitors, offering limited features for a few bucks a month.


Acevpn is a VPN provider with servers across 26+ countries and 50+ locations worldwide. You can switch your location with Acevpn as many times as you like, allowing you to unblock your favourite applications like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Instant Videos, and lots more.

Acevpn’s network has been well chosen, with 13 locations based in the U.S., 16 across Europe, 4 in Asia, and others scattered around the globe. However, there’s a downfall. Whilst that sounds generous, only Ultimate VPN subscribers gain access to all of these servers, costing $11.67 per month.

We’ll discuss Acevpn’s pricing a little later on, but I did want to touch on the point that Premium VPN subscribers only have access to 20+ locations in the U.S., U.K.m and France. 

Acevpn offers the essential features you would expect to see from most VPN providers. Their high level of encryption allows you to engage with P2P file sharing, torrenting, Smart DNS, and no logs.

They boast support for OpenVPN, IPSEC IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP & Stealth VPN. This means you can set up their service on most devices, as well as potentially getting online in countries which tend to block VPNs like China and Iran.

Does Acevpn sound right for you?

Join Acevpn to unlock unlimited bandwidth and server switching from just $3.89 per month

Keeping It Simple

Acevpn may not look like much, but I have to give it to them, they do offer what they say they’re going to offer. And for some, that might just be enough.

This VPN provider’s cheap pricing offers restricted server locations and limited features, however, if you want a VPN to keep your browsing data and activity secure, they can certainly offer you that.

It seems obvious to me that Acevpn have tried to think out of the box by offering features like their Unblock TV / Smart DNS service. However, the issue lies in the fact that this doesn’t always work as expected.

I personally like using a VPN to unblock Netflix in other locations, but when I tested this with Acevpn, I didn’t always get a 100% success rate. If this is something you want your VPN to do, it may be worth considering a more powerful VPN like ExpressVPN.

Acevpn Privacy

If you care about your privacy and protecting your data, it’s essential to choose a VPN who doesn’t keep logs of your activity.

Acevpn confirm they do not keep any logs, alongside using military grade encryption. They appear extremely proud of their security and guarantee an anonymous connection.

Acevpn talk a lot about keeping your connection secure, especially when using public WiFi. Their VPN works across a wide range of devices and operating systems, with no limits to the number of devices you can use.

However, there are definitely some question marks over how much personal data the company asks from its customers. Upon sign up, it asks for your email, name, address, and telephone number. Their small print says they “may call you to check the validity of your phone number” or block access to their network until you’ve provided proof of ID like a scanned passport ot ID card.

In my history of VPN use, I have never come across a company who asks for this kind of information. Their privacy policy also states that some of your information may be shared with other companies or individuals. This is a real no from me!

Does Acevpn sound right for you?

Join Acevpn to unlock unlimited bandwidth and server switching from just $3.89 per month


In comparison to other VPN providers like NordVPN, it seems like Acevpn has got a little stuck in the 90s. Their website is basic and incomparible to their competitors, whilst their shopping cart and checkout uses WHMCS which is frequently used by web hosts, not VPN providers.

Their knowledgebase is also incredibly outdated, referring to setup instructions on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8.1. There’s no mention of Windows 10, no live chat, and a very inactive forum.

If you find yourself getting stuck at any point, Acevpn’s instructions often point you to the wrong pages, and screenshots show older versions of their software. 

Once the software has been installed, you’d expect the VPN to choose the best and fastest server for you. Unfortunately this isn’t what happens with Acevpn, it just chooses a random city from a small list.

Does Acevpn sound right for you?

Join Acevpn to unlock unlimited bandwidth and server switching from just $3.89 per month

switching servers

As I just mentioned, switching servers with Acevpn is somewhat of a manual task, with no dynamic options and random results. 

If you check Acevpn’s U.S. OpenVPN configuration files, you can see there’s a basic list of 12 locations like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, etc.

However, if you do have experience in this area, you can technically change the files so you can choose from a list of preffered locations. For example, if East Coast locations give you better speeds and performance, just change the config files to includes those locations by deleting the California servers.

Alternatively, you could create multiple config files so you have one per city, then you can choose which one you need when you connect. 

Granted, this is a task that you shouldn’t be having to do with a VPN that you’ve paid for, however, it’s not exactly hard to do, and you can optimize for better performance.

Does Acevpn sound right for you?

Join Acevpn to unlock unlimited bandwidth and server switching from just $3.89 per month

Acevpn Customer Support

Unfortunately customer support is another area that Acevpn lacks in. There is no live chat options, so if you have any sales queries or support queries, you’re out of luck.

Acevpn suggest you visit their support forum. I went to check it out myself and found the latest posts were 4 months ago! The forum is clearly very inactive, and I don’t feel confident that any queries would be dealt with in a timely manner.

The only other way to try and contact Acevpn’s support is via an email address they provide. They suggest this is to be used for technical support and billing questions.

 Whilst I am having a bit of a moan about their support, in fairness, their email response time was good, offering answers in a matter of minutes. I’m just a bit disapointed there isn’t a live chat service.

Does Acevpn sound right for you?

Join Acevpn to unlock unlimited bandwidth and server switching from just $3.89 per month

Who should use Acevpn?

If you plan to use Acevpn for basic browsing and video streaming, this VPN will certainly do the job. Whilst their customer support on the face of it seems a little lacklustre, their support staff do respond very quickly.

However, if you want to access all of their locations or engage in torrenting or P2P sharing, you’re probably better off choosing another provider. Remember, you will only have access to a limited number of locations and features unless you sign up to Acevpn’s more expensive Ultimate plan.

Acevpn Pricing

Acevpn offer three services, one of which is free allowing you to stream videos and TV shows. Their free service is also included within their two paid plans.

Acevpn’s Premium plan is $3.89 per month, with servers across 20+ locations in the U.S., U.K., and France. You’ll get unlimited bandwidth and server switching, and a 7 day money-back guarantee.

If you want to use your VPN for more than just browsing and streaming, you’ll need to upgrade to their Ultimate plan. This costs $11.67 per month and includes all of their countries and locations, as well as torrenting, P2P and free remote installation.


In Conclusion

Acevpn comes across as a very tired and outdated VPN which hasn’t been paid attention for many years. 

I personally wouldn’t recommend Acevpn based on their personal data collection, incorrect installation guides, and lack of flexibility and freedom when connecting to servers.

However, if you’re looking for a basic VPN that does the job for a small amount of money, Acevpn will do what it says on the tin.

Does Acevpn sound right for you?

Join Acevpn to unlock unlimited bandwidth and server switching from just $3.89 per month

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